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Naa naa naa naa Hey Hey Goodbye…LeBron and JayZ

So I was checking out and he had this new JayZ video posted.  It has been awhile since we have heard a track like this with a video laid down over it.  Pretty dope.  What is there not to like?  Whiskey, Cigars, and Jazz as Zack of Lost Angeles stated.  Ohh yeah one thing he forgot to leave out.  LeBron James is in the video playing one on one with JayZ.  If this is not a tell tell sign that LeBron will be a New Jersey or Brooklyn Net after next season, then I do not know what is.

Now before all you Cleveland banshees get up on my case and say this is completely bogus, hear me out.  I think it is a great coincidence that Jay Z’s main lyric in the song is the one you sing at the end of a game when a team is losing.  In this case, Cleveland, well you will be loosing LeBron as he goes to a big market that has a city worth some entertainment.

After this next year I would not be surprised to see LeBron and Shaq gone.  I still cant believe how much money they paid that guy with the perm on your team.  He is garbage.  Why do you think Ariza did not sign with you guys?  Probably because he knows LeBron can’t commit to a city like Cleveland and he does not want to be stuck in that town with perm boy during his prime.

Sorry to be so harsh, but I was sick the whole season hearing how this is going to be Clevelands championship.  I knew it all along that one player could not win it all.  Cleveland, it is going to be a long time coming before you get a ring.  On that note, enjoy the sun while it is still up there.  I will be chilling in the city where girls can wear mini skirts and tank tops year round.

Enjoy LeBron while you have him because he will be gone.


LeBron on Coke

Last night watching the Lakers Rocekts game, I was amazed when the newest Nike commercial came on featuring LeBron and Kobe as puppets.  Seen Below

I don’t know if it is just me, but has Nike gone off of its rocker.  Are they trying to make LeBron look like a coke head?  Yes I know he does the chalk throw and makes it rain before every game, but come on.  Look at how hyper LeBron is, look how addicted he seems in the commercial.  I know nike is just using two superstars and making a fun play at them.  Yet I cant help but think the greatest player in the NBA is being wrongfully characterized with coke?  Are you with me?


Kaliphornya’s favorite fan from Boston….truly

If you have been keeping up with the blog for the past couple of days, you would have seen me go back and forth with a passionate reader and avid Boston sports fan.  JonTookEm recently just sent me the best comment that this site has received.  I am not going to reply and rip it apart because frankly there really is not anything to rip apart.  Well except the very end, but I will let you see for yourself.  Thank you very much JonTookEm…..Feel free to comment whenever you want.

Great responses. Love the passion there.

What kind of fan am I? I love the Celtics, but I am also a fan of basketball and realize that it probably isn’t in the cards for them this year. There is a big difference between being naive and thinking that my team can win because I want them to and knowing that there are 2 other better teams in the NBA this year. Of course there is still a great chance for them to win, but is it likely? Probably not. Will I win and lose with the Celts during the playoffs? Of course.

In terms of the comment, “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win everywhere”, that was a typo on my part. I meant to say that, “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win every YEAR.” Oops. I can see how that would confuse you.

Yes, this team was injury ridden so it must be a curse from Paul Pierce’s “fake” injury. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that KG has logged 1,000+ games or 10,000+ minutes of game time? Nah, probably not. Leon Powe doesn’t have a history of knee injuries, either. No. he doesn’t… Scal having lots of concussions? That’s a freak accident. Tony Allen? Yeah, multiple injuries. Rondo? Lots of twisted ankles.

But look at the entire league: overall piss poor quality because of injuries? Yeah, I think so.

But let’s be real with each other: are you really going to get this serious and this pissed about me calling your curse stupid? Because it is. If you really believe in curses, you need to go back and do redo your undergraduate work in WAKE UP DUDE THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS CURSES. Maybe your school didn’t require those courses, but they are worth checking out.

Wake up. There are no stupid curses. The team had injuries like so many other good teams this year (Spurs, Lakers, Hornets… shall I continue?).

If you’d like to have a pissing contest about which city is title-town, go ahead. You win by numbers. Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Well… this might ruin your day, but it really doesn’t ruin my day. I like my team because I grew up watching the Sox and the Celts with my family, especially with my older brother who was/is someone I always looked up to. Sports have always had meaning to me because of how much fun I had playing sports and being an athlete on a team (middle school, high school, and college). I love being part of a group all rooting for the same thing and hoping for the same outcome. I don’t love sports because my city has won more sports. Please.

I’ll close with all of my picks for the NBA playoffs. This is from what I think will happen, not what I want to happen. What do I want to happen? See the Celtics raise #18 and prevent Phil Jackson from moving ahead of Red in most titles won.


(1) Lakers v. (8) Jazz  :  Lakers in 5 (the only thing tough about this pick was should it be in 4 or 5 games)

(4) Blazers v. (5) Rockets  :  Rockets in 6 (I got to admit: Ron Artest and Yao Ming = Craziest duo in the NBA and crazy enough to shut down the all Blazers except B-Roy)

(3) Spurs v. (6) Mavs  :  Spurs in 7 (I just can’t see the Mavs playing good enough defense and Timmy giving one great series before his body gives)

(2) Nuggets v. (7) Hornets  :  Nuggets in 6 (I feel uneasy about this pick, but which Hornet can guard Melo? Chauncey can put up a fight against CP3)

(1) Lakers v. (5) Houston  :  Lakers in 6 (this is too bad because Houston would have had a chance at the WCF if they had finished as the 4th seed)

(3) Spurs v. (2) Nuggets  :  Spurs in 6 (this has everything to do with me thinking that the Nuggets will self-implode because they won’t know how to play in a semi-final round and Coach Pop exposes this despite the fact that Timmy falls apart; by the way, I hate this pick and I know I am going to be wrong here but it doesn’t matter because the Lakers make it out of the West)

(1) Lakers v. (3) Spurs  :  Lakers in 5 (easy)


(1) Cavs v. (8) Pistons  :  Cavs in 5 (Lebron chews through Rip Hamilton while kicking Rasheed Wallace in the face as his right arm extends back 30 feet behind him during a tomahawk dunk; who on earth will guard him in this series?)

(4) Hawks v. (5) Heat  :  Hawks in 7 (this was a tough one: can D-Wade really carry his team through 7 straight grueling games? Plus the Hawks have taken 3 games to 1 this season)

(3) Orlando v. (6) 76ers  :  Orlando in 6 (Everyone will start spitting the old rhetoric that I’m sick of, “Orlando is a legitimate team with a real chance of taking down Boston and to give the Cavs a series”; they’ll fold to the Celts if they even get there)

(2) Celtics v. (7) Bulls  :  Celtics in 6 (I’d rather see the Celts play the 76ers, but whatever; the Celts will have a tough match-up against their bigs (Miller, Noah, Tyrus Thomas) and their hot shooting (Salmons, Gordon) and the ever-improving play of Derrick Rose. Whatever, I am not saying the games won’t be close, but if you do player-to-player match ups, the Celts come out on top very easily with Rondo, Pierce, and Ray Ray; plus our bench is infinitely better than their bench so suck it)

(1) Cavs v. (4) Hawks  :  Cavs in 6 (Atlanta will make it look tight, but then Lebron will chase down a Joe Johnson fast break and block his shot off the backboard so hard off glass that the ball will actually go through the backboard; who on earth will guard him in this series? Sound familiar?)

(2) Celtics v. (3) Orlando  :  Celtics in 7 (I still believe that without KG, the Celts can still take this series; Perk is the secret in this match up– he’s guarded Dwight Howard so well this year; but most importantly, Stan Van Gundy can’t out-coach Doc and the Celts bench is deeper, which will be important because games will be tight and this series should go to 7)

(1) Cavs v. (2) Celtics  :  Cavs in 6 (It doesn’t matter that KG is out– it really doesn’t; their bigs are better and Lebron is Lebron because he is really, really, really, really, really, really good)

Lakers v. Cavs  :  Cavs in 6

Lebron will remind us of those special players that not only won a regular season MVP (he must, right?) but also a Finals MVP. Lebron will also remind us of loyalty: he stuck with the Cavs, and the Cavs stuck with him. He will cry. Then everyone else on that damn team will cry because Lebron showed/said it was ok. And it will be really, really, really, really, really, really emotional, but also really, really, really, really, really, really awesome to see Lebron dethrone Kobe as the most dominant player in the game and walk away with 2 things Kobe wanted: a title and a Finals MVP (during the ‘99-’02 run, Shaq was a 3-time Finals MVP).

Great reply JonTookEm, I have the playoffs shaping up the same way with the exception of the end result.  The X factor as far fetched as this sounds is Lamar Odom.  It will not be easy but Phil will pass Red.


Weekend Warrior

Friday night, was a big night. Had some good people over Zack and Emily and discussed almost anything and everything. Had some bomb cooking possibly the most American Meal you could have. It was prepared by my lovely girlfriend Whats Gaby Cooking and Zack Lost Angeles did the steaks to perfection. It was a magical meal topped off with some Chocolate Molten Lava cake. Lots of Whiskey was thrown back that night and it led to some good times with great people.
The next day was very relaxed and ended up going to my girlfriends Uncle’s house and had dinner with the family. Her uncle wants to move to South Africa. He is a very smart dude and used to teach at USC. Needless to say any conversation with him you get an interesting twist on things and is never dull.
After dinner we stormed from Woodland hills to Santa Monica and met up with my cousin and his lady friend. Once again the Whiskey flowed until late in the night and we eneded up searchign the thrid stree promenade for food after the bars closed. Saddly nothing was open and so we ventured to Swingers.
Swingers might have been the most bizzare thing I have ever seen. This place was all organic or at least I am told and reminded me of a Dennys. I have passed by it thousands upon thousands of times and never saw any interest to it. Once you make it inside at two in the morning it is a whole sub culture of people who are craving food after a long night of drinking. Everyone was coming off of their buzz and wanted a nice meal before journeying into bed.
Got some chili cheese fries, none that I would write home about, drove everyone home and passed out at three am.
I have not gone to bed at three AM in a long long time. I was worthless all day Sunday. Woke up just in time to catch the end of the Spurs beating the Celtics, which is always a good thing, then watched the Lakeshow beat the Bronbreezys Cavs with a very sick Kobe Bryant.
Lurched around the apt the rest of the day and am gearing up for another week of work ahead.
Needless to say it was nice to go and act like I was in college again, but done in a more sophisticated way.
Big things to happen this week.


Brains or Bucks

Got up at four this morning, went to work, digitized my tapes, edited them, and then compressed. While the tapes compress it leaves me with about thirty minutes of nothing time for each edit I make. Today I had around seven edits, and compressed on multiple machines until the office filled up. For the most part I had about three hours of kick it time. I went through a series of questions in my head to pass the time.
Have I gone off my rocker? Who knows but it is a good way to pass time. Some of the questions consist of would I rather be able to fly or be invisible. The easy answer would fly. Would I rather have Kobe take a last second shot or Lebron, once again an easy answer Kobe. Would it be better to teleport or read minds? That’s a tough one, I am still debating that one, and finally the one that is the most interesting would you rather be super ridicusolly loaded or would you rather be crazy smart?
There are a couple of angles many people could take on this one. The first question to ask is, if I were loaded would I be as smart and the same as I am now? Lets go with yes for this answer. I think that it would be rad and a lot of fun. My life as it is now with crazy amounts of money. I would be able to buy Microsoft and hire Bill Gates full time to keep the company afloat while making billions and compounding my money. But if I had super smarts I could keep the company afloat myself.
When you think of super smart people what is the first thing you associate with? I know it is wrong but growing up all the smart kids in my class were a little anti social and kinda weird. They were super intelligent and I think to smart for their own maturity. Once those smart people do mature, its game over. They go on to build Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and the post-it. So with super smarts you would have to work for your money but that would be so much more rewarding.
Another rewarding thing that you could do with your brains is create stuff to save the planet like how to eliminate global warming, or find a way to have third world countries get fresh food and water for everyone, or have cars that don’t need electricity or gas. You could solve the nations financial troubles. On the other hand if you had massive amounts of money you could hire people to solve these problems for you and make the world a better place.
So for my conculsion I have come to the following fact. Are you you the type of person who likes to work for stuff or be given stuff. If your from the city I am guessing you like to work for stuff. If you are from Malibu I am guessing you like to be given stuff. I myself find that there is truly nothing more rewarding out there than busting your ass off and giving what ever it is your doing 100%. So this difficult question is easily answered with the fact that I would rather have a big brain as opposed to a big wallet.


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