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Lakers Answer with physicality

I still have nightmares of the NBA finals from last year.  The Celtics held serve at home.  The Lakers won game three, lost a million point lead in game four, and won game five.  Game six, well that’s when the nightmare started.  The Lakers were soft, under tested, and humiliated.

As I said in my previous Lakers Rockets article, I think that game one was a great thing for the Lakers.  They found out that they can not cruise through the playoffs the way they did through the season or the previous year.  They are finally being tested.  Last game the Lakers got up fifteen and the Rockets would not go away.  Luckily they went into half with a nine point lead and maintained it in the second half of play sealing the victory.

In that half, the Lakers looked like a team from the 70’s and 80’s.  They had a similar resembelance of the Celtics last year.  They got in the other teams face, played physical, and showed them that they were not going to be pushed around by the NBA bad boy Ron Artest and the Houston Rockets.

As we all know Derek Fisher will be gone for tonight’s game after De Cleating Louis Scola.

Fish has been kicking it with Rey Maualuga....Fight on

Fish has been kicking it with Rey Maualuga....Fight on

I feel that this will once again benefit the Lakers.  As much as I love Fish and his leadership on the court his shooting has not been there for the playoffs.  He has shot 26% from the three point line and 42% from the field.  His defense has been in question going against the speedy Aaron Brooks.  Shannon Brown will most likely get the start.  Shannon is faster and a better defender than Fish, he also has been shooting the ball relatively well and brings an energy to the court.  Did anyone see him hit is elbow on the rim going for that block against Scola in the first half last game?  Yeah the guy has hops.

With Fish out Farmar and Vuj will both get significant PT and hopefully will step up to the challenge.  They will not be playing in “dead time” and trying to prove themselves yet playing within the offense when it counts.  If either of their games are on it should be  a lot of fun for Lakers fans.

Last but not least, lets look at Kobe and Ron Ron.  Ron has a short fuse and Kobe knows how to get under his skin.  Artest has been killing it from the field as of late and the Lakeshow needs Ariza and Odom to step the D up on him.  When it comes to defending Kobe, Artest and Battier are the toughest it comes.  They will ware Kobe out and make him trust his teamates.  As long as the other Lakers are knocking down then they shall be fine.

The Lakers once again need to pound the ball inside and get Yao into foul trouble.  With Yao in foul trouble that keeps Bynum out of foul trouble and on the floor longer.  If we can do this then the Lakers will force the Rockets into a shooting team which makes the odds stack up even more against them.

Tonight is going to be a hostile environment to say the least.  The refs are going to call a tight game, making the chances of Yao and Bynum to pick up some cheap fouls.  If the Lakers execute and stay tough, then there should be no problems getting one if not two W’s in Houston.

Game time 7:30 pacific, lets go lakeshow-


Artest has a crush on Kobe

Come on man, let me give you a hickey

Come on man, let me give you a hickey


This is the Houston Rockets with your wakeup call

Frustrated, pissed off, pathetic, and let down.  Those were just several emotions in which I was feeling as I shut the game off and called it an early night as the Lakers lost their most coveted home court advantage and game one to the Houston Rockets last night.  It is never easy to see your team go down one zero let alone hand home court away.  All season long we have heard the Lakers talk of how important it is to hold home court throughout the playoffs so there is no repeat of what happened against the Celtics last year.  Last night, well we just gave it away.

When I woke up this morning, I had that same taste in my mouth as I got ready and went to work.  Throughout the day I wasn’t able to get my mind off that terrible performance.  Over and over again I thought of what we did wrong.  Lets go over the negatives first.   Lamar Odom went 1-6 from the free throw line. Sasha Vujacic’s poor shooting percentage continues through the playoffs at .333 percent.  His sole purpose on the floor is to piss the other team off and make threes.  Instead last night, we get the lead and Sasha tries to do too much as always and fouls Artest for an And 1.  Then the following possession he got smoked by Aaron Brooks who scores thus giving the Rockets a five-point swing.  Speaking of Aaron Brooks, can any of our guys guard him?  I know Fish brings leadership but Farmar brings speed and defense.  How about Bynum with the inability to play more than 15 min a game due to foul trouble?  Finally there is Kobe.  Yes he was sick but like Kobe I do not believe in excuses.  Whenever Kobe shoots more than 24 times in a game the Lakers have 11 wins and 12 loses.  When Kobe does not do that the Lakers are around 53 wins and 13 loses.  The problem with last night was that none of Kobe’s teammates were making shots.  They went 2-18 from deep and no one was making open shots.  Not even Pau.

As the work day went on and after all of this had gone through my brain, I have decided that the Lakers as bad as they played were in the game until the end.  Some would call it rust, some would call it a bad night, I call it a wakeup call.  In the last series and for the last half of the season, the Lakeshow has not been challenged, they have not had their backs against the wall, and they have not had any pressure on them.  Guess what? Now they do.  This next home game is a must win.  Every time the Lakers have gone into a situation where a win will set the tone, they have come out on top.  How did they do against Boston this year? How did they do against King James this year?  All four of those games gave the Lakeshow a W in the win column.

The Lakers will not go 11 percent from the three-point line again, Kobe will not have 32 points on 31 shot attempts, and I am hoping Bynum will stay out of foul trouble.  Last night Yao went 10 for 10 from the free throw line, Artest was shooting 85% in the first half, Aaron Brooks had 19 points, and the Rockets played lights out.  Take all of this into consideration and then think how bad the Lakers played and how they were still in the game.  This only shows how deep the Lakers truly are.

Last year in the Lakeshow’s road to the finals they were never tested and never trailed a series.  Boston went to game 7 countless times.  When it came to the finals, Boston knew they could pull through when the going got tough.  What happened when the got down twenty plus points?  They tightened up their D and pulled one of the biggest comebacks in NBA finals history.  Props to Boston.  The first time the Lakers faced adversity was on the big stage.  It was ever so apparent that they were not ready and did not know what to do in order to turn the tides.

What is great about this loss, is the fact that we are facing adversity early and not in the NBA finals.  We are facing adversity against a Houston team who we swept in the regular season and are nowhere as talented as our boys in the Purple and Gold.  Yes the statistics say that eighty percent of the teams that win game one go on to win the series.  I am curious how many of those teams were the higher seed to win game one and go on to win the series?  Did Chicago advance to the second round last week?  Did Philadelphia advance to the second round?  Both of those teams won game one yet the top seed advanced.

To wrap things up, it is not time to panic in Laker land.  The Lakeshow as Kobe said is the best road team in the NBA.  We have not lost in Houston all year, Kobe had a bad night (what does he normally do after a bad night?  Go off), and we did not play for a week.  The rust is off, the Lakers got their wake up call, and now it is time to step up to the challenge.  Like one of my co-workers said today at work.  Don’t let that loss bother you.  If it is destiny for the Lakers to win it all, then it will happen.  There is nothing we can do about it.  Just let it play out.

Well, destiny here we come……


Ron Artest bites his toungue once again

The Houston Rockets, what can I say about them?  The first thing that jumps to mind is the Dream shake and Clyde the Glide ripping it in H town.  Then there was the draft which brought Yao over to the states.  A dude who is seven eight and has a jumper, quite impressive.  Then there is the saga of T-Mac, a superstar brought in from Orlando to only fall in the first round of the playoffs time and time again.  Finally, we are brought to the present.

The Houston Rockets have finally won a playoffs round, the first since 1997.  It has been a tough road, and a straight out battle against Brando Roy and the Portland Trailblazers.  Next, they face my Los Angeles Lakers.  Coming into the opening game of the series the Lakers will have had three more days of rest than the Rockets.  This rest was a much needed break and gives our big man Bynum time to rest that knee, get into a good rhythm and match up with the Chinese giant down below.

Hey Yao, at least it isnt Nate Robinson

Hey Yao, at least it isn't Nate Robinson

Just yesterday reporters were allowed in the Rockets practice and none other than Ron Artest took an interview.  Among the typical questions being asked, Ron found a way to make a stir in the media once again.  No he did not rush into the crowd and throw hay makers similar to the instance in Detroit, but instead threw a different kind of punch.

Ron Artest has come out to say that Brandon Roy is the best player he has gone against all season.  When I first heard this as well as the reporters, they had to do a double take.  “Brandon Roy is the best player you have gone against this series, right?”  Artest replied, “hands down Roy is the best player I have had to defend this season, hands down the hardest player to guard in the NBA.”

Lets look at some of the players Artest has had to guard starting with the most obvious.  Kobe, LeBron, Pierce, Manu, Carmello, Hamilton, Wade, just to name a few.  The names that jump out the most are Kobe and LeBron.  Was Ron Artest really thinking that Kobe and LeBron were not listening?  If the Rockets did make it through game six which they did, does he realize Kobe is listening and taking note?  If the Rockets do get past the Lakers (which they wont) and meet the Cav’s in the finals does he think LeBron is not listening?

Ron Artest has just said to much for him to handle.  There is no player in the NBA that can turn something personal like this and make it rain like Kobe.  We have seen what happens time and time again when Kobe gets pissed in games.  The guy goes wild, crazy, takes over, and makes not only you but your team pay for this.

What happened when this occured? Yeah, Kobe went off

What happened when this occurred? Yeah, Kobe went off

All I have to say is thank you Ron Ron.  Thanks for sparking that camp fire the Lakers have going and turning it into an inferno.  All I can say is Kobe is waiting and ready.  Ron, once again you have turned yourself into public enemy one and once again you have acted without thinking (remember that night in motor city?).  Good luck in this next round, because you and Yao will be lucky to get a game.  On a side note, since the Rockets make it out of the first round and T-Mac is injured does that mean T-Mac made it out of the first round as well?

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