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Between the Curves

Los Angeles local band Fight From Above has officially released their very first music video “Between the Curves.”  Last weekend was the video release party and I have heard nothing but good things from the band and fans alike.  With the release of LA Kids it is now their third album to drop and it only has gotten better over time.

Whether you are driving down the 405 or throwing back Whiskey with a bunch of friends, their music is a perfect compliment to a good time.  I have had the luxury to meet the band and these guys are exactly like their music.  Very chill yet different.  Something even cooler that I bet you did not know about the band is the fact that they filmed, edited, and produced the whole music video.  You need to check these guys out HERE and make sure to go out and get their music.
If you a fan of the pop rock/ indie rock you will not be disappointed. Check out the music video below.


Shutup and Let me go……

This version puts that silly band called the Ting Tings to shame……

Fight From Above just signed….Check them out and tell everyone about them so you can be the cool cat on the block who everyone worships for being a Music guru knowing how to pick good bands and have the foresight to see the next big song to headline on Rock Band Galactic Tour.
Or you can just sit down on your couch and keep playing La’s There She Goes….You make the decision!!!!


Fight From Above

Fight From Above
Kaliphornya blog has found its favorite new and upcoming band. Fight From Above is a gift to the city of LA and the great state of CA. The members are all products of their environment, being bred in this city of angels. Their new album LA kids has just dropped and it is worth the time to check it out. Their style of music according to them is Indie Rock with a twist of pop. I have seen the band live two times now and have yet to be disappointed.
I consider myself a fairly harsh critic when it comes to bands that have not made it big. I know in college I went to various shows of smaller bands trying to make it in this colossal world known as the music industry. After the show you have everyone saying how great these bands were and crowning them the next big thing. It’s funny when you go to a concert in smaller venues, everyone becomes a music critic, jumps on the bandwagon, buys the CD’s and T-shirts. Two weeks pass and the CD is a new coaster for the coffee table and the shirt is hanging in the window at the local good will store.
Seeing these bands live in college live, I was never blown away. Don’t get me wrong I have mad respect for anyone who knows how to play an instrument and puts their heart and soul into their craft. Call me a hater but there comes a time where some one has to say either you have it or you don’t.
FFA has it. I have watched them play at the Troubadour and The House of Blues, both very famous places that any band would be lucky to get a gig in. If you look at the people who played there in the past, FFA is in great company. As far as I am concerned, if Biggie Smalls has rapped about a venue that you have played in (“sippin on booze in the House of Blues, I’m going back back to Cali Cali”), then that is a huge deal.
If I were to describe FFA to unlucky few who have not heard them, the first thing that pops into my mind would be a clean combination of Jimmy Eat World or New Found Glory, mixed with OAR. Take that concoction and add dashes of Green Day or Blink and you have the unique sound of FFA.
How many times have you been to a concert and left disappointed cause the headliner sounds no where near what they sound like on their CD. This band is not one of them. I believe that this is one of the few bands out there that I have heard which sounds even better live then on the album.
In a nutshell, this is the kind of music that you will throw in your stereo on a nice summers afternoon (which is almost everyday in Southern Cal) while having your closest compadres over sippin on beer with some cattle on the grill, and everyone kickin it around the pool. Simply put it makes the good times roll.


I picked this picture because they were standing next to tennis courts and I play tennis.

I picked this picture because they were standing next to tennis courts and I play tennis.

These guys are just a bunch of “LA kids, with faded kicks, spittin game, and turning tricks”-


Seacrest a “bloody lemon”

Los Angeles is a town of many brilliant things. Where else in the country can you walk around in shorts and flip flops in 80 degree weather in the middle of January? Wait, let me rephrase that. Where else in the country can you walk around in shorts and flip flops in 80 degree weather in the middle of January and not have to worry about Hurricanes, live on an island, or have beach beach access? (Sorry Florida, Hawaii, and Arizona) That is correct, NOWHERE. I could go on and on writing an endless blog about how great Los Angeles is but I will not inform you on what everyone already knows. 
Among all the great things in the city of angels there are two things that really get me fired up. 
Specimen 1: Traffic – I think that anyone and everyone who has ever been in this town has sat in the tumultuous mess of to many cars on the road at one single time. Did you know that for every one person in LA there are 1.8 cars? It is a joke. 
Specimen 2: Ryan Seacrest – I hate this chump. He is everywhere and he is the biggest tool. He got his rise to fame through American Idol. It’s sad that he is a bigger celeb than any of the winners or contestants that have ever been on American Idol.
I would rather make a duet album with William Hung then see this fruitcake engulfing the airwaves of Los Angeles. This guy needs to go. 
Recently I have been doing some freelance editing work for the Tennis Channel. My day starts at 4:15 AM and ends around 6:00 PM. Now I have never ever gotten up consistenly at 4:15. I am going on day three and you could say that it just keeps getting harder and harder every morning. I have 11 more days then I am home free. When I get home at night I am tired and exhausted. My wonderful girlfriend/gourmet chef (Whats Gaby Cooking) prepares a wonderful dinner for the two of us and we get to hang out for about 45 min. Around 7:15 PM I put myself to bed so I can make it through the next day. I fall asleep and its Groundhogs day all over again. Can you guys sense the pitty party? Anyhow the work is fun and I enjoy what I am doing. 
So I am presuming that you are trying to make a correlation as to where this jumble of words and so called paragraphs are going? Well here we go. 
I presume Seacrest gets up when I get up because he has to do his national radio show (which really sucks.) Imagine all the songs you hear on TRL (TRL still exists correct?) and then just put them on loop all day. You can only hear Lady Gaga’s Just Dance and Beyonces Single Ladies so many times in one car ride. Mix this with Seacrest in between songs and its like taking a razor blade and cutting in between your fingers and then sticking your hands in a jar of pickle juice. Yeah it’s that bad so I turn the radio off. On the plus side when I don’t listen to the radio I am listening to my collectors limited edition special release super fly off the hook album Fight From Above.
*Quick side not FFA is the check them out on I Tunes, with a new album that just released. Blog coming soon about them, the Trube, and the House of Blues.
So after Seacrest gets done with his morning show which ends around 10:30 or 11:00 am he heads over to E! and does what ever shows he does over there until about 3:00 PM. From here I presume he has some time off so he can perfect the art of being a huge douche bag and then heads over to film American Idol. This wraps around 9:00 pm our time and he is done with work for the day. According to the select morning shows I listened to when I first came out here, he usually goes out to some sort of VIP event or club at night to get new material to talk about the next day. Wash Rinse and Repeat. How the hell does this schmurdle survive on maybe 4 to 5 hours of sleep. I guess (insert title of blog here) _____________________. 
You can’t fault a guy for being ambitious and a go getter, but you can hate him for being as my coach would say, “A Bloody Lemon”.   

Dawson OUT….

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