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10 ways to pass time if your unemployed

If you are one of the 9.5 % of Americans unemployed I bet you have a fair amount of free time on your hands.  After getting the boot, once you overcame the shock life seemed nice.  Suddenly, you realized that you do not need that company and your career was going no where.  Look on the bright side, you get to start over and until you get a job, well life is an endless weekend.

I bet it was nice to sleep in those first couple of days possibly weeks.  You would wake up around noon eat some breakfast or leftover pizza from the night before then hop online.  By this time you know all of the job sites and listings by heart.  Your resume is beefed up and you might have gotten one or two interviews.  Yet after making it to that final round you recieved the phone call “I am sorry but we went with another candidate who was more qualified and experienced than yourself”.

You find that the days are super long and boring, with only day time television to pass the time mixed in with the very unmotivated trip to the gym.  I have compiled a list of things you can do when you find yourself watching that third loop of Sports Center and want to pull your hair out.

  1. Start a blog, who knows any one can read these things.  If you are a good writer or have some interesting things to write about, it is a great way to make some money on the side.
  2. Go to sign up for an account, create your interest list and let the stumble bar take you on a trip around the world wide web, keeping you entertained for hours.  You may just discover the next “David After the Dentist”.
  3. Check out the best of craigslist.  I recently came across this part of craigslist.  Man there are some weird ass people in this world.  Check out what they post and how they post it.
  4. Buy a ton of Gatoraid and water.  Get a portable ice chest and stand outside of a local bar or club.  When people come out completely hammered, charge them triple what the drinks ran you in the supermarket.  Everyone wants to avoid a hang over.  This has been proven to work.
  5. Go through your I.Tunes account and make sure every song has a title, artist, album, and album art work.  Get rid of those annoying track 1, track 1-1, track 1-1-1, unknown album.
  6. Rummage through all of the stuff you have lying around you abode.  See what you use and do not use.  Go ahead and sell it on craigslist to put off moving back home for another month.  Would you rather live with Mom and Dad or have a 46 inch flat screen and PS3?
  7. Send a video of yourself to the celeb you would most like to meet every day at the same time.  Maybe you just might meet him or her.  (It worked on the Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek)
  8. Try and predict who the best player in the most recent draft will be.  Then go to and buy their domain name.  Once they get big and famous you sell it to them for much dinero.
  9. For the adventurous, you can travel “Into the Wild” style.  Me, well I could never do this, but could you imagine the blog and following one would have if he traveled the world with only the clothes on his back and a lap top.  That would be baller, kinda like that 17 year old kid who sailed around the world by himself.  Check that out.
  10. Finally, you can sit around making lame ass lists trying to pass the time similar to this one.  No I am not unemployed, yes I do have a fair amount of free time.  Does anyone want to hire me?

Livin large in Malibu

Doing it big this weekend Malibu/San Diego style.


I bet you can read this



Adventures of a Brentwoodian Round I

What is up all?  Last night was a good one.  Had some friends over and drank some Whiskey.  Once the cocktails were flowing the crew decided to go to a restraunt/bar called the Vicente.  We hopped in a cab and made our way to the bar.  The cab fee came out to $7.15.  The cabby gave me two dollars back out of my ten.  I pondered how much to tip him when I realized he short changed me 85 cents.  If he gave me three bucks back I would have told him to keep two of the three dollars.  He didnt thou so he got an 85 cent tip, which is fair for a two min cab ride.  Why do we tip cabby’s, this is one practice we should adopt from Europe, no tips?    

So once inside Vicente we got seats right away at the bar.  It was not crowded for a friday night which is yet another boistorious reflection of the current economy.  Do you think the DJI will drop to the 6,000 mark on Monday?  Anyhow at the bar I felt like something different than a Jack and Coke.  My cousin had been there before so I got what he ordered.



 It was similar to a greyhound, grapefruit juice minus the vodka plus the gin.  I have never really been a big gin guy but I was a fan of this drink.  At Vincente they pride themselves on their cocktails because the fruit juice in coctails is all freshly squeezed.  The grapefruit and gin went perfect together.  Vicente also serves homemade potatoe chips that were out of this world.  
After some great conversations the bar was getting ready to close.  The owner was conversing with the few remaining people at the bar and hanging out with the waiters.  My crew was shooting the shit with several waiters and being friendly.  You never know when it will come in handy knowing a bar tender.  Without thinking I brought my empty drink and plate up to the bar trying to make the bartenders night a little easier.  


The owner an older swanky woman saw me do this and called me out.  “Why are you brining your dishes up to the bar?  The bartender will get those.”  I replied “I just wanted to make it easier on them, trying to help out.  It’s my mothers fault.”  She got a huge smile on her face and told the bar tender to make my cousin and I another drink .  They poured us the last of the grapefruit juice which was about half the glass then filled the other half of the glass with gin.  Stiff yet satifying.  It does pay off to be nice and help other people once in awhile.  The owner went ahead and called us a cab.  After a couple minutes the cab showed up and we went off to the Brentwood.

 The Brentwood for those of you who have not had  the expirence yet is my bar in the backyard.  It is a very dark lit room that is eighty percent tables and 20 percent bar.  If you live in the area then you have found yourself swaggering in there one time or another.  The food is good and the drinks are stiff (if you know the bar tenders).  

The Brentwood

The Brentwood

Normally we sit at the bar but last night we decided to get a table.  I have heard so often of the dougnut holes  so I went ahead and ordered them along with another grapefruit and gin.  The holes came with a very rich chocolate sauce, custard sauce, and strawberry sauce.  Each were good and it was the perfect food to top the night off.


During our excursion to the Brentwood we had a new waitress that I had never seen.  You could tell she wanted to get the hell out of there and was in no mood to be a great host.  She was shooting us glances left and right along with being a stright bitch.  Needless to say when we had an issue with one of the drinks she walked right away from the table and got the manager.  The manger was chill and the drink was comped.  We got done there and made our way back to home base, said our goodbyes and it was off to bed.  

A good night with great people leading into an excellent weekend

More adventures to come-


Happy Thursday

It’s Thursday, one more day till Friday and one more day until a weekend that I have nothing planned.  Today has shaped up to be a great day so far.  It is raining which makes me feel like I am in Moraga again, with the rain comes canceled lessons which does take a toll on the bank but will not break it, and to top everything off the Lakeshow plays Beantown tonight.  It will be a good measuer to see where we stand and hopefully the Kobe and co can stop yet another impressive streak by the Celts.  

I have broken the writerblock and it feels good to write again.  If you sit around all day like I have done today your mind wanders thus giving you endless ideas of stuff to write about.  Sit back and enjoy the day and even more so enjoy the weekend.  If you want pass the blog along as well.  Its nice to know people are reading this stuff and I am not wasting my time.  

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