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Ron Artest bites his toungue once again

The Houston Rockets, what can I say about them?  The first thing that jumps to mind is the Dream shake and Clyde the Glide ripping it in H town.  Then there was the draft which brought Yao over to the states.  A dude who is seven eight and has a jumper, quite impressive.  Then there is the saga of T-Mac, a superstar brought in from Orlando to only fall in the first round of the playoffs time and time again.  Finally, we are brought to the present.

The Houston Rockets have finally won a playoffs round, the first since 1997.  It has been a tough road, and a straight out battle against Brando Roy and the Portland Trailblazers.  Next, they face my Los Angeles Lakers.  Coming into the opening game of the series the Lakers will have had three more days of rest than the Rockets.  This rest was a much needed break and gives our big man Bynum time to rest that knee, get into a good rhythm and match up with the Chinese giant down below.

Hey Yao, at least it isnt Nate Robinson

Hey Yao, at least it isn't Nate Robinson

Just yesterday reporters were allowed in the Rockets practice and none other than Ron Artest took an interview.  Among the typical questions being asked, Ron found a way to make a stir in the media once again.  No he did not rush into the crowd and throw hay makers similar to the instance in Detroit, but instead threw a different kind of punch.

Ron Artest has come out to say that Brandon Roy is the best player he has gone against all season.  When I first heard this as well as the reporters, they had to do a double take.  “Brandon Roy is the best player you have gone against this series, right?”  Artest replied, “hands down Roy is the best player I have had to defend this season, hands down the hardest player to guard in the NBA.”

Lets look at some of the players Artest has had to guard starting with the most obvious.  Kobe, LeBron, Pierce, Manu, Carmello, Hamilton, Wade, just to name a few.  The names that jump out the most are Kobe and LeBron.  Was Ron Artest really thinking that Kobe and LeBron were not listening?  If the Rockets did make it through game six which they did, does he realize Kobe is listening and taking note?  If the Rockets do get past the Lakers (which they wont) and meet the Cav’s in the finals does he think LeBron is not listening?

Ron Artest has just said to much for him to handle.  There is no player in the NBA that can turn something personal like this and make it rain like Kobe.  We have seen what happens time and time again when Kobe gets pissed in games.  The guy goes wild, crazy, takes over, and makes not only you but your team pay for this.

What happened when this occured? Yeah, Kobe went off

What happened when this occurred? Yeah, Kobe went off

All I have to say is thank you Ron Ron.  Thanks for sparking that camp fire the Lakers have going and turning it into an inferno.  All I can say is Kobe is waiting and ready.  Ron, once again you have turned yourself into public enemy one and once again you have acted without thinking (remember that night in motor city?).  Good luck in this next round, because you and Yao will be lucky to get a game.  On a side note, since the Rockets make it out of the first round and T-Mac is injured does that mean T-Mac made it out of the first round as well?

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A-Rod has man boobs

In the most recent allegations towards A-Rod, there is now conversation circulating that he has been using steroids since high school, and continued all the way through 2005 when he was with the Yankees.  According to ESPN A-Rod put on 15 poundso of muscle in the 2005 off season.  In the club house that year, A-Rod had nick names of Bitch Tits due to round pectorals, a condition called gynecomastia that can be caused by anabolic steroids.

Hilarious, comical, and another asterisk coming to the books in Cooperstown.  I can’t wait for him to get back and play baseball.  Now when he goes to bat, instead of having syringes thrown at him like they did to Barry, we can throw training bras at A-Roid.  Instead of seeing those lame Detials photo shoot pictures blown up in the crowd we can Photoshop pictures of A-Rod with boobs. This just gets better and better.  I wonder how cousin Yuri will take the blame for this one this time.  arodboob


Rondo foul, flagrant or playoff foul?

Last night in yet another overtime game between the Bulls and the Celtics there was a controversial play at the end of the game.  As the overtime was winding down and the Bulls down two, they in bounded the ball.  Brad Miller was wide open and drove hard to the rack.  Out of no where comes Rajon Rollerskating Rondo, with no visible play on the ball.  He intentionally fouled Miller to prevent the basket and in doing so decked Miller across the face drawing blood and possibly knocking a tooth out.

What a cheap foul....

What a cheap foul....

In the replay you could clearly see Rondo had no play on the ball.  His intention was to prevent Miller from making the basket.  In doing so, all he could do was rape him across the face.  Personally I think it should have been a flagrant foul.  If you look at the definition of a flagrant foul it follows as.  A flagrant foul-penalty (1) is unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.

When the league talks about types of flagrant fouls they ask if the player was going for the ball or the body.  Truly in this instance Rondo was going for the body, due to the fact that the ball was no where near his arm or the reach of his arm.  Boston dodged a bullet last night and Miller should have shot 3 free throws and the ball.  One for the flagrant, two for the shot, and then the ball for the flagrant.

Looking back several months ago, Trevor Ariza got ejected out of a game in which Portland was blowing the Lakers out.  Rudy Fernandez had a fast break, and Trevor playing the way Trevor does went all out to block the ball.  The end result as we all know is that Fernandez had to be carted off of the court and Trevor was ejected.  When Trevor made this play, he got part of the ball.  Granted, Miller did not need to be carted off the court, possibly because he is more manly, but Rondo should have gotten that flagrant.

I know that it does not change the fact that Boston won, and frankly I could care less on who wins this series.  Its great to see a new young team on the rise, and the old beat up defending champions struggling to make it out of the first round.  I would just like the NBA to make consistent calls.  If Kobe gets a flagrant foul for following through on a jumper, (last year) and hitting a guy in the face on the way down, then Rondo clearly needs a flagrant for that play last night.

As the video shows he clearly went for Miller’s head.


Super Bowl for the Champions Cup

Roger Goodel (Chairman of the NFL) has acknowledged that talks have been going on in regards to holding the Super Bowl in London some time in the future.  There has already been success in playing football in England.  In 2007 the New York Giants played the Miami Dolphins at Wembley stadium in front of a sold out crowd of 80,000 fans.  It was deemed a success, and now the NFL wants to go bigger and better.

Ello Govnah

Ello Govnah

The theory behind moving the Super Bowl over the pond for a season would be to expand its interest over seas and make it a more global game.  I have discussed this idea with some major football fans, and it has not been accepted with arms wide open.  I have yet to hear an legit argument against the idea.

I think that it would be awesome to move the big game over to England for various reasons.  As we all know the Super Bowl is the only sport out of the big three to play just one game.  That means the chances of you, going to the game are slim.  What makes it even slimmer is the fact that if your team makes it to the Super Bowl, well the odds are they are not playing on their home turf.  Due to the fact that they change the location each year and that it is only one game with no home field advantage, then it makes the transition to the Queens backyard that much easier.

In the NBA all star game this past year there were five international players.  In the MLB all star game there were twenty plus international players. How many international guys were in the Pro Bowl?  Out side the United States football is huge, just not our football, the original football aka soccer.  What if we were getting international talent in the NFL similar to the NBA.  Look at what Dirk, Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, or Time Duncan have done for the NBA.  Now imagine what that could do for Americas biggest sport.  Imagine what it would do for the popularity of the sport world wide.  Look at what the International guys have done to baseball and basketball.  They have progressed the game and made it a world wide phenomenon.

Do you think there are Pop Warner leagues in Europe?  No, there are not.  I think it is crazy that soccer in the United States is miles ahead of what American football is in England.  If moving the Super Bowl to England could spark some interest to young Britts over there, that would be awesome.  It would be a start and indeed it would be great for the game.  I just hope that the NFL will not throw this idea out.  Goodel has done great things for the NFL so far, this one would be amazing.

I think that if we do let the Britts host our biggest event of the year, then they should return the favor.  I am asking them to play the finals of the Champions cup over here.  How amazing would that be, and think how much that would grow soccer out here.  You could hold it in the new Cowboys stadium or even the Rose Bowl.  Sell out the stadium broadcast the hell out of it and let the Brits show us how Soccer is truly done.

To sum things up, the Super Bowl in England is an awesome idea.  It would advance the sport and indeed make it more global.  Years down the road we will get more foreign players in the NFL advancing the game even more and making it that much better.  If we give them our big game then they should return the favor with the Champions Cup finals. 

If you are still not with me, I ask you this.  How many Super Bowls have you had the chance to attend? How many times has the Super Bowl been in your home town with your home team?  Does the location of the Super Bowl effect your viewing habits?  There will still be Super Bowl Sunday, you can still have that party, you can still cheer on your favorite team, the only difference is that before the game we will hear not only the Star Spangled Banner but God Save the Queen as well.

Super Bowl for Champions Cup,

London or bust-


Andrew Bynum and Rihanna are under an Umbrella ella ella a a

Andrew Bynum at the rip old age of 21 years old is taking Los Angeles by storm.  Coming into the NBA at eighteen years old, he had some big shoes to fill.  When the Lakers kept him around after he showed some promise when Kobe was mad he had even bigger shoes to fill.  Now, in the playoffs and healthy it is his time to shine.

Over this past series Andrew Bynum has had more ups and downs than your typical ride at Magic Mountain.  Starting out in game two he made his first five shots, then missed his next six.  Game three, well he played maybe thirty seconds due to foul trouble.  If Bynum could just stay on the floor that would help the Lakers out a ton.  Possibly making the road to hanging another banner in Staples that much easier.

Basketball aside, Bynum has been killing it.  There were photographs of him at the Playboy mansion several months ago, while his team was on an extended road trip.  All of us in Los Angeles saw his rehab was going well when pictures of him holding a play boy bunny on his shoulders appeared on the Internet.

Things mellowed down after the mansion and Bynum got back to hoops.  Apparently basketball has not been consuming 100 percent of his time.  There are reports that Bynum has now been linked to Rihanna, you the umbrella girl.

This is great for Bynum, yet I only have one request.  Drew, focus on your sport right now, wait till you win an NBA title and then you can “run it” Chris Brown style with Rihanna, well without all the biting and beating.  That would not look good for you or the Lakers.

On a random side note, how much do Shannon Brown and Chris Brown look alike?



Lakers, please play some defense for more than one quarter next game.   That is all.  Thank you


I-Phone apps hit a billion downloads

I am an I-Phone user.  I have had a BlackBerry once upon a time.  When it comes to email and reception the I-Phone sucks.  The BlackBerry blows it out of the water.  The camera on the BB makes the I-Phone camera seem like a Polaroid picture..  Everyone knows this and anyone who has used both will agree to this, yet we all still use the I-Phone.

I use the phone solely for one reason.  The apps for this phone have transformed a cell phone into a game boy, a garmin, a flash light, an I-Pod, and every other thing you could think a cell phone to do.  Today apple has announced that the I-Phone has downloaded over a billion apps.  That blows my mind.  Think how much money is made there?  Verizion has tried to create their own apps system but it sucks.

The sole reason the I-Phone is still around is due to I-Tunes and its apps.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Lets hope that apple can now focus on the email and phone part of the I-Phone.  That would be nice, and maybe even some video chat.  That would be some next level stuff right there.  On that note, look to download the kaliphornya app coming soon.


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