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Baseball players Juice?

I woke up this morning to a text from a friend of mine saying “wow 50 games”.  The first thought that ran through my head was who on the Dodgers is injured.  I then walked out to the kitchen to make some breakfast when my girlfriend said Manny tested positive for steroids.  I could not believe it.  I turned on ESPN and sure enough they were playing Manny’s statement how he did not know.

As a Dodger fan I want to believe him and think that he did not know.  Yet how many times have we heard this from the guys who got caught juicing? Endless amounts.  Then I started to think, how could he have done this to the city, the club, the sport of baseball.  It is a very interesting time in the city of Los Angeles and for Dodger fans.  We are coming off of the best season start ever setting a major league baseball record yet we have just given the sports nation a chance to put an asterisk on this start.  An asterisk I will not deny.

It sucks to lose the Dodgers best hitter, yet it is not time to hit the panic button in LaLa land.  Last season the Dodgers had Manny for 27 games.  The Dodgers then made the playoffs.  When he came to LA we embraced him and accepted him with open arms.  He was brilliant and put on a hitting show only Ted Williams could rival.  When Manny’s suspension is up that will be July 3rd.  This means we will see him in the field wearing Dodger blue for the second half of the season, a much longer time than 27 games.

Chances are that when he comes back I am guess Manny will be clean and on a mission to prove that he is a great hitter minus the roids.  Aside from Manny the Dodgers already have a deep lineup, we will now have Juan Pierre start in left field which will bring us defense.  Pierre obliviously not the hitter Manny is yet a ok replacement.

How about the gipper Joe?  Torre has dealt with this situation in New York many times.  Clemens, Giambi, Petit and the list goes on.  If anyone knows how to handle a team with a player on steroids it is Joe Torre.  Over the next fifty games we will probably go 500.  When Manny gets back, well we will see what happens.

It is time for Either to prove that he can still hit without Manny, or that Matt Kemp is as good of a player without Manny.  This will be the one time that a team rallys around Manny and shows that they have his back through the good and the bad.  Manny will see that this city still loves him and that we know he messed up.  When Manny gets back, I am guessing it is going to be game on and we will all be able to see if he is truly a great hitter or if it was just the juice.

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A-Rod has man boobs

In the most recent allegations towards A-Rod, there is now conversation circulating that he has been using steroids since high school, and continued all the way through 2005 when he was with the Yankees.  According to ESPN A-Rod put on 15 poundso of muscle in the 2005 off season.  In the club house that year, A-Rod had nick names of Bitch Tits due to round pectorals, a condition called gynecomastia that can be caused by anabolic steroids.

Hilarious, comical, and another asterisk coming to the books in Cooperstown.  I can’t wait for him to get back and play baseball.  Now when he goes to bat, instead of having syringes thrown at him like they did to Barry, we can throw training bras at A-Roid.  Instead of seeing those lame Detials photo shoot pictures blown up in the crowd we can Photoshop pictures of A-Rod with boobs. This just gets better and better.  I wonder how cousin Yuri will take the blame for this one this time.  arodboob


I like this well minus the Padres


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