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The Value of Twitter and Facebook

So I was stumbleing on the internet when this came across and grabbed my attention.  Have you ever wondered how much facebook or twitter is worth and numbers that relate to this figure?  All I have to say is Mark Zukerberg is rolling hard.  Check it out below.


Facebook is so slow

Ok, so I am sure that 90 percent of you facebook users out there have probably taken that what are you quiz.  This along with all these million other applications are the sole reason facebook is running at a snails pace these days.  Imagine how many time you go on facebook normally.  Now imagine how much you have been on it the past couple of days.  Probably seventy percent less due to the fact that the server is moving slower than dialup internet.

What facebook and its people need to do, in order to make us happy and get their hits up, for sure they are loosing millions daily, is get rid of those stupid applications.  Applications are for myspace and the i phone.  Why fix something that aint broke.  Ohh yeah and beacuse of the slow facebook my blog is getting less hits.  Pretty lame.  Clean it up facebook other wise we are bouncing.


You are nobody unless you have twitter..

According to twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet

It is the newest rage and all the cool kids are doing it. If you go to and click on the “watch a video” link, it will explain everything in an advertising ploy that tried way to hard to make it look like an idea created in the new hit sit com Trust Me.
Anyhow my idea of twitter is as follows. Think back to the days of AIM boom. I flash back to my freshman year in high school while I was still rocking the 64K dial up modem. This seems like a prehistoric time now that we have facebook, myspace, wordpress, and now twitter with CTU like internet speed at your local McDonalds.   Remember those days with your Mom yelling at you for ten minutes telling you dinner was ready while you were busy killing the english language with your acronyms because you were to lazy to type out I don’t know, my best friend forever Jill.  Any how before dinner one would post an Away Message similar to something like “DinR BRB l8r.”

How annoying were the sounds this thing had?

How annoying were the sounds this thing had?

Boy were those the good old days. It was way easier to talk to that hot girl in chem class (wait no I went to an all guys school) It was way easier to talk to that hot girl on the bus using AIM then it was on the phone.
Four years of AIM passed and I slowly phased TDAWSON85 out of my life and found myself becoming a facebook fanatic in college. I even did my senior thesis on Facebook. Does the use of CMC (computer mediated communication) effect interpersonal relationships between college students? The answer in a nut shell, NO. All my data concluded that if you were not rocking facebook hard you were anti social who either studied to hard or never had fun. You were a DORK.

The coolest thing ever.....

The coolest thing ever.....

Quite the opposite of the idea that facebook would create what Marshall McLuhan thought of virtual networks as a Global Village, in an nut shell the more time spent in front of the CPU on these virtual networks the more time it took away from face to face social interactions.  Lots of Nut Shells today.
So back to twitter and what it is. How many of you update your status on facebook? Probably quite a few. Twitter is a tricked out version of this. In 140 words you can let people know exactaly what you are doing all day every day. It’s like a high school parent who hung out with A-Rod and his cousin to long aka someone nosey on Steroids.  Twitter is the ultimate stalking tool. At the same time I think it is awesome, so I am going to go forth and create an account not only for myself but Kaliphornya.  You can know what I am doing every moment of the day.  

just search Kaliphornya on twitter once you have your account……


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