Brains or Bucks

Got up at four this morning, went to work, digitized my tapes, edited them, and then compressed. While the tapes compress it leaves me with about thirty minutes of nothing time for each edit I make. Today I had around seven edits, and compressed on multiple machines until the office filled up. For the most part I had about three hours of kick it time. I went through a series of questions in my head to pass the time.
Have I gone off my rocker? Who knows but it is a good way to pass time. Some of the questions consist of would I rather be able to fly or be invisible. The easy answer would fly. Would I rather have Kobe take a last second shot or Lebron, once again an easy answer Kobe. Would it be better to teleport or read minds? That’s a tough one, I am still debating that one, and finally the one that is the most interesting would you rather be super ridicusolly loaded or would you rather be crazy smart?
There are a couple of angles many people could take on this one. The first question to ask is, if I were loaded would I be as smart and the same as I am now? Lets go with yes for this answer. I think that it would be rad and a lot of fun. My life as it is now with crazy amounts of money. I would be able to buy Microsoft and hire Bill Gates full time to keep the company afloat while making billions and compounding my money. But if I had super smarts I could keep the company afloat myself.
When you think of super smart people what is the first thing you associate with? I know it is wrong but growing up all the smart kids in my class were a little anti social and kinda weird. They were super intelligent and I think to smart for their own maturity. Once those smart people do mature, its game over. They go on to build Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and the post-it. So with super smarts you would have to work for your money but that would be so much more rewarding.
Another rewarding thing that you could do with your brains is create stuff to save the planet like how to eliminate global warming, or find a way to have third world countries get fresh food and water for everyone, or have cars that don’t need electricity or gas. You could solve the nations financial troubles. On the other hand if you had massive amounts of money you could hire people to solve these problems for you and make the world a better place.
So for my conculsion I have come to the following fact. Are you you the type of person who likes to work for stuff or be given stuff. If your from the city I am guessing you like to work for stuff. If you are from Malibu I am guessing you like to be given stuff. I myself find that there is truly nothing more rewarding out there than busting your ass off and giving what ever it is your doing 100%. So this difficult question is easily answered with the fact that I would rather have a big brain as opposed to a big wallet.



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