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The Value of Twitter and Facebook

So I was stumbleing on the internet when this came across and grabbed my attention.  Have you ever wondered how much facebook or twitter is worth and numbers that relate to this figure?  All I have to say is Mark Zukerberg is rolling hard.  Check it out below.


China blocks Twitter

The Chinese government has gone ahead and blocked Twitter, Flickr, Bing,, and several other sites such as WordPress, YouTube, and Blogger.  The Chinese government is making special plans and “safety” precautions in preparation for the upcoming 20th anniversary for Tianamen massacre on June 4th.

I guess we will not be getting any live twitter feeds from Tianamen square on the 4th.


Loopt the ultimate over protective parent, psycho girlfriend, stalker tool

Greetings overly protective parents, psycho girlfriends, and stalkers alike I have a product for you.  Do you have a cell phone that can connect to the Internet?  Chances are that eight out of ten of you do.  All you need to do to keep a keen eagle eye on that special someone is talk them into signing up with loopt.  Imagine being able to pull up a map and see where your child is  (yes at his best friends, no not at a rager in the valley).  You can be able to track your boyfriend (yes watching the game at the local sports bar, no not at the local strip club.)  Or you can even come up with a scheme to randomly “bump into” that girl (who has been ignoring your phone calls for the last six months).

This is the perfect service for you.  Who needs homeland security to tap into phones when we have a service like loopt.  Is it me or does this service turn your cell phone into an ankle tracking bracelet?

This is from the Loopt web site:

Loopt shows users where friends are located and what they are doing via detailed, interactive maps on their mobile phones. Loopt helps friends connect on the fly and navigate their social lives by orienting them to people, places and events. Users can also share location updates, geo-tagged photos and comments with friends in their mobile address book or on online social networks, communities and blogs. Loopt was designed with user privacy at its core and offers a variety of effective and intuitive privacy controls.

Sounds like twitter on steroids but hey it does have privacy controls



A far to long story about tweeting and driving…..

Hypothetical scenario:

Guy is driving down the PCH when he comes up to a stop light.  He is enjoying the wonderful 85 degree weather with the windows down and a relaxing Eagles song softly playing over radio.  He slowly pulls up to the stop light and glances out to the left.  It is later on in the day and the sun is starting to hide behind the mighty yet majestic Pacific Ocean.  He thinks to himself “Nothing like no traffic on the PCH during a Friday afternoon.”

Suddenly Guy’s cell phone makes a nice chirping noise.  He quickly glances down at it to see his friend Lady had just tweeted, saying “Hey everyone I am going to The Standard tonight, I have a VIP area, all friends of mine should come.”  Guy gets stoked, he loves the Standard, and has a huge crush of Lady.  Tonight would be the perfect night at the perfect place to go in for the kill.  This is when his whole world got turned upside down.

Guy quickly picks up his Blackberry Storm and starts to Tweet back when the light turns green.  He slowly lets his foot of the break and presses the gas.  He is cruising along in the right lane continuously glancing up and down while trying to type his tweet in to let Lady and all his followers know what he is doing tonight (maybe Lady haha JK, he did not write that but that would be funny).  After finally finishing his tweet, Guy looks in his rear view mirror to see the motorcylce 5-0.

He quickly looks at his speed, 45 mph which is the limit, checks his seat belt which is on, and then possibly thinks that he could have a tail light out.  Guy throws his Storm onto his lap and pulls over.  He watches in the rear view mirror to see Porky the cop get off of his bike and stroll up to his car.  Literally this is like a scene out of the movies.  The dude took his helmet off and pulled the aviators out of his pocket all in one motion.

As Porky gets up to the car he asks Guy, “Do you know why I pulled you over?”  Guy responds, “Do I have a tail light out?”  Porky says “no, any other ideas?”  Guy looks at him blankly and shakes his head no.  Porky says I noticed you texting while operating a motor vehicle.

Guy starts to laugh and says officer you must be mistaken, I was not texting while driving, I would never do such a thing.  The cop then asked why is there a phone in his lap and why was he more focused on the phone than the road.  Guy replied and said ohh I was Twittering.  Twittering is not texting.  The cop says I know what Twittering is and that is texting.  Guy says no its not, hold on one second let me tweet everyone and let them know I am getting harassed by the Pork force.

Porky asks guy to step out of the car while he is twittering.   Guy refuses and continues to update his twitter post.  Finally Porky has to threaten Guy to be arrested.  Guy being the stubborn person he is refuses to get out of the car.  Yet is still Tweeting.  Finally Porky opens the door, slams Guy to the road and cuffs him.  He calls for backup and puts Guy in the back of the Squad car.

Guy gets out of jail the next day and has to go to court a month later to plea his case why he did not cooperate with an authority of the law.  He gets home to his loft and hops on facebook to check out what he missed from the night before.  He notices that Lady posted some new pictures.  He starts to scroll through the pictures and sees that she is all over one of he co workers.  He is crushed but thinks well maybe it was just a one night thing and they were drunk.

Guy then ventures over to his Twitter and checks out all of the new tweets.  He sees on his wall that “Lady was stoked Guy was coming.”  then later on that night Lady posted “where is guy I hope he can make it”, then later on “I hate GUYS who say they are going to do one thing then do another” and then this morning “I met the coolest guy last night and I think I am in LOVE”

Guy is crushed and sees all of these tweets.  He then tries to call Lady who has blocked his number because she is so mad at him.  The next sixty years of Guy’s life he lives in the same Loft all by himself with his cat.  He dies a lonely old man because he decided to Twitter and drive.

Take this and learn from Guy’s failures.  Do not tweet and drive, it could ruin your life.


You are nobody unless you have twitter..

According to twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.

Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet

It is the newest rage and all the cool kids are doing it. If you go to and click on the “watch a video” link, it will explain everything in an advertising ploy that tried way to hard to make it look like an idea created in the new hit sit com Trust Me.
Anyhow my idea of twitter is as follows. Think back to the days of AIM boom. I flash back to my freshman year in high school while I was still rocking the 64K dial up modem. This seems like a prehistoric time now that we have facebook, myspace, wordpress, and now twitter with CTU like internet speed at your local McDonalds.   Remember those days with your Mom yelling at you for ten minutes telling you dinner was ready while you were busy killing the english language with your acronyms because you were to lazy to type out I don’t know, my best friend forever Jill.  Any how before dinner one would post an Away Message similar to something like “DinR BRB l8r.”

How annoying were the sounds this thing had?

How annoying were the sounds this thing had?

Boy were those the good old days. It was way easier to talk to that hot girl in chem class (wait no I went to an all guys school) It was way easier to talk to that hot girl on the bus using AIM then it was on the phone.
Four years of AIM passed and I slowly phased TDAWSON85 out of my life and found myself becoming a facebook fanatic in college. I even did my senior thesis on Facebook. Does the use of CMC (computer mediated communication) effect interpersonal relationships between college students? The answer in a nut shell, NO. All my data concluded that if you were not rocking facebook hard you were anti social who either studied to hard or never had fun. You were a DORK.

The coolest thing ever.....

The coolest thing ever.....

Quite the opposite of the idea that facebook would create what Marshall McLuhan thought of virtual networks as a Global Village, in an nut shell the more time spent in front of the CPU on these virtual networks the more time it took away from face to face social interactions.  Lots of Nut Shells today.
So back to twitter and what it is. How many of you update your status on facebook? Probably quite a few. Twitter is a tricked out version of this. In 140 words you can let people know exactaly what you are doing all day every day. It’s like a high school parent who hung out with A-Rod and his cousin to long aka someone nosey on Steroids.  Twitter is the ultimate stalking tool. At the same time I think it is awesome, so I am going to go forth and create an account not only for myself but Kaliphornya.  You can know what I am doing every moment of the day.  

just search Kaliphornya on twitter once you have your account……


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