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Same song different day for Cleveland: The Kings new territory?

Cleveland, rough night last night.  I feel for you, from sweeping the first two round of the playoffs, to a difficult series against the Magic.  Last nights loss probably brings back similar feelings of Jordan and Ehlo, the Tribe falling short against the Marlins, or the rough seasons of the Browns.  The only thing that keeps you guys as fans hopefull is the great Jim Brown and his Super Bowl victory, he tried to bring his swagger court side during these playoff games.

As a Laker fan and Los Angeles sports fan, I have not been deprived of a championship in my short life time, yet somehow I know what you are feeling right now.  You see, Cav fans and Laker fans are not to different in recent years.  Take the Lakers post Shaq era.  Kobe a superstar in his prime, vowed to win another championship with out the Big Diesel.  His supporting cast Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, and a bunch of nobodies.  Two out of the next three years Kobe and company made it to the playoffs.  For three years it was Kobe against five players.  He was good and good enough to make it to the playoffs but there is only so much one  man can do.  Two losses to the Suns two years in a row = a pissed off Kobe.

Angry Kobe was not fun and we all remember the antics of him saying he did not want to play in Los Angeles that one very long long summer.  Mitch Kupchick did not trade Bynum for J O’neal or J Kidd.  Laker land was in shambles.  Kobe was not happy, yet no one was offering the Lakers anything reasonable for him.  Then came the arrival of Pau.  Kobe had a sidekick, another All Star on his side.  Life was good in Laker land once again.

The Lakers walked through the playoffs last year.  The Celtics were tired but tested.  To make a long story short, the Lakers were soft.  The Celtcis embarrassed us on our home court and in the final game.  It was a long season but we knew we would be back.

Lets jump over to the Cavs now.  LeBron is the best player in the league playing with a bunch of nobodies on his team.  The only reason Mo Williams was an All Star is because Chanuncy got traded to the West and Allan was injured.  Verajo and Z, well they are good but not all stars.  Yet, this whole season LeBron made his teammates around him better, and they walked to the playoffs with the best record in the league.

Come playoffs the first two rounds the Cavs looked as though there was a new 23 legend in town, and he was not shooting a jumper over Ehlo.  The team was winning by twenty points and LeBron was playing no fourth quarters.  Yet, they were not getting battle tested.

Enter stage left Orlando Magic.  The Magic just came off of a seven game series against the reiging champs.  They were tested and they were hungry.  On paper they had a much better team as well.  The X factor like the Lakers was the MVP, the King.  He did what he could for two games.

Come the fourth quarter for every game this series, the ball movement stopped, the plays were not being called.  It was Mo Willaims brings the ball up and passes to LeBron.  Cavs players stand around and watch the King battle with five other players.  He tired, and he did as much as he could do.  Ever so reminescent of Kobe and co.

Cleveland, in order to have a glimmer of hope to get another title to your grief strickn town, you need to some how find a way to resing the King.  All season long we have heard the rumors about New York.  I bet you had a pit in your stomach after the game winner Bron hit, and the first guy he goes up to after the game was Jay Z.  You do realize he owns the Nets?  You do realize he has been in LeBrons ear since the age of twelve?  You do realize there is more of a supporting cast there then in Cleveland?  I guess the only true question is, will the Nets get LeBron or Brooklyn first?

I would love to see LeBron play with one team his whole life, its time for you guys to start Lobbying to bring some super star to Cleveland.  Otherwise it might be a long long decade until you get another first overall pick in the draft.


Bobby Jenks and Phil Jackson

The Major League Baseball Association needs to take a page out of the NBA’s book.  Just this past week after a game four loss to the Denver Nuggets, Phil Jackson commented on the performance of the refs.  The complaint was due to the lack consistency in regards to the way the game was called.  He said that his players did not know what a foul was or was not.

Ensuing the following day Phil Jackson was slapped with a $25,000 fine.  To say this fine is a bit hefty would be an understatement, yet by issuing such stiff penalties it cleans up the post game banter in the press room, and keeps the conversation for the most part on hoops.

Lets jump over to the MLB now.  About a month ago Bobby Jenks, and his Chi Town White Sox, got hit six time from the Texas Rangers.  When Jenks came in to close, the very first pitch he threw behind Ian Kinsler.  Jenks got his point across along with a warning.  After the game Jenks admitted he did it on purpose.  The very next day Jenks was slapped with a seven hundred and fifty dollar fine.

What is the MLB doing in regards to protecting its players?  If Phil Jackson can get a $25,000 dollar fine for verbal banter in a post game conference then a pitcher should get that for throwing at a player purposefully.  Even the flagrant foul penalty or the technical foul penalty in the NBA is much stiffer than the throwing at a player penalty.  The MLB needs to get some sort of policy in order for fining a player, that amount is just ridiculous and quite laughable.

For a more comical approach on this category check out Zach from Lost Angeles blog HERE


Who should start Fish or Brown?

Lakers fans did you feel it?  Did you?  I was sitting at home in Brentwood and I know that I felt it.  After two quarters we were all even.  Then came the 7:22 marker of the third quarter, enter stage left Shannon Brown.  For those of you who do not follow the Lakers or live in LA, Shannon was acquired as a salary dump when we traded Radmonavich for Morrison and Brown.  Brown has been nothing but energy off of the bench for the Lakers and tonight was no exception.

When he entered the game the Lakers were down seven points half way through the third quarter.  Three minutes later Shannon Brown and all 6 feet four inches of him absolutely posterized Chris self titled Bird Man Andersen.  Lets go bird huntingThis put the Lakers down three but more importantly put a spark into the Lakeshow and Staples Center.  The Next trip down Lamar drained a three and the rest is history.
What we Lakers fans felt tonight is what we have been looking for from our boys in Forum Blue and Gold all post season.  All I have to say is thank you Shannon Brown.  As the third quarter ended Phil brought in Farmar with about a minute left.  I questioned this but then realized that he was resting Brown to go big for the fourth.  Sure enough to start the fourth there was Shannon.

Aside from the offensive play that Shannon provided the Lakers with how about his defense on Billups.  He created two back-to-back turnovers that related in big points for the Lakers.  With this being said it brings me to the title of this article.  Should Phil go out on that limb and start Shannon Brown instead of Derek Fisher.

If Fisher played the way he has been playing all of this series or post season then I would say lets start Shannon and throw aside the playoff experience.  Yet tonight was the first nigh Fisher has scored in double digits and played a decent role in offensive side of the Lakers victory over the Nuggets.  I say keep the rotation the same and start Fish for the game and the second half.  Then when they bring in Carter you bring in Farmar and when Billups is entered again bring in Shannon.

Tonight only became a great night once we started the fourth quarter.  The Lakers sparked their D and in the end sparked their offense.  Not only did you see how professionals handle a run (I am referring to Smith and the way he looked like a tool in Denver when they went on a run) but we the Lakers posterized and shut the “Bird Man” and the bench down with a couple of posters (see Lamar’s dunk and Shannon’s dunk).

All in all this was the first time we truly saw the Lakeshow move the ball this series and dominate a period of the ball game.  Lets carry this momentum to game six and end this series early.  Ohh yeah, huge game Lamar, a blog about you coming tomorrow…..Lets go Purple and Gold.

Bird Who?


The Nuggets are good, the sole reason the Lakers will not lose

The Lakers took possession’s off, they didn’t play defense, and they barely escaped the undermanned Houston Rockets.  What is going to happen in this next series?  According to Chuck (Sir Charles) Denver wins.  We all know the Lakers are the most talented team in the NBA, yet as we have come to ask the whole Houston series, where is the heart?  Where is the intensity?  Where is the fight?

According to everyone the Lakers will not match up with Denvers physicality, intensity, or day in and day out fight.  I beg to differ.  As I said earlier and as we all know the Lakers are deep and extremely talented.  They have a history of getting a big head and thinking that they are entitled to get to the finals again.

Going into the Houston series, the Lakers were laid back.  They had not lost to this team once during the regular season and felt as though they would walk all over them.  Game one was an eye opener as Houston stole home court and the first game.  Phil and the boys made their adjustments and went on to win games two and three.

Yao Ming goes down with an injury and the Lakers get complacent once again.  The Rockets stomp on the show and the Lakers answer back with an even bigger spanking.  Game six the Lakers had the Rockets with their back against the wall, and once again the boys in Purple and Gold got complacent.  Game seven well the Lakers new they had to come to play and that is what they did to clinch the series.

The reason the Lakers will win the Denver series is because Denver is good.  There were four must win games for the Lakers this season.  Two against Cleveland and two against Boston.   The Lakeshow won all four of those “statement” games.  When they have to come and play they will do so.  As bad as that sounds, this is the Los Angeles Lakers team we have become used to seeing.

The reason the Lakers will not be complacent to the Nuggets, because they are a good team.  The Lakers almost lost this last series to a not so good Rockets team.  If they do the same against this team, well its game over.  Due to the fact that the Nuggets are far better than the Rockets it then makes the Lakers all that much better and have them bring their intensity.

Houston was that wake-up call in which all Lakers and Laker fans were looking for.  With a small line up, it allowed Bynum to get extra minutes to get his confidence back to a level near what it was when he got injured.  A speedy Aaron Brooks helped the Lakers figure out how they best defend against the pick and roll.

If Bynum comes out and plays the way he did in game seven, the Lakers play with energy, and they guard the pick and roll the same way they shut down Brooks in game seven they will get the series 4-1.   After all that said I am hesitant in even remotely thinking that there will not be a repeat performance of games four and six from the Lakers.  Lets see what they are made of.

Buttnuggets here we come-


A new curse in Boston

Whats up Boston? How are you doing?  Probably not so great.  Lets look at your sports nation.  The Red Sox are a rocking 3-6 chilling in the basement for the AL East.  You look at their DL and some big names are on there.  Lugo, Lowrie, Kotsay, Smoltz, and Matsuzaka.  Your Celtics are falling apart and have been hurting this whole season.  Yes the big one is KG, possibly out for the playoffs, but how is Rondo’s ankle holding up?  I bet he hasn’t been able to roller skate a whole lot.  If you make it to Cleveland in the playoffs will Allan getting suspended for a game due to an elbow again?  Scalabrine and Leon Powe are they still hurt?

The only positive is that your Bruins are doing well, at least until they meet the Sharks and then get beat down by a West Coast team.  That will suck because hockey out her is about as big as an Anorexics dinner.  How is Brady doing?  Rehab going well?  I bet that cost you guys another title last season.  Let’s see if he can come back next year.

For Boston fans this has been a rough year after such a high last year.  Who would have ever predicted so many injuries.  Really?  It has sucked for you guys.  The only real explanation I have is that it is all your fault.  Well not the fans but a guy named Paul Pierece.  Lets flash back to game one of the NBA finals last year.  Do you remember when Pierece fell down and could not get up.  His teammates had to help him off the court as though he tore his ACL, MCL, and broke is Fibia and Tibia.  The air went out of the stadium, the Lakers went on a run, then all of a sudden you hear the Garden erupt.  In comes Pierce to save the day, and he has never looked better.  He is hitting threes as though they were lay ups.  He completely took over the game and mind fu@($d the lakers. (thanks for that phrase Lost Angeles)

Kiss me Scali

Kiss me Scali

I am not saying that is the sole reason the Lakers lost but it did take a mental toll on our guys.  Lets face it the Lakers were out classed and played as though they were in a girls 12’s AAU game.  That’s how soft we played.  Still I thought we were playing basketball and not soccer in Europe.  Seriously who fakes an injury? That’s almost as bad as, I don’t know filming other teams plays in football?

CUBS= Completely Usless By September

CUBS= Completely Usless By September

Anyhow I guess you could say after faking that injury Bean nation has been feeling the side effects.  The curse is on.  No its not a goat and no you did not trade away the Babe,

He was a pretty good hitter

He was a pretty good hitter

ohh wait you did, anyhow your player faked an injury and as an athlete that is just messed up.  No one likes to see injuries, it sucks, it takes away from the game, but I am not feeling sorry for you Boston.  You guys had it coming.  Don’t be frustrated, be mad, mad at Pierece, because he has just cursed the shit out of Bean town.

On that note I just saw that Danny Ainge suffered a minor heart attack.  Kaliphornyas prayers and thoughts are with him.  Lets hope he has a speedy and full recovery in time to enjoy the playoffs.


Rajon Roller Skater Rando

Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo has recently done an interview that can be found in the most recent Maxim.  He is a self proclaimed roller skater.  As I was reading the article I could not help but laugh at this guy and keep a straight face.  Yes Boston people you can rip on us Kaliphorians as much as you want about roller blading.  It was a national craze in the early eights that is still popular down by the beach and a great work so I’ve heard.  That is just it though, people do it to work out in the sun along the ocean.

Thats sick kaliphornya style

Thats sick kaliphornya style

Rajon Rondo makes it a point to go every Friday and Sunday during the off season.  He says that he likes going to the roller rink and cruising around in circles.  Now that sounds like fun.  At least when roller blades were popular you could do cool tricks on a half pipe or grind down rails.  I have never seen roller skates on a half pipe or have the ability to grind down rails.

The reason Rondo got into skating was because he sucked at it.  He was at his nieces birthday party and was terrible.  He wanted to get better so he started skating as much as he could.  He then got hooked.  When asked if he could do any cool tricks like in the movie ATL (horrible movie by the way), he said no he prefers the couples skating.  On top of this he said he does not like clubs and enjoys meeting women at a roller rink.

Boston this one is for you.  One of you biggest upcoming stars is so bored in your town of Beans that he roller skates.  Are the clubs that bad out there that your people are still stuck in the sixties and seventies and think roller skating is cool?  The last time I went to a roller rink was for my sisters 10th birthday at Sierra Skate.  Not even then did I wear roller skates, I was blading because back in 1993 blading was cool.  Airborn type of cool.  (check out the Monday movie review atLost Angeles.)

Rondo, remember when you got into Kobes face when we beat you in your house?  What did you say to him?  “Watch out chump I can roller skate circles around your ass.”  You have just officially lost your Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett I’m tough as nails cred.  Have fun at the roller



rink and make sure not to break a wrist because I will enjoy seeing you lose to Cleveland in the Conference finals…..

Kaliphornya love-


Marylands basketball team “We Eat Kids”

Marylands women’s basketball slogan going into the tournament was We Eat Kids trying to bring the infamous Mike Tyson slogan saying he was going to eat his opponents child.  I myself find this kind of weird solely due to the fact that the head coach of Marylands women’s team had twins last year.

I like the effort to bring the Tyson intensity and they only say this in the pre-game huddle to get the girls fired up.  I guess you do what you have to do to get fired up……

Baby eater

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