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10 ways to pass time if your unemployed

If you are one of the 9.5 % of Americans unemployed I bet you have a fair amount of free time on your hands.  After getting the boot, once you overcame the shock life seemed nice.  Suddenly, you realized that you do not need that company and your career was going no where.  Look on the bright side, you get to start over and until you get a job, well life is an endless weekend.

I bet it was nice to sleep in those first couple of days possibly weeks.  You would wake up around noon eat some breakfast or leftover pizza from the night before then hop online.  By this time you know all of the job sites and listings by heart.  Your resume is beefed up and you might have gotten one or two interviews.  Yet after making it to that final round you recieved the phone call “I am sorry but we went with another candidate who was more qualified and experienced than yourself”.

You find that the days are super long and boring, with only day time television to pass the time mixed in with the very unmotivated trip to the gym.  I have compiled a list of things you can do when you find yourself watching that third loop of Sports Center and want to pull your hair out.

  1. Start a blog, who knows any one can read these things.  If you are a good writer or have some interesting things to write about, it is a great way to make some money on the side.
  2. Go to sign up for an account, create your interest list and let the stumble bar take you on a trip around the world wide web, keeping you entertained for hours.  You may just discover the next “David After the Dentist”.
  3. Check out the best of craigslist.  I recently came across this part of craigslist.  Man there are some weird ass people in this world.  Check out what they post and how they post it.
  4. Buy a ton of Gatoraid and water.  Get a portable ice chest and stand outside of a local bar or club.  When people come out completely hammered, charge them triple what the drinks ran you in the supermarket.  Everyone wants to avoid a hang over.  This has been proven to work.
  5. Go through your I.Tunes account and make sure every song has a title, artist, album, and album art work.  Get rid of those annoying track 1, track 1-1, track 1-1-1, unknown album.
  6. Rummage through all of the stuff you have lying around you abode.  See what you use and do not use.  Go ahead and sell it on craigslist to put off moving back home for another month.  Would you rather live with Mom and Dad or have a 46 inch flat screen and PS3?
  7. Send a video of yourself to the celeb you would most like to meet every day at the same time.  Maybe you just might meet him or her.  (It worked on the Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek)
  8. Try and predict who the best player in the most recent draft will be.  Then go to and buy their domain name.  Once they get big and famous you sell it to them for much dinero.
  9. For the adventurous, you can travel “Into the Wild” style.  Me, well I could never do this, but could you imagine the blog and following one would have if he traveled the world with only the clothes on his back and a lap top.  That would be baller, kinda like that 17 year old kid who sailed around the world by himself.  Check that out.
  10. Finally, you can sit around making lame ass lists trying to pass the time similar to this one.  No I am not unemployed, yes I do have a fair amount of free time.  Does anyone want to hire me?

recovery.govs budget FAIL

Just the other day I was surfing the status updates and links on facebook when I came across an interesting article.  A fellow class mate of mine from high school posted a story how Obama is redesiging the website Recovery.Gov.  At a first glance I was a little excited for this due to the fact that currently it is more confusing than a blind person trying to put together a 10,000 piece jig saw puzzle.

For those of you who do not know what the site is let me explain.  One of President Obamas big promises while campaigning to become president was to let the American people know where their tax dollars were going to be spent.  We could all go online to the website and see up to the day information where our tax money was going, and how it was being spent to help us get out of the recession we are experiencing.

Upon further review of the article, I got very frustrated.  President Obama is spending 18 million dollars to rebuild this site.  Eighteen million dollars to the government is like $180.00 to you or me.  Granted this is a small amount compared to our ever increasing debt yet it is still a significant number.  Eighteen million dollars sounds like a lot of money, but with the web and big sites you never know how much things cost to fix.  Technology is confusing that way.

Luckily, I have a very good friend who deals with big companies, websites, protocols, and values.  The company he works for deals with the biggest names out there.  Due to anonymity I will not disclose the company or the clients they have but if you were to watch television I could guarantee that you would probably see on average two of his clients commercials every commercial break.  He deals with big names and even bigger companies.

All that credibility aside I asked him how much it would cost for a company like a Nike, Adidas, Apple, or Coke to completely rebuild their site.  He referenced one of his clients that his team just rebuilt a site for and it came out to half a million dollars.  High end of things we would be looking at around a million dollars.

I then asked if eighteen million was a bogus number.  He laughed at me as though I were joking and said it was an extremely bogus number unless your name was Mark Zukerberg (creator of Facebook).  Social networks could come close to that number but chances are still not 18 mil.

With all of this information, I am very curious to see how the new turns out.  Why spend 17.5 million more than you need to?  This is the problem with the government.  There are so many small things that they overspend on it adds up and continues to build upon this recession.  Is this site going to have the capabilities of facebook, myspace, twitter, and wordpress all wrapped into one?  What could you possibly build for 18 million dollars? A bigger recession?

For all of you lefties, I am not putting the recession blame on Obama because it has been years and years in the making.  Starting with Clinton for pushing Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae to give out home loans to anyone and everyone even if they were nor qualified.  It did then jump to George Bush and the eight expensive years overseas, now leading to President Obama and all the barrels of pork he is passing.  No one particular side is solely to blame.  It has been a collective effort.  I just wish they knew how to manage a budget and not waste money.

ECON 101…….Why pay $180.00 for a widget when you could pay five dollars for the very same widget?  That is the correlation to how much our government is overpaying on this widget.  Quite ridiculous.

This is the original site…..

click here


The Value of Twitter and Facebook

So I was stumbleing on the internet when this came across and grabbed my attention.  Have you ever wondered how much facebook or twitter is worth and numbers that relate to this figure?  All I have to say is Mark Zukerberg is rolling hard.  Check it out below.


Manny Ramirez strictly number

Do you remember the days of late winter when spring training was right around the corner?  Do you remember how no one was bidding on Manny except the Dodgers?  Do you remember how Ned Colletti kept saying he was not going to bid against himself?  Do you remember how Boras was nitpicking at a million here and a million there in Manny’s contract?

On March 5th, Manny took his physical and the deal was made.  Manny was going to be wearing Dodger blue at least one more season.  According to “Ramirez gets $10 million this year, and $15 million in deferred money with no interest. A plan the sides discussed would have it payable in $5 million installments each from 2010 through 2012. If it winds up as a two-year deal, the plan called for $10 million each season, with three payments of $8,333,333 each from 2011-13.”

One sixth of the way through the season everything is looking rosy in Dodgertown and the hammer was dropped.  Manny tested positive for a banned substance.  After soaking in this suspension one week later, I can’t help but laugh at Scott Boras.  He literally spent all of that time nit picking minor details in Manny’s contract to get paid that extra dollar, using the motto “The price of gas is up, so is the price of Manny.”  I do understand that Boras was trying to get the most for his player and in the end more money for himself, but his shenanigans dealing with the Dodgers this off-season were merely ridiculous.

Flash-forward to today and Manny is serving his eighth game suspension of fifty.  What happens to Mannys or should I say Boras’s precious contract?  Well for testing positive for a banned substance and being suspended for fifty games Manny now loses nearly eight million of his 25 million dollar contract.

That is nearly one third of his two-year contract.  After all the issues that have stemmed around Manny in the past years, it will be interesting to see who wants this guy.  If the boys in blue do rally around Ramirez and he feels that they don’t jump off the Manny ship, I bet it is fair to say we could see Manny stay in LA for that second and possible several more years to come at a discounted rate.

What it always comes down to is stuff you learn as a kid.  Cheaters never prosper, and Scott Boras is a huge Douche Bag.


Work hard and take a risk

Work hard and take a risk.  Now that seems like a concept.  After you read this blog I want you to go onto google or whatever you favorite search engine is and look up the words get rich quick.  Here you will find all these schemes and ways that people or companies have devised to get you to use their product, by their book, or view their web site.  It seems like a very lucrative industry.

For many years now thousands upon thousands of people have wasted endless amounts of time and money on reading these get rich “self helpers”.  I have heard so many people talk about books such as “The Tipping Point”, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, or “The Secrete”.

look over 15 million sold, this dude is loaded

look over 15 million sold, this dude is loaded

The best thing about all of these people who talk about these books is they are not rich and their success is very minimal.  I myself tried to read “The Secret” and made it about one third of the way through the book.  Upon reading the book I came to my own realization.  This book is not helping me get rich or successful but helping the author get rich and successful.

It is telling me stuff that I have learned since the first grade.  Let me lay it out for you as simply as possible.  When you were in fourth grade, what were the most popular days of the school year?  Yes Christmas break, or the last day of school are up there, but the days that stick out in my head were report card days.  This was the day where you found out how well you were doing.  If you worked hard on all your homework and projects as well as studied for all of your tests then this day was usually a fun day.  If you slacked off during the quarter, well going home was very fearful.

The same correlates to your life today.  What would you say if I told you that you could be just as successful as Kobe Bryant?  Most of you would laugh and then make up excuses.  I am not 6’8 or I don’t have the gift or ability to play basketball.  That is correct, you are not 6’8 and you have a better chance of winning the lotto then sinking an NBA three.  You are also wrong for not agreeing with me that you could be as successful as Kobe.

Yes Kobe has a God given talent and is blessed with a 6″8 190lb frame.  Each day Kobe Bryant spends hours upon hours perfecting his craft.  Whether it be in the weight room, on the court, or doing laps around a track he is working as hard as he can to be the best that he can be.

Lets relate that to your job now.  Can you honestly say that you work as hard as you possibly can?  Sadly the chances are no.  We live in a world where we expect everything to come easy and quick.  I dare you to try and work as hard as you can for two weeks at your job or whatever you do.  The results will blow you away.  It is very safe to say that Kobe Bryant has spent more time on a basketball court then anywhere else in his life.  Ever since he was a little kid the first thing he would do in the morning was shoot a basketball and the last thing he would do before bed was shoot a basketball.  Try that with your job and see the success come your way.

What these books need to tell you and the only thing they should tell you is to work hard.  Hard work does pay off.  You will not be rich and successful sitting on your ass watching four hours of television a day thinking well I will get started on my brilliant entrepreneurial idea tomorrow.  Work hard and work hard now.

Part two of the formula is probably the hardest part to do.  Taking risks.  The majority of the most successfull people in the world have failed time and time again because they took risks.  Chances are they went bankrupt or lost their life savings. Yet because they put themselves out on the line they did make it big.   It puts you in a situation to either be successful or live on the streets.  By doing this they were forced to put everything they could into whatever they were doing, they were forced to commit one hundred percent.  In the end they forced themselves to make it happen.

One will never get ahead in life without taking risks.  If you sit on your ass and wait for an opportunity to come to you, life will pass and you will still be living in that small town you grew up in hating your job and possibly owning seven cats.  Yes you did have a brilliant idea but you were to chicken or lazy to make it happen.   Take the risk, put yourself out there where you could lose it all.  Who knows in the end you might just hit it big.

Like in the movie Tin Cup, no one will ever remember who won the US Open twenty years from now, yet they will always remember the guy who shot a twelve on the final hole and sunk the 3 wood from 200 yards out.  Now that is what I call living. 

Save your money don’t buy the books.  Work hard and take risks.  The harder you work the less risk it truly is you are taking.


Brains or Bucks

Got up at four this morning, went to work, digitized my tapes, edited them, and then compressed. While the tapes compress it leaves me with about thirty minutes of nothing time for each edit I make. Today I had around seven edits, and compressed on multiple machines until the office filled up. For the most part I had about three hours of kick it time. I went through a series of questions in my head to pass the time.
Have I gone off my rocker? Who knows but it is a good way to pass time. Some of the questions consist of would I rather be able to fly or be invisible. The easy answer would fly. Would I rather have Kobe take a last second shot or Lebron, once again an easy answer Kobe. Would it be better to teleport or read minds? That’s a tough one, I am still debating that one, and finally the one that is the most interesting would you rather be super ridicusolly loaded or would you rather be crazy smart?
There are a couple of angles many people could take on this one. The first question to ask is, if I were loaded would I be as smart and the same as I am now? Lets go with yes for this answer. I think that it would be rad and a lot of fun. My life as it is now with crazy amounts of money. I would be able to buy Microsoft and hire Bill Gates full time to keep the company afloat while making billions and compounding my money. But if I had super smarts I could keep the company afloat myself.
When you think of super smart people what is the first thing you associate with? I know it is wrong but growing up all the smart kids in my class were a little anti social and kinda weird. They were super intelligent and I think to smart for their own maturity. Once those smart people do mature, its game over. They go on to build Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube, and the post-it. So with super smarts you would have to work for your money but that would be so much more rewarding.
Another rewarding thing that you could do with your brains is create stuff to save the planet like how to eliminate global warming, or find a way to have third world countries get fresh food and water for everyone, or have cars that don’t need electricity or gas. You could solve the nations financial troubles. On the other hand if you had massive amounts of money you could hire people to solve these problems for you and make the world a better place.
So for my conculsion I have come to the following fact. Are you you the type of person who likes to work for stuff or be given stuff. If your from the city I am guessing you like to work for stuff. If you are from Malibu I am guessing you like to be given stuff. I myself find that there is truly nothing more rewarding out there than busting your ass off and giving what ever it is your doing 100%. So this difficult question is easily answered with the fact that I would rather have a big brain as opposed to a big wallet.


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