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My cell phone was a party in my pocket….

Do you remember your first cell phone?  I sure do.  As a young teenager I attended high school about an hour away from where I lived.  Needless to say it was a very long commute for my parents to take me to school before I was able to drive.  My freshman year of high school, I was playing in a tight tennis match against a cross town rival.  To make a long story it was a long battle that came down to the last match.  We ended up winning it and left the school.  My Mom was going to meet me at the high school I attended at six.  I did not get dropped off back at the school by my coach until 8:00.

My mother had no clue where I was and all she could do was wait.  Not many people had a cell phone back then.  The very next weekend we went down to the ATT store and I got my first phone.  It was the Nokia and it was awesome.  You could change the faceplate and pick from several preset ring tones.  It looked a lot like this.

This phone was sick and snake was a great way to pass time in class.  I loved this thing, until everyone started getting smaller ones, that could vibrate, and get custom ring tones.  After my two year contract was done with the original Nokia 5110, I upgraded to the Nokia 3310.  This thing was awesome.  I must have spent twice the cost of the phone modifying it out the best I knew how.

It started out looking like the above picture.  When I was done with this thing, it had a clear front and back face plate along with clear buttons.  I had the custom blue LCD light up battery and the lights that went under buttons in the front.  I also had the antenna that light up.  This phone was truly a party in my pocket…..Ohh yeah the ring tone was Alice DJ better off alone.  This was back in the days of the ring tones that did not sound like songs though.  These ring tones sounded like computerized beeps to form and resemble the song you wanted to play when your mom called.  This phone was truly a party in my pants well my pocket.


Livin large in Malibu

Doing it big this weekend Malibu/San Diego style.


Why Football is the most popular sport in the country

Baseball, Americas past time is a great sport but at times it gets a bit slow, basketball probably the fastest moving sport we watch yet catch the last five minutes of the game and you are set. Football, why is it the most popular sport in the USofA?
Ever since I was young football has been my least favorite sport out of the big three. I don’t know if it was due to the fact that my hometown did not have a team or that I am just a bit odd. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching the sport, but I don’t really follow it unless it is the playoffs or college football.
Why does the sport that starts and stops more times in three hours than you local postman does on his daily route get so much love? I have come to several conclusions. Men are very barbaric. We don’t ask for directions even though we are lost and have no clue where the hell we are going. We all say we can lift more than we really can, and then when it comes time to show it we go for it and somehow jack ourselves up but wont admit that we are hurt. We eat meat and drink beer just like the cave men did. Finally we like big hits.
This year I have watched more football than in the past strictly for one reason. The athletes out there are freaks of nature. They are bigger than a grizzly bear coming off of hibernation yet have the agility of a black panther. These guys probably put Lebron James athletic ability to question. These guys absolutely put licks on each other. This season has been full of heavy hard hitting.
My second reason this sport is number one is due to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl as we all know is played at a neutral site and consist of one game and has a killer half time show. What a concept, one game to decide the champion. Not seven but one. Imagine the pressure of playing in this game knowing that this is the only opportunity to win. You don’t have the ability to have an off day. You have to bring your A game to the table.
I think that the NBA and the MLB should adopt this policy.
Pick a neutral site, make a whole day out of the event, have a huge half time show, and let the players go at it just one time. How many World Series or NBA Finals parties have you been to? Imagine the feeling of having a game seven without having to go through the ups and downs of the previous six. I guarantee ratings would be through the roof, new fans would be captured, and the leagues would be stronger than ever.
As great of an idea this is, it will never happen. The sole reason this can only be a fantasy for the MLB and NBA, is because of greedy owners. If each playoff series were one game then that would reduce the season potentially by 18 playoff games including the finals. Cutting out 18 games of a season is having 18 games less of fans selling out the stadium and networks broadcasting 18 games worth of television. Damn

Greedy ass owners-

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