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LeDunked On

What is up hoops nation?  If you are not aware of this by now, we all know that LeBron is good.  King James truly is the King of the NBA.  Yet, like a King he has become spoiled, unsportsmanlike, and can not take a negative story in the press.  Just the other day at one of LeBrons high intensity basketball camps, the King got dethroned on the rim.  Sophomore guard Jordan Crawford from Xavier threw down a filthy two handed slam on the king.  People who were WITTINESS said this dunk was just filthy giving LeBron a role in a poster he is not used to.

After this nasty dunk occured, LeBron called his people over from Nike who were also at the pickup game.  Some things were said then Nike went into the stands where there were several camera men.  Nike confiscated the tapes giving the camera men a lame excuse.  According to Nike there is to be no film in the gym after hours.  Apparently this rule did not go into effect until the King got beheaded.

This story along with the Eastern Conference Finals hand shaking incident has left me with bitter feelings towards LeBron.  The dude is going to go down as one of the best ever, yet when something happens that he does not like, he acts like a little bitch.  I don’t care how pissed you are for losing a series, have some class and shake the other dudes hands.

If you get dunked on, pump the kid up give him props.  Everyone gets dunked on.  If Shaq got dunked on he would go down on the other end and pull the hoop down next possession.  If you did not want to get dunked on you probably should have fouled him instead of going for a block.  LeBron, stop acting like a spoiled baby.  What is next?  If you get dunked on during a game are you going to go to ESPN and have Nike confiscate those tapes.  Are you going to call in The Men in Black and have them use the Nerolizer to erase every ones memories?  Grow up man, no one will think any less of you if you get dunked on.

I think it would be dope for Nike to take these tapes and spin a commercial off of them. It is OK to be embarrassed every once in awhile.  Stop trying to pretend you live in England and have your tyrannical ways LeBron.  Are you going to behead Trevor Ariza for going to Houston now?  LeBron, stop acting like a bitch….


Cavs take the senior citizen discount

Good job Cleveland, you have just landed an old big guy.  Yes you had a void in the middle during the Eastern Conference finals but do you really expect Shaq to solve that problem?  What is going to happen when Boston gets healthy?  What is going to happen when Orlando lands one more legit player and Howard learns how to shoot the ball?  Do you really expect the Diesel to solve this problem?

Yes Shaq got Kobe and Dwade their first rings but that was while he was in his prime.  This is like a bigger version of the J Kidd trade.  I love the guy but Shaq is old.  He is not going to solve the problem for Bronbrezzy.  Watch LeBron leave after this next year and Shaq will retire.  After all he has played every season in a warm climate.  He will hate living in Cleveland, most like the rest of this country.
Stop fronting by going the easy way out and actually work and get a legit player who is not entering the senior citizen line.  Cleveland you fail and will lose LeBron after next season.  Back to the times where no one cares about your city when it comes to sports.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you have it coming if you think this big guy will solve your problems.  Spend some money and make LeBron happy..

Peace and enjoy that Eastern confrence finals banner-


Same song different day for Cleveland: The Kings new territory?

Cleveland, rough night last night.  I feel for you, from sweeping the first two round of the playoffs, to a difficult series against the Magic.  Last nights loss probably brings back similar feelings of Jordan and Ehlo, the Tribe falling short against the Marlins, or the rough seasons of the Browns.  The only thing that keeps you guys as fans hopefull is the great Jim Brown and his Super Bowl victory, he tried to bring his swagger court side during these playoff games.

As a Laker fan and Los Angeles sports fan, I have not been deprived of a championship in my short life time, yet somehow I know what you are feeling right now.  You see, Cav fans and Laker fans are not to different in recent years.  Take the Lakers post Shaq era.  Kobe a superstar in his prime, vowed to win another championship with out the Big Diesel.  His supporting cast Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, and a bunch of nobodies.  Two out of the next three years Kobe and company made it to the playoffs.  For three years it was Kobe against five players.  He was good and good enough to make it to the playoffs but there is only so much one  man can do.  Two losses to the Suns two years in a row = a pissed off Kobe.

Angry Kobe was not fun and we all remember the antics of him saying he did not want to play in Los Angeles that one very long long summer.  Mitch Kupchick did not trade Bynum for J O’neal or J Kidd.  Laker land was in shambles.  Kobe was not happy, yet no one was offering the Lakers anything reasonable for him.  Then came the arrival of Pau.  Kobe had a sidekick, another All Star on his side.  Life was good in Laker land once again.

The Lakers walked through the playoffs last year.  The Celtics were tired but tested.  To make a long story short, the Lakers were soft.  The Celtcis embarrassed us on our home court and in the final game.  It was a long season but we knew we would be back.

Lets jump over to the Cavs now.  LeBron is the best player in the league playing with a bunch of nobodies on his team.  The only reason Mo Williams was an All Star is because Chanuncy got traded to the West and Allan was injured.  Verajo and Z, well they are good but not all stars.  Yet, this whole season LeBron made his teammates around him better, and they walked to the playoffs with the best record in the league.

Come playoffs the first two rounds the Cavs looked as though there was a new 23 legend in town, and he was not shooting a jumper over Ehlo.  The team was winning by twenty points and LeBron was playing no fourth quarters.  Yet, they were not getting battle tested.

Enter stage left Orlando Magic.  The Magic just came off of a seven game series against the reiging champs.  They were tested and they were hungry.  On paper they had a much better team as well.  The X factor like the Lakers was the MVP, the King.  He did what he could for two games.

Come the fourth quarter for every game this series, the ball movement stopped, the plays were not being called.  It was Mo Willaims brings the ball up and passes to LeBron.  Cavs players stand around and watch the King battle with five other players.  He tired, and he did as much as he could do.  Ever so reminescent of Kobe and co.

Cleveland, in order to have a glimmer of hope to get another title to your grief strickn town, you need to some how find a way to resing the King.  All season long we have heard the rumors about New York.  I bet you had a pit in your stomach after the game winner Bron hit, and the first guy he goes up to after the game was Jay Z.  You do realize he owns the Nets?  You do realize he has been in LeBrons ear since the age of twelve?  You do realize there is more of a supporting cast there then in Cleveland?  I guess the only true question is, will the Nets get LeBron or Brooklyn first?

I would love to see LeBron play with one team his whole life, its time for you guys to start Lobbying to bring some super star to Cleveland.  Otherwise it might be a long long decade until you get another first overall pick in the draft.


Thank you Mr. West

Jerry West, the man who told the Lakers to take a gamble on Kobe Bryant at the ripe age of seventeen.  Jerry West the logo of the NBA.  Jerry West, the guy who just said that LeBron has surpassed Kobe.  As a Laker fan, all I can say is thank you.  Thank you for igniting that fire under the former MVP.

Just yesterday Jerry West publicly said that LeBron was a better player than Kobe.  He still gives Kobe his accolades for being the best closer and finisher, but Bronbreezy has surpassed Kobe in the NBA world as best player.  No longer is Kobe king of the NBA.  He had his one year to shine and get that MVP, now it is LeBrons turn.

Kobe, made nothing of the situation.  He said that if he paid any attention to who’s the best in the NBA he would go crazy.  It is something that you really just do not get wrapped up with.  Yet for Kobe Bryant, he did hear, and he did take this one personally.

For Denver fans, they saw just a glimmer of what is to come.  Kobes mission to show the logo he still has what it takes to be the best is just starting.  Will Kobe do it?  If he wins the championship, I would say it is safe to say the NBA is his once again.  All Kobe wants is a chance to go up against that guy whom his mentor said just surpassed him.  To show his is still the elite of the elite.

All I can say as a Laker fan is thank you Mr. West.  I know that there was an altieor motive behind that publicized comment of yours in regards to the two best players in the NBA.


Streakers getting killed

streakerEver since Christmas day there have been three separate incidents of streakers getting killed. December 25th in Los Angeles, February 5th in Boston, and the most recent in Cleveland on February 8th. It is said that it is not one man but a group or alliance of people working together.
The Los Angeles Lakers have had a point to prove since the begging of this season. Christmas day the Lakers won a statement game against Bean town and held serve at home. This killed a 19 game win streak by the clovers and held serve at home. It took awhile for the team to start getting it going and then Andrew Bynum went down. The look on Kobe’s face at that instant seemed as though he saw a ghost. On top of this the Lakers were also starting the most difficult road trip of the season. Luckily they pulled together as a team and stood up to Boston’s three party and showed them they were a different team from the NBA Finals the previous year. The Lakers killed the C’s 12 game win streak in Boston without an Andrew Bynum presence in the middle thus winning the tie break which it may come down to for home court advantage.
After this win they had to go on and play King James and the Cavs. With a sick Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakeshow picked up the slack and dethrowned the so called chosen one. This killed the 23 home game win streak and hands Clevland their first home loss of the season.
Power rankings say only so much. As for playing against the top two teams in the league the Lakeshow is 4-0.
Lets enjoy the break and get ready for the All Star Game next weekend.


Lets add one more

Lets add one more










For Laker fans all year long, we have been waiting for a night like this. Kobe finally dropped big points and it could have not come at a better time. He dropped 61 pts in the Mecca of basketball Madison Square Garden including a perfect twenty for twenty performance from the free throw line. He scored the most points ever in this gym passing Jordan who dropped a double nickel and Bernard King who had 60.
As a Laker fan this is awesome but as we saw tonight the true basketball fans in New York also appreciated the performance. When Phil pulled Kobe out with under a minute to go the crowd started chanting MVP and truly meant it. Spike Lee, Mr. New York Knick, gave Kobe a standing ovation, and even the zen master gave Kobe a humble slap on the ass. It truly was a great night for the NBA and basketball fans world wide.
I know that Bron Breezy has been leading the leauge in the MVP race but tonight this performance will hopefully close ground between Lebron and Kobe. No more is Kobe the guy that hoists up fifty shots a night and averages thirty seven points per game. On most nights he leads the team in points and assists averagins 27 and 6 per game. His defence is stellar, he gets his teamates the ball, and similar to Air Jordan himself, Kobe is now making the players around him better.
He if finally playing the game the way it should be played and efficiently. Tonight Kobe knew that his team needed something positive to look towards with the news of Andrew Bynum going down for possibly three months. They needed this momentum to carry them through Toronto and Boston. Now as Kobe so many times has led by example, it is time for his team to step up. Time for Lamar and Pau to play some interior Defense, time for Luke and Vlad, to hit those open threes, time for Trevor to keep doing what Trevor does, time for Fish and Farm to get the ball where it needs to go, and finally time for the Lakers to put all doubts aside that they can win and win big with out Bynum.
This I feel is only a start to a brilliant performance that we are about to wittness from Kobe Bryant. Lakers fans, NBA fans, basketball fans, get ready to wittness basketball the way it should be played, the way the greatest player in the world plays. It is time for Kobe to reclaim his MVP.


Why Football is the most popular sport in the country

Baseball, Americas past time is a great sport but at times it gets a bit slow, basketball probably the fastest moving sport we watch yet catch the last five minutes of the game and you are set. Football, why is it the most popular sport in the USofA?
Ever since I was young football has been my least favorite sport out of the big three. I don’t know if it was due to the fact that my hometown did not have a team or that I am just a bit odd. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching the sport, but I don’t really follow it unless it is the playoffs or college football.
Why does the sport that starts and stops more times in three hours than you local postman does on his daily route get so much love? I have come to several conclusions. Men are very barbaric. We don’t ask for directions even though we are lost and have no clue where the hell we are going. We all say we can lift more than we really can, and then when it comes time to show it we go for it and somehow jack ourselves up but wont admit that we are hurt. We eat meat and drink beer just like the cave men did. Finally we like big hits.
This year I have watched more football than in the past strictly for one reason. The athletes out there are freaks of nature. They are bigger than a grizzly bear coming off of hibernation yet have the agility of a black panther. These guys probably put Lebron James athletic ability to question. These guys absolutely put licks on each other. This season has been full of heavy hard hitting.
My second reason this sport is number one is due to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl as we all know is played at a neutral site and consist of one game and has a killer half time show. What a concept, one game to decide the champion. Not seven but one. Imagine the pressure of playing in this game knowing that this is the only opportunity to win. You don’t have the ability to have an off day. You have to bring your A game to the table.
I think that the NBA and the MLB should adopt this policy.
Pick a neutral site, make a whole day out of the event, have a huge half time show, and let the players go at it just one time. How many World Series or NBA Finals parties have you been to? Imagine the feeling of having a game seven without having to go through the ups and downs of the previous six. I guarantee ratings would be through the roof, new fans would be captured, and the leagues would be stronger than ever.
As great of an idea this is, it will never happen. The sole reason this can only be a fantasy for the MLB and NBA, is because of greedy owners. If each playoff series were one game then that would reduce the season potentially by 18 playoff games including the finals. Cutting out 18 games of a season is having 18 games less of fans selling out the stadium and networks broadcasting 18 games worth of television. Damn

Greedy ass owners-

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