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Steroids in the MLB benefits the fans

A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwier, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Giambi, and so many others. When you think of baseball what do you think of? Saddly I no longer see it as Americas past time but a past time of Steroids. How ridiculous is it that every six months a new report comes out that indites yet another superstar of baseball.

How can I do this?

How can I do this?

The only people to blame are the people of baseball. The testing back in the day was ridiculous and it was widely known that so many guys were taking PED’s and not worrying as well as getting away with it. I have a proposition to get rid of all of this. To have PTI stop talking about A-Rods plea or Barry Bonds lack of knowledge, to hear about other sports rather than the BSL (baseball steroid league) .
The MLB should make steroids legal. For the average (not fanatic but average) baseball fan what do they like to see? Home runs and web gems. With steroids being legal then everyone could have a chance to match Barry Bonds *. It could turn Ichiro into a pitching machine (he was throwing mid ninties, split fingers, knucle balls, and curve balls the other day) and instead of hitting singles he could be hitting bombs.
It would help pitchers throw complete games and possibly see more fast balls break the tripple digits. Imagine every outfield player with speed that would make Usain Bolt jealous and the arm of Raul Mondesi. Could you imagine seeing Barry Bonds or Andrew Jones run a 3.5 40? Everyone in the outfield would have the leapers of Kirby Pucket (see his robbed home run in the World Series).
Stolen base records would go through the roof. Furcal on speed would easily break Hendersons record.
If this were to occur the BSL would have to extend the diamond to 120 feet in between bases, make the out field walls to dead center at 500 feet, and 450 down the lines. If they did these extensions imagine how many extra fans you could fill the stadium with. There would be so many more sideling seats which would bring those prices down thus pelaseing the fans. So to conclude this whacked out juiced up article. Steriods are great for the fans of baseball. More seats, cheaper tickets, and more bad ass super athlectic plays. The only record that would stand is Cal Ripkens consecutive games in a row. The guys would probably average 6 years in the majors and then either have their balls shrivle up to nothing or just die.
We need to ban not staking steroids….Let the JUICE begin-


 (Is it funny that three of the four players here once played in the bay area)

(Thanks a lot BALCO)


Oakland my second favorite sports town

If you think of Oakland sports the first thing that comes to mind is minor league. This is not meant as an insult to the fans of the Warriros, Raiders, and A’s. Two of the three teams I have just named off are wonderful franchises with some of the best fans in the game consisting of the Raiders and A’s. I still have images of Latrell Sprewell choking out coach PJ.

Check out his highlights on You Tube....The dude had game

Check out his highlights on You Tube....The dude had game

The reason for the minor league comment is due to the fact that in recent years being the last eight or so they have had some great teams and players but can never repeat in back to back seasons cause they trade everyone away. Lets look at the Warriors first.
The Golden State Warriors is probably the least popular of the three franchises in the Oak Town. Yet with their historic upset of number one seed Dallas Mavericks several years ago in the first round playoffs, they got the city behind their back and started believeing. Snoop even made an apperances reppin the city of Oaks. He still has his Lakermobile thou.
I can still see it in my head today after taking out Dallas in the first round and going to a game seven against Utah. The highlight of that series was not the fact that Utah won in seven games but one of the most filthy dunks I have witnessed.
Self proclaimed B-Diddy took the ball baseline and eleveated against one of the top shot blockers in the NBA. A-K 47 (who might have the coolest nick name in the NBA. He is number 47 and his initials are AK Andre Kerlinko for all you non NBAers). Barron jumped as though he were wearing the same PF Fliers that Benny the Jet Rodriguez wore when getting chased by the Beast. He just kept elevating and cocked that ball so far back  AK was doomed to be on this poster. Finally once he reached the apex of his jump he threw it down and absoultly posterized Kerlinko almost as bad as Carter posterized the ever so famous French men Fred Weis. Everyone at Oracle arena went bonkers. After a tough game seven loss spurred by an emotional come back from Utahs Derek Fisher and the emergence of Deron Williams, those we believe shirts slowly drifted out of sight.
Looking at the Warriors line up the following year, it was completely different. They traded away Jason Richardson as well as some other key names and broke the chemistry of the team up. The following year they sent Baron Davis to the LA’s JV team and relied on the star power on Monte Ellis who has missed the first half of this season with a fateful basketball, I mean moped accident.
The Warriors have traded away J-Rich, B-Diddy, D-Fish, Mike Dunleavey, Troy Murphy, and other select names.
The Oakland A’s, what a great time to be in Oakland when they had Eckersly on the mound with Henderson leading off and Canseco and McGwire batting three and four. The bash brothers swept across the nation along with probably the grass roots of the hand jive.

Look how skinny McGwire is then....

Look how skinny McGwire is then....

That forearm to forearm bump was dope. I am bringing it back. These guys were good. Being a native Los Angelonian the A’s are part of my favorite sports memory envolving an injured Kirk Gibson and an ace of a pitcher Dennis Eckersley. We don’t need to go down memory lane and relive Gibsons shot over right but it still gives me goose bumps today. (LA you need to sign MANNY) Back to the A’s.
Do you remember the division series against the Yankees where a very unathlectic Jeremy GIambi rounded third and a very athlectic A-Rod (even though I hate the Yankees) made a play that still blows my mind? Two reasons for this, how did A-Rod know that the throw was going to be there and why did Giambi not slide wide and tag home base with his hand? If GIambi had been running the bases head up and slid wide then there would have been no way for Posada to get that tag down and the A’s would have gone to the ship. Anyhow that was a great run and the A’s were clearly the best team. Look at who the A’s have traded leading up to and since then Giambi, Harden, Tejada, Swisher, Zito, Thomas, and to many others to remember. What did they do the following year. Yup they traded away all their players, and slowly sank to the bottom of the cellar.
Finally the Raiders. I think that Al Davis could be the worst thing that has ever happened to the city of Oakland. This guy has wasted so many draft pickes and gone through coaches faster than a kid goes through tighty whities while potty training. The Raiders are the most followed sports franchise in the country and they still suck. Al Davis is worried about one thing and one thing only. Number one, himself. It is a disgrace that they moved the club to Los Angeles. USC and UCLA football drew larger crowds than the Raiders. It was smart to move back to the Collesum but geeze Al Davis needs to go if that franchise ever wants a shot at winning another super bowl.
One last plea, owners of Oakland ball clubs, if you have a good team, keep it in tact, don’t trade your star players away. If it doesn’t work try again. When the Lakers lost in the finals did you see them go and trade Kobe away? NO. When the Dodgers lost in the division series did you see them go and not resign Manny? Well I guess we will just have to wait and see on that one.
Oakland my second favorite sports city, keep believing-

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