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Excuses why the Lakers are the World Champs

It has been several days since the Larry O’Obrien trophy made its way back to Los Angeles.  Once again the Lakers are back on top of the NBA world and once again everyone is bitching, complaining, moaning, and groaning if they are not from LA.  Let me first start by saying, shut the hell up.  Second let me say yes our city did get help from deep pockets for the parade and yes we did riot.  Criticize us there but know that when it comes to the hardwood, well we own you.

I have heard every single excuse in the book and I have heard the non stop banter of people trying to put our ball club down during its finest hour.  You know what, we don’t give a shit.  In fact, we are the only ones who can really talk shit right now.  Frankly your team did not have what it took to make it to the big dance and for the 15th time, Phil Jacksons 10th, and Kobes 4th, we owned you.

Excuse #1-

“If the Celtics were healthy they would have dismantled the Lakers in the Finals.”  The last time I checked we beat them both times this season, once with Bynum and once without.  I believe their whole team was healthy.  Yes Rondo was a better player this year and Big Cry Baby Davis did make some big shots.  You do realize though that Bynum was in the middle this year and Trevor Ariza was not coming off of a broken foot.  Pau Gasol spent the summer in the weight room and learned how to play physical.  As far as I am concerned the X factor is KG getting old.  Boston you are one and done.  I bet you are also saying if Brady did not get injured you would have won the Super Bowl last year.

Excuse #2-

“You played a team of overachievers in the NBA finals with a big man who is confused.”  This is the excuse that I enjoy the best.  Did this team of overachievers beat your team?  If so then what does that make your team?  Damn you guys were really reaching on this one.  Here is why the Magic made the finals.  In the first round they played Philidelphia, a team that squeaked into the playoffs missing their best player.  The series did go the distance but Howard faced Dalembert down low.  That dude sucks.  The second round the Magic played a beat up old Boston team.  Who did Howard go against here?  Kendrik Perkins, sorry but that dude is a weak center as well.  How about against the Cavs, Illgauskus and Varejo are slow and frankly suck as well.  Pretty much it was one on five every game and LeBron just could not do it.  So the Easts lack of good big men down low paved the way for Howard and the Magic to walk into the finals.

Hate us all you want, as Magic said best we are some of the most spoiled fans in the NBA.  We have seen the finals 30 times and won it 15.  We do not know what it is like to have years and years of losses.  Our franchises care about us as fans and will do anything to keep a winning tradition in the city.  Say what you want, but in the end it comes down to who is wearing the ring.  Once you beat the champs, then you can talk.  Until then keep coming up with lame ass excuses that help you sleep better at night and think what could have been.  Playing pretend and make believe is really a lot of fun.  Ohh yeah and on one final note, keep ripping Kobe Bryant about the Colorado incident, yet always remeber if the opportunity ever came up for you to have him on your team, you know you would not think twice.


Lakers best ever

Hey Boston, I know you have been out of the playoffs for awhile now, but just to let you know ESPN agrees that the Lakers are the greatest franchise ever.  So enjoy all your banners but know that we trump you once again.  How is that early vacation going?  KG, you still icing those knees?  Be ready for next year and probably start looking for some youth.  Are you going to keep Marbury?  He really panned out for you guys.

Love Kaliphornya-

Best ever

Best ever


Same song different day for Cleveland: The Kings new territory?

Cleveland, rough night last night.  I feel for you, from sweeping the first two round of the playoffs, to a difficult series against the Magic.  Last nights loss probably brings back similar feelings of Jordan and Ehlo, the Tribe falling short against the Marlins, or the rough seasons of the Browns.  The only thing that keeps you guys as fans hopefull is the great Jim Brown and his Super Bowl victory, he tried to bring his swagger court side during these playoff games.

As a Laker fan and Los Angeles sports fan, I have not been deprived of a championship in my short life time, yet somehow I know what you are feeling right now.  You see, Cav fans and Laker fans are not to different in recent years.  Take the Lakers post Shaq era.  Kobe a superstar in his prime, vowed to win another championship with out the Big Diesel.  His supporting cast Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, and a bunch of nobodies.  Two out of the next three years Kobe and company made it to the playoffs.  For three years it was Kobe against five players.  He was good and good enough to make it to the playoffs but there is only so much one  man can do.  Two losses to the Suns two years in a row = a pissed off Kobe.

Angry Kobe was not fun and we all remember the antics of him saying he did not want to play in Los Angeles that one very long long summer.  Mitch Kupchick did not trade Bynum for J O’neal or J Kidd.  Laker land was in shambles.  Kobe was not happy, yet no one was offering the Lakers anything reasonable for him.  Then came the arrival of Pau.  Kobe had a sidekick, another All Star on his side.  Life was good in Laker land once again.

The Lakers walked through the playoffs last year.  The Celtics were tired but tested.  To make a long story short, the Lakers were soft.  The Celtcis embarrassed us on our home court and in the final game.  It was a long season but we knew we would be back.

Lets jump over to the Cavs now.  LeBron is the best player in the league playing with a bunch of nobodies on his team.  The only reason Mo Williams was an All Star is because Chanuncy got traded to the West and Allan was injured.  Verajo and Z, well they are good but not all stars.  Yet, this whole season LeBron made his teammates around him better, and they walked to the playoffs with the best record in the league.

Come playoffs the first two rounds the Cavs looked as though there was a new 23 legend in town, and he was not shooting a jumper over Ehlo.  The team was winning by twenty points and LeBron was playing no fourth quarters.  Yet, they were not getting battle tested.

Enter stage left Orlando Magic.  The Magic just came off of a seven game series against the reiging champs.  They were tested and they were hungry.  On paper they had a much better team as well.  The X factor like the Lakers was the MVP, the King.  He did what he could for two games.

Come the fourth quarter for every game this series, the ball movement stopped, the plays were not being called.  It was Mo Willaims brings the ball up and passes to LeBron.  Cavs players stand around and watch the King battle with five other players.  He tired, and he did as much as he could do.  Ever so reminescent of Kobe and co.

Cleveland, in order to have a glimmer of hope to get another title to your grief strickn town, you need to some how find a way to resing the King.  All season long we have heard the rumors about New York.  I bet you had a pit in your stomach after the game winner Bron hit, and the first guy he goes up to after the game was Jay Z.  You do realize he owns the Nets?  You do realize he has been in LeBrons ear since the age of twelve?  You do realize there is more of a supporting cast there then in Cleveland?  I guess the only true question is, will the Nets get LeBron or Brooklyn first?

I would love to see LeBron play with one team his whole life, its time for you guys to start Lobbying to bring some super star to Cleveland.  Otherwise it might be a long long decade until you get another first overall pick in the draft.


The NBA playoffs owe their excitement to Beijing…and Kobe Bryant

April through June is definitely my favorite time of the year as a sports fan.  Many would say March purely because of March Madness, and that is very hard to argue.  The difference for me is that we have baseball back, the NFL draft and the NBA playoffs.

Until last year, the NBA playoffs were just a long and boring end to a season filled with much more excitement than the playoffs could provide.  The 2004 playoffs were the last playoffs that I cared about because my team (Minnesota Timberwolves) had the top seed in the Western Conference playoffs and it seemed as if Kevin Garnett could finally get out of the first round.  They did so by beating the Denver Nuggets in 5 games and then proceeded to give me the greatest sporting experience of my life in Game 7 against Sacramento in round 2.  Unfortunately they met an immovable force in the Conference finals and lost to the Lakers 4-2.  For those of you who are staunch Lakers fans, keep two things in mind these playoffs.  First, without Minnesota, you wouldn’t have the Lakers.  So whatever success your team achieves, recognize where the talent started.  Second, even with Shaq and Kobe, the Lakers choked hard against the Pistons.  Look it up, the Pistons just stifled the heck out of Kobe and Shaq.  But that is neither here nor there.  The point of this post is to point out a part of this year’s playoffs that should make them one of the best ever.

Ever since getting together to win the summer Olympics in Beijing this past summer, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade have grown closer together as friends.  They all challenged each other while playing for the gold and, I think, had direct effects on each other’s seasons this year.  Kobe is an incredible defender and no doubt worked with Lebron and Dwayne on their defense this year.  Then magically, this year, Lebron and Dwayne had their best years defensively.  Kobe was an elder on this Olympic team and took these guys under his wing and may have created two new monsters to take over for him whenever he decides to call it quits.  They became good friends and with any good friendship comes a little competition.

It all started back on a chilly February night in New York City.  No matter how terrible its inhabitants are, Madison Square Garden still seems to be the basketball Mecca.  Whether it is rumors of Lebron coming to the MSG permanently or Nate Robinson being a more successful version of Gary Coleman, it’s the place to play.  Kobe Bryant decided that he would drop a MSG record 61 points and cause the usually hostile Knicks fans to chant “MVP, MVP!”  It was surely a sight to see.  Bryant, after the game, got a text message from his friend Lebron that was something along the lines of “Good work…but you know I’m going to try and do better”

What happened the next night at MSG?  Lebron James showed up at MSG and put up maybe the most impressive numbers of his career.  James dropped 52 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists.  If you remember back that far, the NBA actually took away one rebound from James and stripped him of a chance to have one of the most memorable triple-doubles in NBA history.  James made good on his promise to upstage Kobe and he certainly did.  He may not have scored 61 but he definitely filled the rest of his stat sheet better than Kobe did.

Examples of how Dwayne Wade upstaged Kobe and Lebron?  Easy…Dwayne just carried his team through the regular season and to being one win away from a second round match up against friend Lebron James.  I wonder at what point Wade will have to address his chronic back and knee problems.  Having to carry an entire franchise can have its negative effects (ask Kevin Garnett and his playoff playing minutes this year).  Now that Wade is out, look for Kobe and Lebron to try and upstage each other each night until they eventually meet in the Finals.

On Monday, James was crowned the NBA MVP.  Rightfully so, he was the best player in the NBA from game 1 to game 82 and continues to dominate in the playoffs.  Many of you who read this may be Lakers/Kobe fans, I am as well, but lets be honest.  Lebron James is a monster and is better at this point in his career than Kobe Bryant was.  I can hear you now, “Well, who has more championships?”  Easy answer, both have the same amount of championships.  Lebron has been in the league for 6 years and has not won a title yet.  Kobe Bryant has been without Shaq since 2004 and hasn’t won a titled without Shaq.  He’s come close but…oh wait, so has Lebron.  So as far as I’m concerned, that argument is completely nullified by what I call the “Shaq-Factor”.  Could Lebron have won titles already if he had the most dominant center since Wilt?  We’ll never know, but I’ll just guess yes.  Until Kobe wins a title without Shaq, this argument ends in a tie.  Until Kobe gets rid of the Shaq-Factor, he and Lebron are in the same boat.

Here are my second round predictions (Celtics/Magic game just ended and I made up my mind about their series before this game 1 ended)

Magic over Celtics 4-1 (KG just matters too much.  Brian Scalabrine can only take you so far and Dwight Howard is an absolute wrecking ball)

Cavs over Hawks 4-0 (maybe 4-1 if that Hawk swoops down and brings about a phobia of birds in Lebron)

Lakers 4-1 over Rockets (Rockets sneak in a win in Houston in game 3 but that’s it.  Kobe just spanks Ron Artest for 5 games)

Denver 4-2 over Dallas (Battle of the delinquents.  Josh Howard and Jason Terry get to go home early…and something tells me that they don’t mind too much)


Rondo foul, flagrant or playoff foul?

Last night in yet another overtime game between the Bulls and the Celtics there was a controversial play at the end of the game.  As the overtime was winding down and the Bulls down two, they in bounded the ball.  Brad Miller was wide open and drove hard to the rack.  Out of no where comes Rajon Rollerskating Rondo, with no visible play on the ball.  He intentionally fouled Miller to prevent the basket and in doing so decked Miller across the face drawing blood and possibly knocking a tooth out.

What a cheap foul....

What a cheap foul....

In the replay you could clearly see Rondo had no play on the ball.  His intention was to prevent Miller from making the basket.  In doing so, all he could do was rape him across the face.  Personally I think it should have been a flagrant foul.  If you look at the definition of a flagrant foul it follows as.  A flagrant foul-penalty (1) is unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent.

When the league talks about types of flagrant fouls they ask if the player was going for the ball or the body.  Truly in this instance Rondo was going for the body, due to the fact that the ball was no where near his arm or the reach of his arm.  Boston dodged a bullet last night and Miller should have shot 3 free throws and the ball.  One for the flagrant, two for the shot, and then the ball for the flagrant.

Looking back several months ago, Trevor Ariza got ejected out of a game in which Portland was blowing the Lakers out.  Rudy Fernandez had a fast break, and Trevor playing the way Trevor does went all out to block the ball.  The end result as we all know is that Fernandez had to be carted off of the court and Trevor was ejected.  When Trevor made this play, he got part of the ball.  Granted, Miller did not need to be carted off the court, possibly because he is more manly, but Rondo should have gotten that flagrant.

I know that it does not change the fact that Boston won, and frankly I could care less on who wins this series.  Its great to see a new young team on the rise, and the old beat up defending champions struggling to make it out of the first round.  I would just like the NBA to make consistent calls.  If Kobe gets a flagrant foul for following through on a jumper, (last year) and hitting a guy in the face on the way down, then Rondo clearly needs a flagrant for that play last night.

As the video shows he clearly went for Miller’s head.


Yet another hopeless Boston fan

Boston sucks

Boston sucks

Kaliphorya readers, I do not want to make a habit of doing this but, like that kid at school, I can not back down from a fight when I am called out.  Here we got, yet another rebuttal and yet another smack down to a misinformed Boston fan.  My reply in red.  Enjoy….

Hey you clown, the Bruins are currently cruising in the playoffs as the top contender in 2009 NHL playoffs and Boston University just won the 2009 National Championship in hockey, a year after Boston College won it.  Like I said to Locsey, we do not care about Hockey out here, its like water polo to you guys?  What is that sport?  You win there.  Although I will enjoy writing about the Sharks I mean Ducks, when they beat your Bruins in the finals….

Making up a curse to make yourself feel better is sad.  I don’t need to feel better, my team is 2-0 in the playoffs and we are healty.  Like I have said you guys played better than the Lakers last year.  You are old now and the Finals are a figment of your imagination.  That right there is enough to make me feel better.  The curse, well I am only reporting what I am seeing.  There have been a lot of injuries in Boston this past year. Pierce has flopped before I’ll give you that, but he’s earned everything spending his career in Boston and deserves nothing but respect.  I give him respect, he is from Inglewood and a fellow native.  Yet he did fake a knee injury and an elbow injury before that.  Thus bringing the curse to all Boston teams (except hockey because we don’t care about that in California).

Oh yeah, Sox are now 7-6…funny how April is too early in the baseball season to assume anything, idiot.  Once again I was just reporting what I was seeing.  You got me again.  Do you feel better?  Are you in first?  Ok.  That is all.

From 2001-2009 Boston has been the center of the sports universe, with 3 NFL Championships, 2 World Series and 1 NBA Championships, in case you forgot, with the possibility of a Stanley Cup.  That is nice and fairly impressive.  How about Southern California?  Well for starters in 2003 and 2004 USC won the Natl championship for College Football (2nd most popular sport in the US), 2000, 2001, 2002 the Lakeshow won the NBA finals.  IN 2002 the Angels won the world series and to top it off for you hockey fans the Ducks won the Stanley cup in 2007.  So from 2000-2007 The Southern California area has won 6 titles.  If we throw in final four appearances from UCLA (3) then that will add the total up to, 9, but hey lets not count that.  To say you were the center of the sports nation is comical.  And in case you forgot the Ducks have the possibility of yet another Stanley Cup.  I think the Lakers have a good chance of winning it all again this year as well.  How many playoff apperances do the Celtics have in your 2001-2009 span?  The Lakers have 9 in the past ten years.  How bout those C’s?

Yeah and still all you anti-Pats people still believe everything ESPN and Matt Walsh (where is he now?) spoon-fed you on “Spygate” which has since been reduced to background noise. So are you saying it is OK to cheat?  What is the matter, can you not win a super bowl without cheating? No one ever knows how long that practice was going on in the NFL, how often it was used and (depending on the plays) how much of an advantage it even gave a team.  Lets look at the Rams, the greatest show on turf, how did you guys an offensive team shut down the best offense we have seen in the past 100 years.  Ohh yeah, lets steal their plays and set up our D around that. Ever heard of stealing signs in baseball?Yeah, so what? Heard much of baseball teams in the past winning big games due to cheating from stealing signals? Nope, but I did hear of this one team that traded Babe Ruth.  What a bunch of morons. Hey, lets compare apples to oranges….I didn’t think so.

No matter what. What Boston has done with its sports dominance is up there with Pittsburgh’s multi-championship years and New York’s.  Didn’t the Angels and the Lakers win the title in the same year?  Know your sports history bro. Something West Coast cities have yet to achieve.  I think we did achieve this? Have fun with your small markets!  You do know that Boston has a population of 599,351 ranking number 23 in the United States.  Los Angeles has 3,834,340 and ranks second. Check it out How does this make us a small market and you a major market?  Just because ESPN HQ is closer to Boston does not make you a major market. You’ve got nothing to say to just bow because the sun rises in the east mother fucker!  I don’t get why I have to bow down.  You should bow down, because the sun sets in the west.  True the sun does rise in the east, so does that mean you bow down to the Brits?  After all your town was named after one of theirs.  Silly Boston fan, get your information together before you embarrass the rest of your sports nation next time.  On one final note, have I really pissed you off so much that you feel the need to use profanity?  Way to keep it classy.

Buck Foston

Buck Foston


Kaliphornya’s favorite fan from Boston….truly

If you have been keeping up with the blog for the past couple of days, you would have seen me go back and forth with a passionate reader and avid Boston sports fan.  JonTookEm recently just sent me the best comment that this site has received.  I am not going to reply and rip it apart because frankly there really is not anything to rip apart.  Well except the very end, but I will let you see for yourself.  Thank you very much JonTookEm…..Feel free to comment whenever you want.

Great responses. Love the passion there.

What kind of fan am I? I love the Celtics, but I am also a fan of basketball and realize that it probably isn’t in the cards for them this year. There is a big difference between being naive and thinking that my team can win because I want them to and knowing that there are 2 other better teams in the NBA this year. Of course there is still a great chance for them to win, but is it likely? Probably not. Will I win and lose with the Celts during the playoffs? Of course.

In terms of the comment, “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win everywhere”, that was a typo on my part. I meant to say that, “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win every YEAR.” Oops. I can see how that would confuse you.

Yes, this team was injury ridden so it must be a curse from Paul Pierce’s “fake” injury. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that KG has logged 1,000+ games or 10,000+ minutes of game time? Nah, probably not. Leon Powe doesn’t have a history of knee injuries, either. No. he doesn’t… Scal having lots of concussions? That’s a freak accident. Tony Allen? Yeah, multiple injuries. Rondo? Lots of twisted ankles.

But look at the entire league: overall piss poor quality because of injuries? Yeah, I think so.

But let’s be real with each other: are you really going to get this serious and this pissed about me calling your curse stupid? Because it is. If you really believe in curses, you need to go back and do redo your undergraduate work in WAKE UP DUDE THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS CURSES. Maybe your school didn’t require those courses, but they are worth checking out.

Wake up. There are no stupid curses. The team had injuries like so many other good teams this year (Spurs, Lakers, Hornets… shall I continue?).

If you’d like to have a pissing contest about which city is title-town, go ahead. You win by numbers. Is that supposed to make me feel bad? Well… this might ruin your day, but it really doesn’t ruin my day. I like my team because I grew up watching the Sox and the Celts with my family, especially with my older brother who was/is someone I always looked up to. Sports have always had meaning to me because of how much fun I had playing sports and being an athlete on a team (middle school, high school, and college). I love being part of a group all rooting for the same thing and hoping for the same outcome. I don’t love sports because my city has won more sports. Please.

I’ll close with all of my picks for the NBA playoffs. This is from what I think will happen, not what I want to happen. What do I want to happen? See the Celtics raise #18 and prevent Phil Jackson from moving ahead of Red in most titles won.


(1) Lakers v. (8) Jazz  :  Lakers in 5 (the only thing tough about this pick was should it be in 4 or 5 games)

(4) Blazers v. (5) Rockets  :  Rockets in 6 (I got to admit: Ron Artest and Yao Ming = Craziest duo in the NBA and crazy enough to shut down the all Blazers except B-Roy)

(3) Spurs v. (6) Mavs  :  Spurs in 7 (I just can’t see the Mavs playing good enough defense and Timmy giving one great series before his body gives)

(2) Nuggets v. (7) Hornets  :  Nuggets in 6 (I feel uneasy about this pick, but which Hornet can guard Melo? Chauncey can put up a fight against CP3)

(1) Lakers v. (5) Houston  :  Lakers in 6 (this is too bad because Houston would have had a chance at the WCF if they had finished as the 4th seed)

(3) Spurs v. (2) Nuggets  :  Spurs in 6 (this has everything to do with me thinking that the Nuggets will self-implode because they won’t know how to play in a semi-final round and Coach Pop exposes this despite the fact that Timmy falls apart; by the way, I hate this pick and I know I am going to be wrong here but it doesn’t matter because the Lakers make it out of the West)

(1) Lakers v. (3) Spurs  :  Lakers in 5 (easy)


(1) Cavs v. (8) Pistons  :  Cavs in 5 (Lebron chews through Rip Hamilton while kicking Rasheed Wallace in the face as his right arm extends back 30 feet behind him during a tomahawk dunk; who on earth will guard him in this series?)

(4) Hawks v. (5) Heat  :  Hawks in 7 (this was a tough one: can D-Wade really carry his team through 7 straight grueling games? Plus the Hawks have taken 3 games to 1 this season)

(3) Orlando v. (6) 76ers  :  Orlando in 6 (Everyone will start spitting the old rhetoric that I’m sick of, “Orlando is a legitimate team with a real chance of taking down Boston and to give the Cavs a series”; they’ll fold to the Celts if they even get there)

(2) Celtics v. (7) Bulls  :  Celtics in 6 (I’d rather see the Celts play the 76ers, but whatever; the Celts will have a tough match-up against their bigs (Miller, Noah, Tyrus Thomas) and their hot shooting (Salmons, Gordon) and the ever-improving play of Derrick Rose. Whatever, I am not saying the games won’t be close, but if you do player-to-player match ups, the Celts come out on top very easily with Rondo, Pierce, and Ray Ray; plus our bench is infinitely better than their bench so suck it)

(1) Cavs v. (4) Hawks  :  Cavs in 6 (Atlanta will make it look tight, but then Lebron will chase down a Joe Johnson fast break and block his shot off the backboard so hard off glass that the ball will actually go through the backboard; who on earth will guard him in this series? Sound familiar?)

(2) Celtics v. (3) Orlando  :  Celtics in 7 (I still believe that without KG, the Celts can still take this series; Perk is the secret in this match up– he’s guarded Dwight Howard so well this year; but most importantly, Stan Van Gundy can’t out-coach Doc and the Celts bench is deeper, which will be important because games will be tight and this series should go to 7)

(1) Cavs v. (2) Celtics  :  Cavs in 6 (It doesn’t matter that KG is out– it really doesn’t; their bigs are better and Lebron is Lebron because he is really, really, really, really, really, really good)

Lakers v. Cavs  :  Cavs in 6

Lebron will remind us of those special players that not only won a regular season MVP (he must, right?) but also a Finals MVP. Lebron will also remind us of loyalty: he stuck with the Cavs, and the Cavs stuck with him. He will cry. Then everyone else on that damn team will cry because Lebron showed/said it was ok. And it will be really, really, really, really, really, really emotional, but also really, really, really, really, really, really awesome to see Lebron dethrone Kobe as the most dominant player in the game and walk away with 2 things Kobe wanted: a title and a Finals MVP (during the ‘99-’02 run, Shaq was a 3-time Finals MVP).

Great reply JonTookEm, I have the playoffs shaping up the same way with the exception of the end result.  The X factor as far fetched as this sounds is Lamar Odom.  It will not be easy but Phil will pass Red.

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