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A tennis players version of a fist fight

Don’t mess with us…..WHAT


The LeBron Dunk

So I just watched the LeBron dunk and man it was lame.  It was a good dunk and LeBron got there late.  I am not impressed, Nike geeked out and it did not live up to the hype.  Shame on you LeBron….


The batting stance guy

After Mannys pinch hit Grand Slam, I was talking a bit of trash on facebook.  My buddy Yosh had this link posted on his status update.  This dude is hilarious and very talented.  He can imitate any player in MLB history.  Get through the first two minutes of the video and you will enjoy.  A true master piece for any baseball lover….Check it out below….


The big 3 turns into the big 4, possibly 5?

Ronald Artest, apparently signed a three year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers today for 18 million.  Several things jump instantly to my mind.  Will the Lakers start Lamar or Ron?  Is the c’est la vie to Trevor?  Will this help our defense?  Will this help our offense?

Only time and the season next year can answer these questions.  One thing I know for sure is the Lakers got a steal.  Yes Ron has had a reputation for the NBA bad boy.  Previously it belonged to Dennis Rodman.  Who coached Rodman and two other super stars?  Phil Jackson.

Under the guidance of Phil and Kobe, I feel that the Lakers improved their roster for next season.  They are getting better defensively and stay the same on the offensive end.  Ron has proven himself time and time again to be a lock down defender and he prides himself on this.  When he does get hot he can be as dangerous as a Kobe.  Well maybe not Kobe but you get what I am saying.

As far as who is coming off the bench, I don’t know on this one.  I think Lamar will step into the starting roll, which will put a lock down defender on the floor when one of the bigs gets into foul trouble and or Kobe needs a rest.  Ron will play more minutes while Kobe is resting which will limit Vuj’s time.  Lets hope the Lakers get rid of Vuj.

What this deal does for the Lakers is weaken a conference rival.  Chances are Ariza will end up in Cleveland and I will be sad to see him go, thank goodness to another confrence none the less.  Ariza did show some potential last year, but Ron is a for sure thing.  The youth of Trevor is what I am going to miss the most.  As Shaq said, he had a very Pippen esq look in the post season.  Trevor was a huge part why we won our championship.  Who knows maybe we will run three small forwards.  Ideally if we got rid of Sasha, and had Ariza or Artest come in for a tired Kobe, that could work.  Both do well defending smaller guys.  Who knows, maybe this could happen.

Needless to say it is nice to know that we took one of Houstons big three and added another guy to our big three turning us into the fab four.  If Bynum comes around maybe we can become the ferocious five.  Only time will tell, but next to the Shaq trade this has been the biggest move thus far in the off season.


Independence day for Manny

4th of July we celebrate or nation becoming independent and escaping the rule of the British.  July 3rd, well this will be Manny Ramirez’s Independence Day from suspension.  Fifty games ago Manny tested positive for a banned substance.  The Dodgers were in first place sitting on a 20-8 record after setting an MLB record for most consecutive home game wins to start off a season.

When Dodger nation woke and saw that their star they welcomed with open arms cheated, hearts of the people that bleed Dodger Blue sank.  How could this be?  Why did he do this?  How selfish.  After the initial shock wore off, we started to question the team.

The Dodgers were 20-8 when they lost Manny.  They were 6.5 games ahead of the Giants leading the NL West.  After the news of Manny the Dodgers blew a lead to the Nat’s and lost their first home game.  Dodger’s fans were truly going to see what their team was made of.  What impact did Manny have on this young team?  Could they deal with being in the spot light? Could their bats hold up?  Could they maintain the lead in the west for the next fifty?  Who was going to be the person to step up?

Well, our questions have been answered.  Over the next forty-seven games the Dodgers went 27 and 20.  Yes that does look like a big drop off from the first 30 but the Dodgers still have the best record in baseball and they are winning the West by seven games over the Giants.  While Manny was gone the man who clearly stepped up the most was Juan Pierre.

He is neither Hispanic nor French.....I wonder where he got his name?

He is neither Hispanic nor French.....I wonder where he got his name?

Juan clearly played as though each game was his last.  He was going to make the best of his playing time and it pulled the Dodgers through these last fifty.  The rest of our young lineup each had their moments as well in tight games.  The Dodgers have a record of 24-3 in one run games.  Most importantly we had a manager in the clubhouse who has been through this time and time again.  I am sure he is one of the biggest factors in helping the boys in blue keep their mojo.

Truly this young Dodger team proved they could pull their own weight while their slugger was going through hard times.  This was also a reflection of what Manny has taught this young team.  They listened to him and their bats held up through these fifty games.  The runs the Dodgers scored were virtually similar to when Manny was in the line up.  The only difference was they were playing mostly small ball.  The number of home runs was down but hits were up.  If anything gave in these fifty games it was streaky pitching towards the end of games.

So Friday Manny does come back to the Dodgers and is expected to start in left.  This will send Juan Pierre to the bench, but give Joe Torre a hot hitting bat in tight games for pinch hit situations.  I have a feeling Torre will rotate the outfield with days off and we will probably see Pierre play two to three times a week.  Manny’s return could not come at a better time.  We are getting ready to head east to play the Mets.  To make things better the Dodgers bats have cooled off a bit.  In the last ten games the Dodgers are 5-5.  To have a bat like Manny in the line up will for sure help us.

What Manny did was wrong and it was cheating.  As a Dodger fan I was truly disappointed in him.  Yet I will still cheer him on and even more I still want him on my team.  He has been a Kobe Bryant figure to this young team.  Manny, like Kobe coaches his teammates.  He has taught them all his hitting tricks, how to set up pitchers, and what to look for if a pitcher tips his pitches off.  He has been Don Mattingly’s assistant.

I know Manny will never hear the end of this but in Los Angeles we will welcome him back.  We will welcome him and support him the same way San Fran supports Barry or the way New York supported Clemens, A-Rod, Petit, Giambi, among others.  If we can expect anything from Manny it is the unexpected.  On one final note, the Dodgers coaches that have been working with Ramirez over the last 50 games said he has returned to form and gotten in his grove.  That same grove in which he belted home run after home run, which thrusted the Dodgers to the NLCS.  It is time for Manny to shut everyone up and turn a new leaf.



A Cinderella Story in June USA upsets Spain

If you are an avid football fan and follow the sport you think one of two things.  American football or everywhere else football better known as soccer in the neck of the woods that I am from.  For years and years the US national team and the MLS have been the laughing stock of the football world.  We have been the butt of all the jokes. There have been pushes time and time again to turn this sport into something which resembles European Football.  Time and time again we have failed. Yet every blind squirrel does find an acorn once in awhile.

This acorn, happened to be the grand daddy of them all painted in red and yellow.  Today the United States of America beat Spain at its own game.  As for me and probably the majority of the country, I did not get to watch the game, but did follow all the updates via the I Phone.  After the first goal, I was just waiting for the equalizer.  Then Spain go desperate playing at times with only one back while throwing everyone forward.  We broke their wall and went up two.  This was when I stated to think we really have a chance of upsetting the best football team in the world.

The sad part to all of this is the majority of Americans getting home from work right now, still do not know about the greatest win in American Soccer history.  Hopefully this will spark some sort of movement and create some sort of interest in soccer over here.  No not the thousands of rec leagues we have across the country, but something greater.  Possibly turning our MLS into something more than just a JV league.  Possibly being able to see great players stay over here and have great players from Europe and South America come over to play.  I know this is a long shot and will not happen over night, but a win like this could really push the movement.

All in all this tournament has been a tournament of upsets.  To say the story of the USA is a Cinderella story would be an understatement.  If I told you going into this tournament that Egypt would beat Brazil, and then the only way the USA could advance is if Italy lost 3 nill and Egypt lost 3 nill, well I probably would have been laughed at.  Yet all of this happened.  When was the last time Italy lost 3-0?  On top of this, could you imagine the betting line for the people who did throw down some money on the red white and blue (not France)?  I bet they made bank.  Will this Cinderella story continue or will the clock strike midnight?  Brazil showed some vulnerability against Egypt, maybe lighting can strike in the same place twice.   Needless to say this is a monumental day for American soccer.  Lets enjoy this one while it lasts.

Picture 5Picture 6


Excuses why the Lakers are the World Champs

It has been several days since the Larry O’Obrien trophy made its way back to Los Angeles.  Once again the Lakers are back on top of the NBA world and once again everyone is bitching, complaining, moaning, and groaning if they are not from LA.  Let me first start by saying, shut the hell up.  Second let me say yes our city did get help from deep pockets for the parade and yes we did riot.  Criticize us there but know that when it comes to the hardwood, well we own you.

I have heard every single excuse in the book and I have heard the non stop banter of people trying to put our ball club down during its finest hour.  You know what, we don’t give a shit.  In fact, we are the only ones who can really talk shit right now.  Frankly your team did not have what it took to make it to the big dance and for the 15th time, Phil Jacksons 10th, and Kobes 4th, we owned you.

Excuse #1-

“If the Celtics were healthy they would have dismantled the Lakers in the Finals.”  The last time I checked we beat them both times this season, once with Bynum and once without.  I believe their whole team was healthy.  Yes Rondo was a better player this year and Big Cry Baby Davis did make some big shots.  You do realize though that Bynum was in the middle this year and Trevor Ariza was not coming off of a broken foot.  Pau Gasol spent the summer in the weight room and learned how to play physical.  As far as I am concerned the X factor is KG getting old.  Boston you are one and done.  I bet you are also saying if Brady did not get injured you would have won the Super Bowl last year.

Excuse #2-

“You played a team of overachievers in the NBA finals with a big man who is confused.”  This is the excuse that I enjoy the best.  Did this team of overachievers beat your team?  If so then what does that make your team?  Damn you guys were really reaching on this one.  Here is why the Magic made the finals.  In the first round they played Philidelphia, a team that squeaked into the playoffs missing their best player.  The series did go the distance but Howard faced Dalembert down low.  That dude sucks.  The second round the Magic played a beat up old Boston team.  Who did Howard go against here?  Kendrik Perkins, sorry but that dude is a weak center as well.  How about against the Cavs, Illgauskus and Varejo are slow and frankly suck as well.  Pretty much it was one on five every game and LeBron just could not do it.  So the Easts lack of good big men down low paved the way for Howard and the Magic to walk into the finals.

Hate us all you want, as Magic said best we are some of the most spoiled fans in the NBA.  We have seen the finals 30 times and won it 15.  We do not know what it is like to have years and years of losses.  Our franchises care about us as fans and will do anything to keep a winning tradition in the city.  Say what you want, but in the end it comes down to who is wearing the ring.  Once you beat the champs, then you can talk.  Until then keep coming up with lame ass excuses that help you sleep better at night and think what could have been.  Playing pretend and make believe is really a lot of fun.  Ohh yeah and on one final note, keep ripping Kobe Bryant about the Colorado incident, yet always remeber if the opportunity ever came up for you to have him on your team, you know you would not think twice.

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