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Don’t worry Orlando, we have you covered

Besides being healthy in the NBA finals, the biggest difference from last year opposed to this year for the Lakers, is the variety of teams they played against and styles they saw in the post season.  Each round was a different style and match up that the Lakers had to play against and make adjustments.  These various styles thus have prepared them to match up and know how to play the Orlando Magic.

The Magic starting five for the post season has consisted of Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston, Rashard Lewis, Courtney Lee, Hedo Turkoglu, and Dwight Howard.  Lets start by breaking down each player and who they most resemble from the previous teams the Lakers have faced.  Alston is most like his young counter part who took over his spot in Houston, Aaron Brooks.  The guy is a great ball handler and very quick.  Like Brooks this guy will take an open shot so you have to stick home with him.  I feel that Fish will do a decent job on him, but we will be looking to let Farmar get most of the minutes due to his speed on the defensive end.

Courtney Lee is shooting 45% from the field in the playoffs and 30% from down town.  Out of the four shooters on the floor for Orlando he is the one Kobe will be helping off of.  We want to make him beat us.  On the offensive end this is where we will have our best mismatch with him defending Kobe.  I find Lee very similar to Ronnie Brewer of Utah.  Kobe will be free to roam around and help with other defensive assignments simialr to what he did in Utah.

Rashard Lewis, is big and can shoot lights out.  He reminds we of a better shooting Lamar Odom.  Lewis shoots well for a big man and spreads the floor for the magic.   The player most like Lewis in which the Lakers have faced would be a guy similar to Okur.  Even though Lewis is quicker than Okur, chances are Gasol will be able to keep up with him.  If they decided to pick and roll then the Lakers will be fine to switch on the pick with the lengthy Ariza and Gasol.

Hedo, I despised this guy back when he played for the Kings.  Another bigger forward who can score from any where on the floor.  Ariza got a great warm up defending Mello in the previous series.  If Ariza can slow down Mello then for sure he can have an impact on Hedo.  I feel that this is the X factor.  If we can keep Hedo quite we can win this series.

Time to break down Dwight.  Dwight is a man child, a super freak.  The dude takes his vitamins.  Luckily we have two seven footers to clog up the lane and make the paint a living night mare for Howard.  Where he will get his points is late switches or slow to help.  It is essential Bynum stays out of foul trouble.  There are possibly chances that Phil will suite up Mbenga to throw one more man at Howard with size.

The Lakers trip to the finals is four wins away.  Lets see if they can do it.  Game time tomorrow at 6…..


Streakers getting killed

streakerEver since Christmas day there have been three separate incidents of streakers getting killed. December 25th in Los Angeles, February 5th in Boston, and the most recent in Cleveland on February 8th. It is said that it is not one man but a group or alliance of people working together.
The Los Angeles Lakers have had a point to prove since the begging of this season. Christmas day the Lakers won a statement game against Bean town and held serve at home. This killed a 19 game win streak by the clovers and held serve at home. It took awhile for the team to start getting it going and then Andrew Bynum went down. The look on Kobe’s face at that instant seemed as though he saw a ghost. On top of this the Lakers were also starting the most difficult road trip of the season. Luckily they pulled together as a team and stood up to Boston’s three party and showed them they were a different team from the NBA Finals the previous year. The Lakers killed the C’s 12 game win streak in Boston without an Andrew Bynum presence in the middle thus winning the tie break which it may come down to for home court advantage.
After this win they had to go on and play King James and the Cavs. With a sick Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakeshow picked up the slack and dethrowned the so called chosen one. This killed the 23 home game win streak and hands Clevland their first home loss of the season.
Power rankings say only so much. As for playing against the top two teams in the league the Lakeshow is 4-0.
Lets enjoy the break and get ready for the All Star Game next weekend.


Lets add one more

Lets add one more





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