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Steroids in the MLB benefits the fans

A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwier, Sammy Sosa, Jose Canseco, Giambi, and so many others. When you think of baseball what do you think of? Saddly I no longer see it as Americas past time but a past time of Steroids. How ridiculous is it that every six months a new report comes out that indites yet another superstar of baseball.

How can I do this?

How can I do this?

The only people to blame are the people of baseball. The testing back in the day was ridiculous and it was widely known that so many guys were taking PED’s and not worrying as well as getting away with it. I have a proposition to get rid of all of this. To have PTI stop talking about A-Rods plea or Barry Bonds lack of knowledge, to hear about other sports rather than the BSL (baseball steroid league) .
The MLB should make steroids legal. For the average (not fanatic but average) baseball fan what do they like to see? Home runs and web gems. With steroids being legal then everyone could have a chance to match Barry Bonds *. It could turn Ichiro into a pitching machine (he was throwing mid ninties, split fingers, knucle balls, and curve balls the other day) and instead of hitting singles he could be hitting bombs.
It would help pitchers throw complete games and possibly see more fast balls break the tripple digits. Imagine every outfield player with speed that would make Usain Bolt jealous and the arm of Raul Mondesi. Could you imagine seeing Barry Bonds or Andrew Jones run a 3.5 40? Everyone in the outfield would have the leapers of Kirby Pucket (see his robbed home run in the World Series).
Stolen base records would go through the roof. Furcal on speed would easily break Hendersons record.
If this were to occur the BSL would have to extend the diamond to 120 feet in between bases, make the out field walls to dead center at 500 feet, and 450 down the lines. If they did these extensions imagine how many extra fans you could fill the stadium with. There would be so many more sideling seats which would bring those prices down thus pelaseing the fans. So to conclude this whacked out juiced up article. Steriods are great for the fans of baseball. More seats, cheaper tickets, and more bad ass super athlectic plays. The only record that would stand is Cal Ripkens consecutive games in a row. The guys would probably average 6 years in the majors and then either have their balls shrivle up to nothing or just die.
We need to ban not staking steroids….Let the JUICE begin-


 (Is it funny that three of the four players here once played in the bay area)

(Thanks a lot BALCO)


Barry Bonds signs with Los Angeles Dodgers

Barry Bonds signs with Los Angeles Dodgers, Next up Manny! 😉
All my life I have despised Barry Bonds like every other baseball fan that did not root for the orange and black. Not only did he have some of his biggest hits against my beloved Dodgers (#500, #71, #73) but the dude was just an all around prick. One thing you can’t knock on this guy is the fact that he can hit, and hit the shit out of the ball. So this is what the Dodgers need to do.
Presuming that his most recent trial goes similar to the past trials nothing will happen again for another year. The Dodgers should sign Manny with a four year 30 million dollar per year deal. We then take another roll of the dice cause we are feeling risky after that Manny deal and sign Barry Bonds. Now I know what you are thinking, if Manny is in left field where will Barry play. We would go and move him over to first base. From here I think he can be effective but who cares about the right side of the diamond when you could possibly have Manny and Barry batting at three and four. Can you say instant offense? Plus Jeff Kent is no longer with us. So its all good.
Is it wrong that with a bat like Barry Bonds and the hate I have had for him my whole life would welcome him into the Dodger Blue? I know this is one of my more far fetched ideas but man wouldn’t that be a sick line up? FURCAL, LONEY(3rd base), MANNY, BONDS, MARTIN, DEWITT, EITHER, KEMP…

Guilty or not guilty?-


My screenplay about Manny and the Dodgers

I was scrolling through the headlines of the LATIMES.COM sports page when I came across a Manny update. Plain and simple it was nothing. It had quotes from Colletti and had quotes from Scot Boras, which sounded very familiar to a freshman in high school that has a crush on a girl and is to chicken to ask her out. Hence Colletti being the dude, Manny being the girl, and Boars being the girls best friend. Ohh yeah and the Giants as the other guy.

Ned: As himself
Joe: Ned’s Best friend
Barry: The SF Giants aka the other guy
Mannarita: Manny
Scottaney: Mannaritas best friend

Ext. School-Day

A typical lunchtime scene at a highschool.  Joe and Ned are sitting down eating lunch talking about Ned’s crush Mannarita.


                                                        So Ned when are you going to ask Mannarita out?


When she gives me a sign. I have let her know I like her but I guess what I can offer is not good enough. Her friend Scottaney says she does like me but wants more. I’m not going to marry her right away I need to know she is in this with our best interest at heard.


So you really like her? Why don’t you tell her what she wants to hear and see how it goes?

I will but I need a sign from her first knowing she is willing to work as a team and meet me halfway.

Int. Mannaritas bedroom: Night

Mannarita and Scottaney are sitting on the bed gossiping about the boys at school.


I can’t believe Ned hasn’t asked you out yet!

I know, if he thinks that what he did last time was the correct way to ask a girl out he’s way wrong. I need something more. I want him to let me know that he really wants me. He knows what I want.

I saw you talking with Barry today, whats that all about?

Ohh that’s nothing, I am just trying to make Ted jealous. Barry is going nowhere with his life.

Yeah we need to play hard to get for you, or else you will just be another under loved super girlfriend.

Will you talk to Ned for me and try and move this thing along faster?
Scottaney: Sure

Ext. School -Day

Ned is reading a book on baseball sitting under a tree in front of his school, while waiting for his mom to come and pick him up.  Scottaney is on her way home.

Ned: Hi Scottaney

Hi Ned

So anything new?

Nope, how about you?

Nope. Where is Mannarita?

Talking with Barry.

Doesn’t that guy live in the basemen?

Yeah. Ok well nice talking I will tell Mannarita you say hi.

Thanks see you tomorrow

Int. Ned’s bedroom-Night

Ned and Joe are excited for the weekend and are taking about Ned’s secrete crush.  They are sitting in front of Joe’s TV playing Nintendos Ken Griffey Juniors Home Run.


So I talked to Scottaney today.


She said Mannarita says hello.

That’s cool; did you let Scottaney know you were interested?

Ohh she knows. Mannarita was talking with Barry.

Doesn’t he live in the basement?

I know that’s what I said. If she could only give me one more sign then I would for sure ask her out.

You’re A-Fraud just like my old friend Alex.



“The Dodgers do not believe the San Francisco Giants are serious about Ramirez. The Giants are happy to let the Dodgers think that way. “

Colletti Said “I’m hoping hell give us a counter”
Boras “We have let the Dodgers know what Manny’s position is. They are fully aware of the terms he feels are fair.”
Colletti “The Dodgers will no consider sweetening their offer without a signal from Boras that he would yield as well” “It’s tough to do without knowing where it’s going to get you. If you get a sign you can do something, you might be inclined to do it.”

LA Times “Boras wouldn’t say whether he has any teams interested beyond the Dodges and Giants. He would say whether Ramirez might accept a contract of fewer than four years. He wouldn’t say whether Ramirez might sit out part of Spring Training or even part of the season

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