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The Kaligrita

The Kaligrita is possibly my favorite drink next to the Jack and Coke.  This concoction of flavors is a nice twist on the classic Margarita.  I have made many margs in my day and they all turn out different.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to try and keep the measurements fairly accurate.

The Ingredients:

  • Hornitos Resposado Tequila
  • Mr. T’s Sweet and Sour Mix
  • 2 Limes
  • 2 Tangerines
  • 2 Oranges or Orange Juice
  • 4-6 Ice Cubes



Put the four Ice Cubes in the Shaker to start the chill.

4 shots of tequila into the shaker

4 shots of Mr. T’s into the shaker

Cut the limes and tangerines in half then squeeze the juice into the shaker

Cut the oranges in half and squeeze the Orange Juice into shaker or pour four shots of OJ into shaker

Shake, pour, and top glass off with two ice cubes.

The great thing about this margarita is you can really taste the flavor of the tequila without that strong kick at the end.  Two musts for this thing to taste great is the Hornitos tequila and the Mr. T’s sweet and sour.  Stay away from those pre made margarita mixes.  Take the time to juice your fruit and you will reap the glory.  Go home and make your Kaligrita now.

*If you want to play around with flavor you can add a shot or two of triple sec or you can top it off with some Gran Marnier or Contreau.

Happy Cocktails to you all-


Costco parking lot AKA a cupcake walk for fat kids

Costco can be the greatest thing in the world while being a complete hell at the same time.  On Saturday after I got off of work, my girlfriend and I decided it was time to take our monthly trip to Costco.  When ever Gaby and I drive somewhere nine times out of ten I am the one doing the driving.  My girlfriend does not like me to drive her car because she feels that I drive it like a go-cart, which more times than not I do. 

Living in LA you have to be an aggressive driver to an extent otherwise people will cut in front of you and go around you and we will never get to where we are thus taking ten time longer to get to your destination.  Needless to say Gaby was the one driving this trip. 

So on our way to Costco we arrived at the parking lot.  We made the mistake of going at one in the afternoon so it was a fuckin zoo.  Navigating through that parking lot is like trying to take a glass boat down a class four rapid and come out completely untouched.  It is a giant mess. So we scope out this minivan unloading groceries.  It was a mother and her two younger daughters, probably ages three and four.  They are playing on the car like it’s a jungle gym having a grand old time.   The mother is taking absolutely forever to unload the groceries and I am starting to get impatient.  Eventually the mother gets all the goods loaded up into the car and is now trying to wrangle the girls into their car seats.  In the meantime Gaby and I have been sitting there for eight minutes and thirty-six seconds watching these shenanigans. 

We finally get a good view of the mother and notice that she has another little bugga on the way.  My nerves settled because how could you be frustrated with a pregnant lady.  Not to mention a mother who looks like she would rather take a quiet peaceful nap by herself then win the Super Lotto six times over again.  So captain preggers puts the cart back in the cart station and gets back to her car.  Then all of a sudden the side door to the minivan starts to open up very slow.  I sit in anticipation like a curtain opening at a concert to see what is going to happen next.  The mother gets out and lets Gaby and I, who have been sitting there for ten minutes now know that her girls have to go to the bathroom. 

We are presented with a precarious situation now.  Shall we wait it out and be patient or venture back into crowded vile USA and try and find another spot.  Gaby with a heads up play notices that at the end of the isle there is a white Prius with the cart behind it so we decide to move on and wait behind the Prius.  Unloading all of five groceries was this lady who had to have been around during the Civil War.  She is taking forever and is completely oblivious as to what is going on.

Don’t get me wrong I love older people, they are a great link to the past and usually very smart.  They offer great company and love holding a simple conversation, I think that’s rad, but there comes a time when they should no longer drive any more or go grocery shopping by themselves.  This lady was on the brink of that scenario. 

So she gets her groceries loaded up and takes another five minutes to get into the car, buckle up, take off the ebrake, slide the gear shifter into reverse, turn her head and back up.  By this time Gaby and I have been sitting in the parking lot for seventeen minutes now.  At this point I transform into sucky boy friend mode because I am so fired up with the parking lot that I snap at Gaby. 

The walk from the car to the store is silent, I grab a cart and say a joke, peace is restored.  When I go to Costco I like to go through the electronics and every isles.   It may seem like I am a casual shopper but, when I am there I am a man on a mission and speed shop.  One thing that pisses me off is the people that go to Costco and post up their big ass carts in the most crowded parts of the isle and have a twenty-minute intellectual conversation.  It becomes a huge cluster fuck and no one can get by.  It is completely and utterly rude.  So we do our thing in Costco, I get a massive bottle of Hornitos for Margs, Gaby gets healthy food and we head out to the car. 

Trouble in a bottle

Trouble in a bottle


Once in the parking lot every car that is searching for a spot eyes the people walking away from the store like vultures.  Me being the smart ass that I am look down, don’t make eye contact, and cart surf all the way to the car.  Gaby and I quickly unload the groceries into her car and we are on our way. 

Getting out of the Costco parking lot requires just as much as skill as finding a spot.  It’s a big chess game and you always have to think two moves ahead.  So on our way out we get behind this beat up POS Honda Civic.  I mean this dude must have gotten his PHD in hitting stuff with his car.  It was jacked up.  So shitty driver guy is looking for a spot.  On the other side of the isle, there is a big SUV with his blinker on blocking traffic waiting for a spot he found to open up.  He was clearly there first. Out pulls the Lexus and a spot is open.  Shitty driver guy swoops in and steals the spot from the SUV.  The driver in the POS seemed as though he was going to pass the spot but then decided to steal it last second so the angle of turn into the spot was nearly a right angle and very extreme. 

While pulling into the spot the drive of the SUV started chewing shitty driver out.  Shitty driver got all confused and tried to rush his parking job.  In the process of doing so he cut to hard into the spot and completely left his paint and bumper on the BMW right next to him.  About twenty people saw this and SUV guy is almost getting ready to dismount his shotgun off of his gun rack and kick the living shit out shitty driver man.  So Gaby and I pass the accident scene and continue on our way out of the parking lot.  We pull behind this Lexus with a handicap tag on it.  Due to the crowdedness of the parking lot this lady was afraid to make a right turn or at least pull forward and let the cars behind her make a left.  She kept looking out her window as though she were trying to park a tractor-trailer in a smart car parking spot.  When really you could probably get a good workout running in-between the space of her car and the next car.  It was that big.

Finally this lady got the balls to make her right turn, Gaby and I made the left and we were able to escape the trap also known as Costco.  After all this I sit and wonder why some people just cannot drive.  I don’t know if it is a genetic thing or what but it defiantly fits the stereotype. 


Until next time happy trails-

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