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A Cinderella Story in June USA upsets Spain

If you are an avid football fan and follow the sport you think one of two things.  American football or everywhere else football better known as soccer in the neck of the woods that I am from.  For years and years the US national team and the MLS have been the laughing stock of the football world.  We have been the butt of all the jokes. There have been pushes time and time again to turn this sport into something which resembles European Football.  Time and time again we have failed. Yet every blind squirrel does find an acorn once in awhile.

This acorn, happened to be the grand daddy of them all painted in red and yellow.  Today the United States of America beat Spain at its own game.  As for me and probably the majority of the country, I did not get to watch the game, but did follow all the updates via the I Phone.  After the first goal, I was just waiting for the equalizer.  Then Spain go desperate playing at times with only one back while throwing everyone forward.  We broke their wall and went up two.  This was when I stated to think we really have a chance of upsetting the best football team in the world.

The sad part to all of this is the majority of Americans getting home from work right now, still do not know about the greatest win in American Soccer history.  Hopefully this will spark some sort of movement and create some sort of interest in soccer over here.  No not the thousands of rec leagues we have across the country, but something greater.  Possibly turning our MLS into something more than just a JV league.  Possibly being able to see great players stay over here and have great players from Europe and South America come over to play.  I know this is a long shot and will not happen over night, but a win like this could really push the movement.

All in all this tournament has been a tournament of upsets.  To say the story of the USA is a Cinderella story would be an understatement.  If I told you going into this tournament that Egypt would beat Brazil, and then the only way the USA could advance is if Italy lost 3 nill and Egypt lost 3 nill, well I probably would have been laughed at.  Yet all of this happened.  When was the last time Italy lost 3-0?  On top of this, could you imagine the betting line for the people who did throw down some money on the red white and blue (not France)?  I bet they made bank.  Will this Cinderella story continue or will the clock strike midnight?  Brazil showed some vulnerability against Egypt, maybe lighting can strike in the same place twice.   Needless to say this is a monumental day for American soccer.  Lets enjoy this one while it lasts.

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Super Bowl for the Champions Cup

Roger Goodel (Chairman of the NFL) has acknowledged that talks have been going on in regards to holding the Super Bowl in London some time in the future.  There has already been success in playing football in England.  In 2007 the New York Giants played the Miami Dolphins at Wembley stadium in front of a sold out crowd of 80,000 fans.  It was deemed a success, and now the NFL wants to go bigger and better.

Ello Govnah

Ello Govnah

The theory behind moving the Super Bowl over the pond for a season would be to expand its interest over seas and make it a more global game.  I have discussed this idea with some major football fans, and it has not been accepted with arms wide open.  I have yet to hear an legit argument against the idea.

I think that it would be awesome to move the big game over to England for various reasons.  As we all know the Super Bowl is the only sport out of the big three to play just one game.  That means the chances of you, going to the game are slim.  What makes it even slimmer is the fact that if your team makes it to the Super Bowl, well the odds are they are not playing on their home turf.  Due to the fact that they change the location each year and that it is only one game with no home field advantage, then it makes the transition to the Queens backyard that much easier.

In the NBA all star game this past year there were five international players.  In the MLB all star game there were twenty plus international players. How many international guys were in the Pro Bowl?  Out side the United States football is huge, just not our football, the original football aka soccer.  What if we were getting international talent in the NFL similar to the NBA.  Look at what Dirk, Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, or Time Duncan have done for the NBA.  Now imagine what that could do for Americas biggest sport.  Imagine what it would do for the popularity of the sport world wide.  Look at what the International guys have done to baseball and basketball.  They have progressed the game and made it a world wide phenomenon.

Do you think there are Pop Warner leagues in Europe?  No, there are not.  I think it is crazy that soccer in the United States is miles ahead of what American football is in England.  If moving the Super Bowl to England could spark some interest to young Britts over there, that would be awesome.  It would be a start and indeed it would be great for the game.  I just hope that the NFL will not throw this idea out.  Goodel has done great things for the NFL so far, this one would be amazing.

I think that if we do let the Britts host our biggest event of the year, then they should return the favor.  I am asking them to play the finals of the Champions cup over here.  How amazing would that be, and think how much that would grow soccer out here.  You could hold it in the new Cowboys stadium or even the Rose Bowl.  Sell out the stadium broadcast the hell out of it and let the Brits show us how Soccer is truly done.

To sum things up, the Super Bowl in England is an awesome idea.  It would advance the sport and indeed make it more global.  Years down the road we will get more foreign players in the NFL advancing the game even more and making it that much better.  If we give them our big game then they should return the favor with the Champions Cup finals. 

If you are still not with me, I ask you this.  How many Super Bowls have you had the chance to attend? How many times has the Super Bowl been in your home town with your home team?  Does the location of the Super Bowl effect your viewing habits?  There will still be Super Bowl Sunday, you can still have that party, you can still cheer on your favorite team, the only difference is that before the game we will hear not only the Star Spangled Banner but God Save the Queen as well.

Super Bowl for Champions Cup,

London or bust-


Football is coming to the USofA…..

Ladies and gentlemen, lads and lasses, boys and girls, get ready.  Yes, get ready because football is coming to the states.  Not the football you are thinking of, but the original football also known as soccer.  Some of Europes premier soccer teams have scheduled matches against one another to show the JV (MLS) teams of soccer how it is done. 

This summer Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Club America will tour around the nation at some of the most popular venues we have.  United States do you realize that we will get to see the great David Beckham grace us with his presence and soccer brilliance playing for AC Milan?  Ohh wait we already saw him, he is old, slow, and really overrated.  Anyhow back to the venues.  This will include the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (USC’s home away from home even though UCLA plays there every other weekend), The Georgia Dome in the dirty South,  MT&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore (give a big cheer for Michael Phelps its where he is from and probably smoked his first bowl), Cheater Stadium, uhh I mean Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass, Stanford Stadium in Palo Alto CA, and the new Cowboy stadium in Arlington Texas which I heard has the worlds largest LCD monitor 130 yards long by 30 yards high.

Even though the summer time is preseason for all the European clubs we Americans can expect to see a great show, compared to the chicken scratch that we are used to seeing.  I guess you could say that I am just really excited to witness real soccer in person.   Several summers ago when Chelsea came to the states and  played against the American club, viewing records were crushed for a soccer game.  More than 900,000 Americans tuned in to watch the American all star team go head to head against the high spending and ever famous Chelsea. People were interested.

Did I mention that I can not wait to go out to Pasadena and watch some world class soccer.  Instead of having to watch world class soccer by playing Fifa 09 I get to see it live, I have never seen how the real deal plays live.  It should be some great entertainment.  Hopefully this sixth preseason tour of the states for Chelsea and the other European teams will continue to grow the American soccer world.

I am still very jealous of the guy that can go down to his local pub that is packed and watch his favorite club play in the company of all his mates and fans.  That will be the day when soccer truly is a hit here.  We need more pubs and better soccer.  Europe, do you have any ideas on how to progress soccer out here and make it the way you guys have it, the way the game should be played?  I would love some ideas…..

Stay tuned for United States tour updates…….


Screw You David Beckham

On July 21, 2007 the MLS got its highest ratings of all time.  422,000 people tuned in to see if the great David Beckham was worth all the hype.  He was babying a sore leg and the debut was nothing spectacular.  I am guessing that out of those 422,000 people 400,000 of them could not have told you what was off sides or who won the previous Euro cup.  Needless to say there was hype about soccer which carried over to the end of summer when the US all stars played Chelsea and broke another viewing record 947,000 viewers.

The United States as we all know is not known for its soccer.  We had a brief fluke when we made it to the quarter finals against Germany in the 2002 World Cup.  Other than that there has not been that much excitement for the USofA and soccer. Soccer to Americans is like Basketball to Europeans.  The better players are on the other side of the pond and it is a second rate sport.  The biggest publicity each of them get is from EA sports and the video game lines.

Growing up I played my fair share of soccer and tried to follow it as much as possible.  I never cared for the MLS but would look up the European results.  More recently ESPN has been broadcasting soccer on their various networks and it is slowly becoming more popular.  Key word slowly.

There are two major reasons why soccer will never catch on like the big three (football, baseball, and basketball).  European soccer is a very impressive and entertaining sport.  The only time it is ever on television is in the middle of the day.  That means it will not catch on with the youth of the nation because they are at school.  Only the die hards will try and watch the games.  The second reason is there are no commercials.  That is one of the sole biggest reasons the NBA, MLB, and NFL make money.  A simple little thing called advertising.  A name on the jersey and bill boards around the pitch (soccer field for you non footballers) can only go so far.

Back to Becks.  Senior Beckham’s main purpose and goal was to help bring attention to American soccer and help Americans see the sport as the rest of the world does.  He is on the downside of his career and in the US he could get great money and still be competitive.  Do you remember when Jordan came back to play for the Wizards?  It was hard to watch because we knew how great the greatest was and he could not do what he did any more.

David’s stay in Los Angeles was anything but brilliant.  He suffered injury and his age was a factor.  He did not live up to the legends that drifted across the pond and was a step slower then we all expected.

This past year Becks got a chance to jump back over to Europe and did not hesitate.  The LA Galaxy loaned Beckham to AC Milan for several months.  After much debate Becks is coming back over to the states some time around June.  What does this mean for American soccer?  We are going to see a tired and worn out Beckahm once again.  When he comes back, don’t waste your money to watch him.

So here is my screw you to Beckham.  Me and the other thousand or so soccer fans in the United States were stoked to hear that you were coming over to play in the United States.  You said you were going to do everything you could to make soccer a big deal in the states.  You could not have asked for a better introduction or publicity.  Hell KG was at the first game that you played in.  The crowd was lined with stars and celebs.  It was a grand event.

You had all of us in the palm of your hand.  You had a mediocre season at best and we still respected and loved you.  The second you got on that plane for Italy our respect left as well.  I would understand letting you go if you were dominating the MLS but you were not.  When we heard that you wanted to stay in Italy well screw you.  Now that you are coming back no one cares.  You are only a movie title to us.  Who cares if she can bend it like Beckham.

Happy trails Mr. Beckham, you are dead to me just like you are dead to everyone in England as well.  Why don’t you go get a tattoo of that on your back and smoke it…….(if that makes sense)-

The real face of American Soccer

The real face of American Soccer (chillin overseas)


Athletic Club Los Angeles

I consider myself an aficionado when it comes to professional sports. ESPN is my homepage and 90 percent of the time when the TV is on its some sort of sports. Over the past couple of days I have been playing a lot of Fifa (soccer for you non European sports fans) for the PS3. The game is awesome and highly responsible for increasing my knowledge of the football world. The team I am currently playing with is FC Barcelona. I was curious what the FC in the name stood for. I went online to FCBARCELONA.COM and found out that it stands for football club.   

FC Barcelona Shield

FC Barcelona Shield

While I was browsing the website I found out that Barcelona is not only a football club but basketball, handball, field hockey, baseball, cycling, rugby, wheelchair basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, and a figure skating club. Under one name and one company there are a ton of sports. Imagine the pride that the town of Barcelona has for their ten teams under one name. It’s like being in a college or high school all over again. 

What if we had this set up over here in the states? Think of the Dodgers, Lakers, Galaxy, Kings, and well since we don’t have a football team USC (sorry UCLA but you guys just suck) play together under one name. It could be AC (athletic club) LA. Doesn’t that just flow off of the tongue. ACLA. Think of the powerhouse Boston would be having the Celtics, BoSox, Patriots, Bruins, and Revolution. They could be called Boston United, but you get my point. 

This would unite baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and football fans. It would more than likely increase ratings across the board because the teams shield would be on the line and more importantly it would be a city thing. Think about your college experience and if you did not go to college think high school. No matter what sporting event it was you were full of school pride. Every team wearing the same colors, name, and school logo. Every sporting result was a direct reflection of you and your pride. In college I watched everything from Rugby to women’s Lacrosse. It wasn’t my passion for the sport that brought me there it was for the Pride of my school.

Think outside the box……. Long live ACLA… 

Catch ya on the flip side…….


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