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Rush Street

What is up fellow Kaliphornyans it is Sunday and like I have said a million times before it is my favorite day of the week.  Last night was a pretty low key night.  I had some people over and as my boy Parker over at Lost Angeles says “we burned some groceries” and sipped some Margaritas (my twist on the most bomb recipe ever).  We eventually decided to roll on over to Rush Street Grill in Culver City.  


Rush Street

Rush Street

Culver City has come a long way over the past years going from the arm pit of Hollywood and Santa Monica to an up an comming area thriving with Angelinos leaving their mark on this vast city.  I had been to Rush Street once several months ago during the day.  It seemed like a very chill sort of ale house with bomb food.  The Mac and Cheese as well as the sliders are a must.  It was a cool spot that was pretty chill.  


As we valeted the car beacuse we were truly feeling flossy or maybe just lazy Rush Street was jumpin.  Once we made it through the door it was a club/ lounge like atmosphere.  Music was bumping and the place was packed.  When I ate dinner there I had never noticed that there was a whole second floor.  Last night we caravanned our way through a very mixed crowd and journeyed up the stairs.  There was a whole other bar, D.J, out door patio, two semi private rooms, stripper pole, and roped off VIP area that could look down on Lower Rush street giving it a very strong club atmosphere.

I think that it would be a very chill place to kick it and get a table but it looked as though anyone at a table was also getting bottle service.  To refresh you on my stance with bottle service I hate it.  Any dumb schmuck who spends 250 on a bottle that you could go outside walk a block down the street and get the same bottle for 25.00 is an idiot (unless you are my boy Andy at Stingaray in San Deeze, but thats a differnet story). A wise lady once said if a waiter asks me if I want bottle service I ask if there is a corking fee.   

The second floor and tables made you feel like you were at an overcrowded house party where all you can do is the arm and finger dance due to the lack of space.  The crowd was just bizzare, take your valley cats, native culverians, the Santa Monicans, your select Holly Woodians, the downtown kids, and the inglewooders and you have the mix that was last night.  A true Lost Angeles expirence.   

So after sippin on some Whiskey we journeyed our way to the exit and peaced out.  I think that this would be a pretty chill place to come on a lazy weeknight or a bomb place any time during the day.  It was a little overcrowded for this Brentwoodians taste but a cool place and a great vibe for the most part.  

One more thing, the DJ was spinning early to mid to late 90’s hip hop…..Puff Daddy and Mase were one of the highlights for the night.  



Hello weekend

rly-wtf1I hope that everyone has a great weekend. I started it off with a bang last night. Had plenty of Whiskey, Steak, and Potatoes. An all American meal. Many ideas arouse last night for blog topics for the up coming week. I will keep you posted for when they drop. Lets make this weekend epic. Also look for guest blog to drop from Parker over at and check out what I ate last night at……

Let me hear you say ohhhh yeah yeer-


Happy Thursday

It’s Thursday, one more day till Friday and one more day until a weekend that I have nothing planned.  Today has shaped up to be a great day so far.  It is raining which makes me feel like I am in Moraga again, with the rain comes canceled lessons which does take a toll on the bank but will not break it, and to top everything off the Lakeshow plays Beantown tonight.  It will be a good measuer to see where we stand and hopefully the Kobe and co can stop yet another impressive streak by the Celts.  

I have broken the writerblock and it feels good to write again.  If you sit around all day like I have done today your mind wanders thus giving you endless ideas of stuff to write about.  Sit back and enjoy the day and even more so enjoy the weekend.  If you want pass the blog along as well.  Its nice to know people are reading this stuff and I am not wasting my time.  

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