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The batting stance guy

After Mannys pinch hit Grand Slam, I was talking a bit of trash on facebook.  My buddy Yosh had this link posted on his status update.  This dude is hilarious and very talented.  He can imitate any player in MLB history.  Get through the first two minutes of the video and you will enjoy.  A true master piece for any baseball lover….Check it out below….


LeDunked On

What is up hoops nation?  If you are not aware of this by now, we all know that LeBron is good.  King James truly is the King of the NBA.  Yet, like a King he has become spoiled, unsportsmanlike, and can not take a negative story in the press.  Just the other day at one of LeBrons high intensity basketball camps, the King got dethroned on the rim.  Sophomore guard Jordan Crawford from Xavier threw down a filthy two handed slam on the king.  People who were WITTINESS said this dunk was just filthy giving LeBron a role in a poster he is not used to.

After this nasty dunk occured, LeBron called his people over from Nike who were also at the pickup game.  Some things were said then Nike went into the stands where there were several camera men.  Nike confiscated the tapes giving the camera men a lame excuse.  According to Nike there is to be no film in the gym after hours.  Apparently this rule did not go into effect until the King got beheaded.

This story along with the Eastern Conference Finals hand shaking incident has left me with bitter feelings towards LeBron.  The dude is going to go down as one of the best ever, yet when something happens that he does not like, he acts like a little bitch.  I don’t care how pissed you are for losing a series, have some class and shake the other dudes hands.

If you get dunked on, pump the kid up give him props.  Everyone gets dunked on.  If Shaq got dunked on he would go down on the other end and pull the hoop down next possession.  If you did not want to get dunked on you probably should have fouled him instead of going for a block.  LeBron, stop acting like a spoiled baby.  What is next?  If you get dunked on during a game are you going to go to ESPN and have Nike confiscate those tapes.  Are you going to call in The Men in Black and have them use the Nerolizer to erase every ones memories?  Grow up man, no one will think any less of you if you get dunked on.

I think it would be dope for Nike to take these tapes and spin a commercial off of them. It is OK to be embarrassed every once in awhile.  Stop trying to pretend you live in England and have your tyrannical ways LeBron.  Are you going to behead Trevor Ariza for going to Houston now?  LeBron, stop acting like a bitch….

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