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A Cinderella Story in June USA upsets Spain

If you are an avid football fan and follow the sport you think one of two things.  American football or everywhere else football better known as soccer in the neck of the woods that I am from.  For years and years the US national team and the MLS have been the laughing stock of the football world.  We have been the butt of all the jokes. There have been pushes time and time again to turn this sport into something which resembles European Football.  Time and time again we have failed. Yet every blind squirrel does find an acorn once in awhile.

This acorn, happened to be the grand daddy of them all painted in red and yellow.  Today the United States of America beat Spain at its own game.  As for me and probably the majority of the country, I did not get to watch the game, but did follow all the updates via the I Phone.  After the first goal, I was just waiting for the equalizer.  Then Spain go desperate playing at times with only one back while throwing everyone forward.  We broke their wall and went up two.  This was when I stated to think we really have a chance of upsetting the best football team in the world.

The sad part to all of this is the majority of Americans getting home from work right now, still do not know about the greatest win in American Soccer history.  Hopefully this will spark some sort of movement and create some sort of interest in soccer over here.  No not the thousands of rec leagues we have across the country, but something greater.  Possibly turning our MLS into something more than just a JV league.  Possibly being able to see great players stay over here and have great players from Europe and South America come over to play.  I know this is a long shot and will not happen over night, but a win like this could really push the movement.

All in all this tournament has been a tournament of upsets.  To say the story of the USA is a Cinderella story would be an understatement.  If I told you going into this tournament that Egypt would beat Brazil, and then the only way the USA could advance is if Italy lost 3 nill and Egypt lost 3 nill, well I probably would have been laughed at.  Yet all of this happened.  When was the last time Italy lost 3-0?  On top of this, could you imagine the betting line for the people who did throw down some money on the red white and blue (not France)?  I bet they made bank.  Will this Cinderella story continue or will the clock strike midnight?  Brazil showed some vulnerability against Egypt, maybe lighting can strike in the same place twice.   Needless to say this is a monumental day for American soccer.  Lets enjoy this one while it lasts.

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I ignored it, I did not care, I failed.  For the major baseball fan which I consider myself to be, last night I was not.   I instead watched the seventh inning and after failing to rally in some runs I switched over to my beloved Lakers who blew yet another lead in the fourth resulting in another loss.  For the select few of you who did watch the game, I give you praise.  The United States of America was facing off against a very talented Puerto Rico squad in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) which was an elimination game.

The United States lost on Sunday to the same Puerto Rico team that had to bring on the mercy rule.  If a team gets down by ten runs and can not close the gap then the game is called after the sixth inning I believe.  That is what happened to the all powerful team USA.  Pretty much an embarrassing and very low point for our sports nation.

Round two was going to be different.  We could not get embarrassed like again nor were we going to let that happen again.  Each team went back and forth exchanging leads steadily until about the seventh.  The US had two runners in scoring position with two outs down by one run.  All we could produce was an infield ground out to kill our chances at any rally.  The same happened in the eight.  No runs were scored by the good guys.  The bad guys did score another run putting us down three to five.

In the ninth inning we made our move which would eventually throw us into the semifinals to be played at one of the great ball parks in America, Dodger Stadium.  What I saw on Sports Center last night was magical.  It gave me goosebumps and put the feet of all those sports writers back into their mouth.  They said we did not have heart and did not care.  Did you see all the guys rushing the plate and second base off of the golf swing that even Tiger would struggle to make contact with?  Yeah it was sick.

My boy Tiger taught me this swing

My boy Tiger taught me this swing

Discipline is the only thing that I can say won the game for the USofA.  With the heads up base running of Shane Victorino and Roberts in the bottom of the ninth, it put lots of pressure onto the pitching of PR.  So much pressure that the bases then got loaded and they walked in a run.  The next at bat was brilliant.  David Wright worked the count and took a low breaking ball off of his shoe laces and hit an inside out golf swing that was place perfectly.  Barely landed fair and right in between first and right.  This shot scored runners from second and third giving team USA the W.

Hopefully this magic will get the baseball nation more interested in watching our team win it all, and wittiness that there is great baseball world wide.

Damn, you are one beautiful human.  Did you get tickets to see the gun show?

Damn, you are one beautiful human. Did you get tickets to see the gun show?

Lets hope it gets more ratings and attention then A-Roids most recent Details photo shoot.  The mojo is back for team USA. It is time to get on the bandwagon once again and call yourself a fan.  Do not worry we will accept you back…….


Screw You David Beckham

On July 21, 2007 the MLS got its highest ratings of all time.  422,000 people tuned in to see if the great David Beckham was worth all the hype.  He was babying a sore leg and the debut was nothing spectacular.  I am guessing that out of those 422,000 people 400,000 of them could not have told you what was off sides or who won the previous Euro cup.  Needless to say there was hype about soccer which carried over to the end of summer when the US all stars played Chelsea and broke another viewing record 947,000 viewers.

The United States as we all know is not known for its soccer.  We had a brief fluke when we made it to the quarter finals against Germany in the 2002 World Cup.  Other than that there has not been that much excitement for the USofA and soccer. Soccer to Americans is like Basketball to Europeans.  The better players are on the other side of the pond and it is a second rate sport.  The biggest publicity each of them get is from EA sports and the video game lines.

Growing up I played my fair share of soccer and tried to follow it as much as possible.  I never cared for the MLS but would look up the European results.  More recently ESPN has been broadcasting soccer on their various networks and it is slowly becoming more popular.  Key word slowly.

There are two major reasons why soccer will never catch on like the big three (football, baseball, and basketball).  European soccer is a very impressive and entertaining sport.  The only time it is ever on television is in the middle of the day.  That means it will not catch on with the youth of the nation because they are at school.  Only the die hards will try and watch the games.  The second reason is there are no commercials.  That is one of the sole biggest reasons the NBA, MLB, and NFL make money.  A simple little thing called advertising.  A name on the jersey and bill boards around the pitch (soccer field for you non footballers) can only go so far.

Back to Becks.  Senior Beckham’s main purpose and goal was to help bring attention to American soccer and help Americans see the sport as the rest of the world does.  He is on the downside of his career and in the US he could get great money and still be competitive.  Do you remember when Jordan came back to play for the Wizards?  It was hard to watch because we knew how great the greatest was and he could not do what he did any more.

David’s stay in Los Angeles was anything but brilliant.  He suffered injury and his age was a factor.  He did not live up to the legends that drifted across the pond and was a step slower then we all expected.

This past year Becks got a chance to jump back over to Europe and did not hesitate.  The LA Galaxy loaned Beckham to AC Milan for several months.  After much debate Becks is coming back over to the states some time around June.  What does this mean for American soccer?  We are going to see a tired and worn out Beckahm once again.  When he comes back, don’t waste your money to watch him.

So here is my screw you to Beckham.  Me and the other thousand or so soccer fans in the United States were stoked to hear that you were coming over to play in the United States.  You said you were going to do everything you could to make soccer a big deal in the states.  You could not have asked for a better introduction or publicity.  Hell KG was at the first game that you played in.  The crowd was lined with stars and celebs.  It was a grand event.

You had all of us in the palm of your hand.  You had a mediocre season at best and we still respected and loved you.  The second you got on that plane for Italy our respect left as well.  I would understand letting you go if you were dominating the MLS but you were not.  When we heard that you wanted to stay in Italy well screw you.  Now that you are coming back no one cares.  You are only a movie title to us.  Who cares if she can bend it like Beckham.

Happy trails Mr. Beckham, you are dead to me just like you are dead to everyone in England as well.  Why don’t you go get a tattoo of that on your back and smoke it…….(if that makes sense)-

The real face of American Soccer

The real face of American Soccer (chillin overseas)


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