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The Round Table Big Vinney Pizza

The Big Vinney is a pizza that packs a punch as big as its name.  On a large pizza there are 12 slices.  Each slice has 460 calories making the entire pizza worth 5,520.  If a family of five goes out to dinner and gets the large Big Vinney then each of them are going to come home with 1004 more calories.  Throw in a soda and garlic twists and its a whole new story.  The Garlic twists have 170 calories for each twist.  You would have to order a set of 6 in order for each family member to have one. Add on another 1020 calories.  So each person gets 204 more calories on top of their 1004 calories.  If you throw in five 20 ounce sodas you end up with another 241 calories per person.  Bringing the total caloric intake for Timmy, Rickey, Betty, Mother Wendy and Father Frank to 1449 which is about two thirds of the days intake of calories.  The group will have to go home and jump rope for two hours straight as fast as they can to burn the calories off…..Now doesn’t that just have family night written all over it….  


The Big VInney

The Big VInney


The Awesome Blossom

I want my baby back baby back baby back ribs.  Who has not been to Chili’s?  Needless to say they have massive meals at a decent price.  For an appetizer they have their own version of the onion rings.  The Awesome Blossom.  This appetizer packs a whopping 2,710 calories.  Good yes, caloric hells yes.  So to burn this sucker off you can do 542 lunges (100 lunges burns 500 calories) or you can do 271 pushups but that is with no break.  Every time you take a break add 25 more push ups…..







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Grill It

So my personal chef has entered a competition on the food network to be on a throw down like atmosphere with Bobby Flay.  The show as some of you may know is called grill it.  She has personally been in contact with Bobby’s assistants and turned in a bomb recipe.  You to can learn how to cook like a pro from her video on the food network website or her website What’s Gaby Cooking? Find out how to make an easy, healthy meal, that will knock your pants off. Also feel free to leave a comment….img_0495img_0524

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Why Football is the most popular sport in the country

Baseball, Americas past time is a great sport but at times it gets a bit slow, basketball probably the fastest moving sport we watch yet catch the last five minutes of the game and you are set. Football, why is it the most popular sport in the USofA?
Ever since I was young football has been my least favorite sport out of the big three. I don’t know if it was due to the fact that my hometown did not have a team or that I am just a bit odd. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy watching the sport, but I don’t really follow it unless it is the playoffs or college football.
Why does the sport that starts and stops more times in three hours than you local postman does on his daily route get so much love? I have come to several conclusions. Men are very barbaric. We don’t ask for directions even though we are lost and have no clue where the hell we are going. We all say we can lift more than we really can, and then when it comes time to show it we go for it and somehow jack ourselves up but wont admit that we are hurt. We eat meat and drink beer just like the cave men did. Finally we like big hits.
This year I have watched more football than in the past strictly for one reason. The athletes out there are freaks of nature. They are bigger than a grizzly bear coming off of hibernation yet have the agility of a black panther. These guys probably put Lebron James athletic ability to question. These guys absolutely put licks on each other. This season has been full of heavy hard hitting.
My second reason this sport is number one is due to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl as we all know is played at a neutral site and consist of one game and has a killer half time show. What a concept, one game to decide the champion. Not seven but one. Imagine the pressure of playing in this game knowing that this is the only opportunity to win. You don’t have the ability to have an off day. You have to bring your A game to the table.
I think that the NBA and the MLB should adopt this policy.
Pick a neutral site, make a whole day out of the event, have a huge half time show, and let the players go at it just one time. How many World Series or NBA Finals parties have you been to? Imagine the feeling of having a game seven without having to go through the ups and downs of the previous six. I guarantee ratings would be through the roof, new fans would be captured, and the leagues would be stronger than ever.
As great of an idea this is, it will never happen. The sole reason this can only be a fantasy for the MLB and NBA, is because of greedy owners. If each playoff series were one game then that would reduce the season potentially by 18 playoff games including the finals. Cutting out 18 games of a season is having 18 games less of fans selling out the stadium and networks broadcasting 18 games worth of television. Damn

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