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The big 3 turns into the big 4, possibly 5?

Ronald Artest, apparently signed a three year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers today for 18 million.  Several things jump instantly to my mind.  Will the Lakers start Lamar or Ron?  Is the c’est la vie to Trevor?  Will this help our defense?  Will this help our offense?

Only time and the season next year can answer these questions.  One thing I know for sure is the Lakers got a steal.  Yes Ron has had a reputation for the NBA bad boy.  Previously it belonged to Dennis Rodman.  Who coached Rodman and two other super stars?  Phil Jackson.

Under the guidance of Phil and Kobe, I feel that the Lakers improved their roster for next season.  They are getting better defensively and stay the same on the offensive end.  Ron has proven himself time and time again to be a lock down defender and he prides himself on this.  When he does get hot he can be as dangerous as a Kobe.  Well maybe not Kobe but you get what I am saying.

As far as who is coming off the bench, I don’t know on this one.  I think Lamar will step into the starting roll, which will put a lock down defender on the floor when one of the bigs gets into foul trouble and or Kobe needs a rest.  Ron will play more minutes while Kobe is resting which will limit Vuj’s time.  Lets hope the Lakers get rid of Vuj.

What this deal does for the Lakers is weaken a conference rival.  Chances are Ariza will end up in Cleveland and I will be sad to see him go, thank goodness to another confrence none the less.  Ariza did show some potential last year, but Ron is a for sure thing.  The youth of Trevor is what I am going to miss the most.  As Shaq said, he had a very Pippen esq look in the post season.  Trevor was a huge part why we won our championship.  Who knows maybe we will run three small forwards.  Ideally if we got rid of Sasha, and had Ariza or Artest come in for a tired Kobe, that could work.  Both do well defending smaller guys.  Who knows, maybe this could happen.

Needless to say it is nice to know that we took one of Houstons big three and added another guy to our big three turning us into the fab four.  If Bynum comes around maybe we can become the ferocious five.  Only time will tell, but next to the Shaq trade this has been the biggest move thus far in the off season.


Orlando fans need to learn a few things

Over the past months I have done this once or twice with several Boston fans.  This is the first fan I am guessing from Orlando that has left a passionate comment.  As Lost Angeles says, my comments in red.

The lakers are the biggest bunch of winer babies I have ever seen.  Curious what a winer baby is?  Did you mean winner baby?  Or I am guessing you meant to say whiner babies.  The Lakers are winners, and what NBA player does not complain about calls these days, if that makes you a baby then everyone in the NBA falls victim to this stereotype. Derek Fisher is a punk and Kobe is such a crybaby!  Derek Fisher is a class act.  How has he been a punk to Orlando.  With the exception in Houston, Derek has never been suspended and never been thrown out of a game.  There is not a more competent and elegant speaker in the NBA.  Kobe Bryant does argue calls all the time, but he is no cry baby.  There is not a more fierce competitor in the NBA than Kobe Bryant, you know you would take him on your team with no questions asked. Pao Gasol better think again before going after any one of the Orlando players because they would mess him up.  Are we playing basketball or in the octagon? Last I checked Pietrus was the dirty player and went after Gasol.  If someone pushes you in the back as you go up for a dunk, then you deserve to get an ear full.  Piertus has a clean record until that point, I will let it slide.  It must be frustrating not being able to close out games wether it be this series or all the way back to Nick Anderson missed free throws. Gasol is a big ugly lazy player who has no business being cocky.  Gasol is big and ugly, but by no means is he a lazy player.  Isn’t that just putting your own team down even more.  A big lazy guy is going to work and killing it down low.  You only wish Howard had the talent Gasol has to go along with his insane athletic ability.  How is Gasol cocky?  Kobe Bryant is cocky, not Pau Gasol.

Very creative response that had a lot of concrete evidence.  Don’t hate the Lakers because the Orlando Magic can’t close out a game.  Be pissed at all those free throws missed or Nelsons lack of D on Fisher.  Most of the time I am rebutting a Boston fans article.  One thing I miss is some creativity and a knowledge for sports.  Orlando as fans you have a lot to learn.  Boston I miss you.



No time to relax

Great game last night Lakers, truly it was a gem.  Yet I am still nervous.  Did you see how many shots Kobe took?  Granted he absolutely went off in that third quarter to put the nail in the coffin, yet he shot the ball a ton.  Every time this season the Lakers have gotten a huge lead, they blew it.

Yes, they did not blow it last night, but are we going to once again see that team from the Rockets series?  The team, that knows their good and only puts a half effort forward.  Or are we going to see that team from a year ago, that expects Kobe to do everything?  Or will we see that team, that has shown up for a record three games in a row now?  Game two will be a very interesting game (as if all the games will not be interesting) to watch.  If the Lakers come out the same way they did this last game, well sorry Orlando but you are just not deep enough.  If not, then we will have a long series.

Why did Kobe change the game plan from the previous series and shoot so many shots?  It is the same reason Luke Walton took more shots than normal as well.  Courtney Lee, is to small and can not defend Kobe or anyone else on the floor with the exception of our point guards.  There were huge miss matches left and right.

So in the end, yes Kobe can shoot the ball a ton because he has a huge miss match on the floor, then when “Air France” comes in that’s when the bigs go to work.  Last night was a great way to start of that series.  Lets just hope the Lakeshow does not turn into Hyde and dick around.  We all know the Magic will shoot the ball better, and Howard will raise it up another level.  If the Lakers match the intensity, the Magic can not run with them.  You live by the three you die by the three Orlando.  By the way did you see how many threes the Lakers shot?  Only nine, that has to be a record low for the Lakers.

The reason I know we will win is Kobe, the look in his eyes, the intensity on the floor, the post game comments.  The man is on a mission.  The way he looked on the floor last night reminded me of Kobe three years younger.  Unstoppable in every way.



Just a reminder Orlando….(Kobe throws down on Howard)

Nate Robinsons dunk was sick, but this was in a game….More to come on Thursday

Superman that ohhhhhh

Superman that ohhhhhh


Same song different day for Cleveland: The Kings new territory?

Cleveland, rough night last night.  I feel for you, from sweeping the first two round of the playoffs, to a difficult series against the Magic.  Last nights loss probably brings back similar feelings of Jordan and Ehlo, the Tribe falling short against the Marlins, or the rough seasons of the Browns.  The only thing that keeps you guys as fans hopefull is the great Jim Brown and his Super Bowl victory, he tried to bring his swagger court side during these playoff games.

As a Laker fan and Los Angeles sports fan, I have not been deprived of a championship in my short life time, yet somehow I know what you are feeling right now.  You see, Cav fans and Laker fans are not to different in recent years.  Take the Lakers post Shaq era.  Kobe a superstar in his prime, vowed to win another championship with out the Big Diesel.  His supporting cast Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, and a bunch of nobodies.  Two out of the next three years Kobe and company made it to the playoffs.  For three years it was Kobe against five players.  He was good and good enough to make it to the playoffs but there is only so much one  man can do.  Two losses to the Suns two years in a row = a pissed off Kobe.

Angry Kobe was not fun and we all remember the antics of him saying he did not want to play in Los Angeles that one very long long summer.  Mitch Kupchick did not trade Bynum for J O’neal or J Kidd.  Laker land was in shambles.  Kobe was not happy, yet no one was offering the Lakers anything reasonable for him.  Then came the arrival of Pau.  Kobe had a sidekick, another All Star on his side.  Life was good in Laker land once again.

The Lakers walked through the playoffs last year.  The Celtics were tired but tested.  To make a long story short, the Lakers were soft.  The Celtcis embarrassed us on our home court and in the final game.  It was a long season but we knew we would be back.

Lets jump over to the Cavs now.  LeBron is the best player in the league playing with a bunch of nobodies on his team.  The only reason Mo Williams was an All Star is because Chanuncy got traded to the West and Allan was injured.  Verajo and Z, well they are good but not all stars.  Yet, this whole season LeBron made his teammates around him better, and they walked to the playoffs with the best record in the league.

Come playoffs the first two rounds the Cavs looked as though there was a new 23 legend in town, and he was not shooting a jumper over Ehlo.  The team was winning by twenty points and LeBron was playing no fourth quarters.  Yet, they were not getting battle tested.

Enter stage left Orlando Magic.  The Magic just came off of a seven game series against the reiging champs.  They were tested and they were hungry.  On paper they had a much better team as well.  The X factor like the Lakers was the MVP, the King.  He did what he could for two games.

Come the fourth quarter for every game this series, the ball movement stopped, the plays were not being called.  It was Mo Willaims brings the ball up and passes to LeBron.  Cavs players stand around and watch the King battle with five other players.  He tired, and he did as much as he could do.  Ever so reminescent of Kobe and co.

Cleveland, in order to have a glimmer of hope to get another title to your grief strickn town, you need to some how find a way to resing the King.  All season long we have heard the rumors about New York.  I bet you had a pit in your stomach after the game winner Bron hit, and the first guy he goes up to after the game was Jay Z.  You do realize he owns the Nets?  You do realize he has been in LeBrons ear since the age of twelve?  You do realize there is more of a supporting cast there then in Cleveland?  I guess the only true question is, will the Nets get LeBron or Brooklyn first?

I would love to see LeBron play with one team his whole life, its time for you guys to start Lobbying to bring some super star to Cleveland.  Otherwise it might be a long long decade until you get another first overall pick in the draft.


Who should start Fish or Brown?

Lakers fans did you feel it?  Did you?  I was sitting at home in Brentwood and I know that I felt it.  After two quarters we were all even.  Then came the 7:22 marker of the third quarter, enter stage left Shannon Brown.  For those of you who do not follow the Lakers or live in LA, Shannon was acquired as a salary dump when we traded Radmonavich for Morrison and Brown.  Brown has been nothing but energy off of the bench for the Lakers and tonight was no exception.

When he entered the game the Lakers were down seven points half way through the third quarter.  Three minutes later Shannon Brown and all 6 feet four inches of him absolutely posterized Chris self titled Bird Man Andersen.  Lets go bird huntingThis put the Lakers down three but more importantly put a spark into the Lakeshow and Staples Center.  The Next trip down Lamar drained a three and the rest is history.
What we Lakers fans felt tonight is what we have been looking for from our boys in Forum Blue and Gold all post season.  All I have to say is thank you Shannon Brown.  As the third quarter ended Phil brought in Farmar with about a minute left.  I questioned this but then realized that he was resting Brown to go big for the fourth.  Sure enough to start the fourth there was Shannon.

Aside from the offensive play that Shannon provided the Lakers with how about his defense on Billups.  He created two back-to-back turnovers that related in big points for the Lakers.  With this being said it brings me to the title of this article.  Should Phil go out on that limb and start Shannon Brown instead of Derek Fisher.

If Fisher played the way he has been playing all of this series or post season then I would say lets start Shannon and throw aside the playoff experience.  Yet tonight was the first nigh Fisher has scored in double digits and played a decent role in offensive side of the Lakers victory over the Nuggets.  I say keep the rotation the same and start Fish for the game and the second half.  Then when they bring in Carter you bring in Farmar and when Billups is entered again bring in Shannon.

Tonight only became a great night once we started the fourth quarter.  The Lakers sparked their D and in the end sparked their offense.  Not only did you see how professionals handle a run (I am referring to Smith and the way he looked like a tool in Denver when they went on a run) but we the Lakers posterized and shut the “Bird Man” and the bench down with a couple of posters (see Lamar’s dunk and Shannon’s dunk).

All in all this was the first time we truly saw the Lakeshow move the ball this series and dominate a period of the ball game.  Lets carry this momentum to game six and end this series early.  Ohh yeah, huge game Lamar, a blog about you coming tomorrow…..Lets go Purple and Gold.

Bird Who?


LeBron on Coke

Last night watching the Lakers Rocekts game, I was amazed when the newest Nike commercial came on featuring LeBron and Kobe as puppets.  Seen Below

I don’t know if it is just me, but has Nike gone off of its rocker.  Are they trying to make LeBron look like a coke head?  Yes I know he does the chalk throw and makes it rain before every game, but come on.  Look at how hyper LeBron is, look how addicted he seems in the commercial.  I know nike is just using two superstars and making a fun play at them.  Yet I cant help but think the greatest player in the NBA is being wrongfully characterized with coke?  Are you with me?

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