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Don’t worry Orlando, we have you covered

Besides being healthy in the NBA finals, the biggest difference from last year opposed to this year for the Lakers, is the variety of teams they played against and styles they saw in the post season.  Each round was a different style and match up that the Lakers had to play against and make adjustments.  These various styles thus have prepared them to match up and know how to play the Orlando Magic.

The Magic starting five for the post season has consisted of Rafer “Skip to my Lou” Alston, Rashard Lewis, Courtney Lee, Hedo Turkoglu, and Dwight Howard.  Lets start by breaking down each player and who they most resemble from the previous teams the Lakers have faced.  Alston is most like his young counter part who took over his spot in Houston, Aaron Brooks.  The guy is a great ball handler and very quick.  Like Brooks this guy will take an open shot so you have to stick home with him.  I feel that Fish will do a decent job on him, but we will be looking to let Farmar get most of the minutes due to his speed on the defensive end.

Courtney Lee is shooting 45% from the field in the playoffs and 30% from down town.  Out of the four shooters on the floor for Orlando he is the one Kobe will be helping off of.  We want to make him beat us.  On the offensive end this is where we will have our best mismatch with him defending Kobe.  I find Lee very similar to Ronnie Brewer of Utah.  Kobe will be free to roam around and help with other defensive assignments simialr to what he did in Utah.

Rashard Lewis, is big and can shoot lights out.  He reminds we of a better shooting Lamar Odom.  Lewis shoots well for a big man and spreads the floor for the magic.   The player most like Lewis in which the Lakers have faced would be a guy similar to Okur.  Even though Lewis is quicker than Okur, chances are Gasol will be able to keep up with him.  If they decided to pick and roll then the Lakers will be fine to switch on the pick with the lengthy Ariza and Gasol.

Hedo, I despised this guy back when he played for the Kings.  Another bigger forward who can score from any where on the floor.  Ariza got a great warm up defending Mello in the previous series.  If Ariza can slow down Mello then for sure he can have an impact on Hedo.  I feel that this is the X factor.  If we can keep Hedo quite we can win this series.

Time to break down Dwight.  Dwight is a man child, a super freak.  The dude takes his vitamins.  Luckily we have two seven footers to clog up the lane and make the paint a living night mare for Howard.  Where he will get his points is late switches or slow to help.  It is essential Bynum stays out of foul trouble.  There are possibly chances that Phil will suite up Mbenga to throw one more man at Howard with size.

The Lakers trip to the finals is four wins away.  Lets see if they can do it.  Game time tomorrow at 6…..


The Nuggets are good, the sole reason the Lakers will not lose

The Lakers took possession’s off, they didn’t play defense, and they barely escaped the undermanned Houston Rockets.  What is going to happen in this next series?  According to Chuck (Sir Charles) Denver wins.  We all know the Lakers are the most talented team in the NBA, yet as we have come to ask the whole Houston series, where is the heart?  Where is the intensity?  Where is the fight?

According to everyone the Lakers will not match up with Denvers physicality, intensity, or day in and day out fight.  I beg to differ.  As I said earlier and as we all know the Lakers are deep and extremely talented.  They have a history of getting a big head and thinking that they are entitled to get to the finals again.

Going into the Houston series, the Lakers were laid back.  They had not lost to this team once during the regular season and felt as though they would walk all over them.  Game one was an eye opener as Houston stole home court and the first game.  Phil and the boys made their adjustments and went on to win games two and three.

Yao Ming goes down with an injury and the Lakers get complacent once again.  The Rockets stomp on the show and the Lakers answer back with an even bigger spanking.  Game six the Lakers had the Rockets with their back against the wall, and once again the boys in Purple and Gold got complacent.  Game seven well the Lakers new they had to come to play and that is what they did to clinch the series.

The reason the Lakers will win the Denver series is because Denver is good.  There were four must win games for the Lakers this season.  Two against Cleveland and two against Boston.   The Lakeshow won all four of those “statement” games.  When they have to come and play they will do so.  As bad as that sounds, this is the Los Angeles Lakers team we have become used to seeing.

The reason the Lakers will not be complacent to the Nuggets, because they are a good team.  The Lakers almost lost this last series to a not so good Rockets team.  If they do the same against this team, well its game over.  Due to the fact that the Nuggets are far better than the Rockets it then makes the Lakers all that much better and have them bring their intensity.

Houston was that wake-up call in which all Lakers and Laker fans were looking for.  With a small line up, it allowed Bynum to get extra minutes to get his confidence back to a level near what it was when he got injured.  A speedy Aaron Brooks helped the Lakers figure out how they best defend against the pick and roll.

If Bynum comes out and plays the way he did in game seven, the Lakers play with energy, and they guard the pick and roll the same way they shut down Brooks in game seven they will get the series 4-1.   After all that said I am hesitant in even remotely thinking that there will not be a repeat performance of games four and six from the Lakers.  Lets see what they are made of.

Buttnuggets here we come-


Andrew Bynum and Rihanna are under an Umbrella ella ella a a

Andrew Bynum at the rip old age of 21 years old is taking Los Angeles by storm.  Coming into the NBA at eighteen years old, he had some big shoes to fill.  When the Lakers kept him around after he showed some promise when Kobe was mad he had even bigger shoes to fill.  Now, in the playoffs and healthy it is his time to shine.

Over this past series Andrew Bynum has had more ups and downs than your typical ride at Magic Mountain.  Starting out in game two he made his first five shots, then missed his next six.  Game three, well he played maybe thirty seconds due to foul trouble.  If Bynum could just stay on the floor that would help the Lakers out a ton.  Possibly making the road to hanging another banner in Staples that much easier.

Basketball aside, Bynum has been killing it.  There were photographs of him at the Playboy mansion several months ago, while his team was on an extended road trip.  All of us in Los Angeles saw his rehab was going well when pictures of him holding a play boy bunny on his shoulders appeared on the Internet.

Things mellowed down after the mansion and Bynum got back to hoops.  Apparently basketball has not been consuming 100 percent of his time.  There are reports that Bynum has now been linked to Rihanna, you the umbrella girl.

This is great for Bynum, yet I only have one request.  Drew, focus on your sport right now, wait till you win an NBA title and then you can “run it” Chris Brown style with Rihanna, well without all the biting and beating.  That would not look good for you or the Lakers.

On a random side note, how much do Shannon Brown and Chris Brown look alike?


100th post

Happy 100th post, thanks for all the readers, hopefully many many more to come, like at least a million…… launched January 23rd 2009, that very first day it recieved about eighty hits.  The following weeks to come it averaged twenty or so hits until the face of the franchise got smart and started writing more about contreversial topics and placed them in hot beds where there would be passionate readers.

The first big post was Loretto is Jumping Ship. There were many passionate girls who hated this article and proved me wrong, as I knew they would. Rock on Loretto and keep fighting. After that massive day things got better and the blogs continued.
Wednesday March 11, 2009 marks the busiest day in Kaliphornya history. Kaliphornya dropped the smack down on David Beckham and got soccer fans world wide very interested. Check it out here as it continues to still get hits and be the busiest blog Screw you David Beckham.
So as I have barely scratched the surface, my main goal is to entertain and spark the minds of many. Please feel free to comment or send me an e mail if you would like to write an article. Check out the contact info of the blog. If not then pass this on to a friend and maybe their cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, dogs, owner will find it interesting.

Stay flossy Kaliphornya-


Andrew Bynum with playboy bunny

Yet another reason why Southern Kaliphornya is a great place to play sports.  Andrew Bynum has been injured for the past six and a half weeks.  He is ready to practice with the team upon their return of the horrendous road trip.  While they have been gone, Andrew made a visit to the Playboy mansion.  He then went ahead and put a bunny on his shoulders and got a picture of it.  That a boy Bynum.  I wonder what KG does while he is rehabbing his knee?  Possibly goes to a skating rink with Rondo?

Everything is better in Kaliphornya

Everything is better in Kaliphornya

looks like the knee is getting better-


Streakers getting killed

streakerEver since Christmas day there have been three separate incidents of streakers getting killed. December 25th in Los Angeles, February 5th in Boston, and the most recent in Cleveland on February 8th. It is said that it is not one man but a group or alliance of people working together.
The Los Angeles Lakers have had a point to prove since the begging of this season. Christmas day the Lakers won a statement game against Bean town and held serve at home. This killed a 19 game win streak by the clovers and held serve at home. It took awhile for the team to start getting it going and then Andrew Bynum went down. The look on Kobe’s face at that instant seemed as though he saw a ghost. On top of this the Lakers were also starting the most difficult road trip of the season. Luckily they pulled together as a team and stood up to Boston’s three party and showed them they were a different team from the NBA Finals the previous year. The Lakers killed the C’s 12 game win streak in Boston without an Andrew Bynum presence in the middle thus winning the tie break which it may come down to for home court advantage.
After this win they had to go on and play King James and the Cavs. With a sick Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakeshow picked up the slack and dethrowned the so called chosen one. This killed the 23 home game win streak and hands Clevland their first home loss of the season.
Power rankings say only so much. As for playing against the top two teams in the league the Lakeshow is 4-0.
Lets enjoy the break and get ready for the All Star Game next weekend.


Lets add one more

Lets add one more






Andrew Bynum is tough like GI-Joe

Andrew Bynum came into the NBA at the ripe old age of 18 years old. Coming straight out of high school he was projected to do big things. Under the strict super vision of the man who can float in the air while meditating, the Zen Master Phil Jackson, kept his numbers down when he came into the league so he could develop. His first two years in the league he rode the pine and got the occasional bitch minutes at the end of halves and blow out games. 
Bynum’s third year in the Association he was moved to a starting role. After spending all summer working on his inside game with Kareem Abdoul Jabar we could start to see what Dr. Buss saw in this massive heap of athletic ability.

Bynum started dominating the paint and was making true progress. I remember one trip down the floor playing the Heat, Bynum got absolutely abused by Shaq. Shaq did a nice little baby drop step and put it down over him. Sheer strength meeting young wit. The very next play on the other end of the floor Bynum received the ball on the block and used the very same move to throw it down on Shaqavic (-noun-when shaq makes freethrows he calls himself Shaqavic). 
There have been glimpses over the past two years that Bynum has potential. All of this led up to a nasty bone bruise that originally was going to put him out 3 weeks. This turned into the rest of the season which was 4 months. It was very apparent in the NBA finals how soft the Lakers were on the inside. There was no stopping the dribble penetration when teams would run a high pick and roll. The Celtics picked us apart. We had no shot blockers on the inside.
So now lets flash back to the start of this year. Bynum is healthy, we have Gasol from the start of the season, and Kobe is coming fresh off of an Olympic gold. Things sure were looking good in LALA land. Up through the first thirty games of the season, the Lakers played to the level of their opponent. It wasn’t stuff that is going to win a Championship. What was even more disheartening was the fact that Bynum was sucking. Not as bad as Quame Brown sucking but it was not good.

He looked nowhere near the level he was playing at the previous year before the injury. 
We all knew it would take some time for Bynum to get his swagger back, but man it seemed like it would never come. Each game I would watch in anticipation, like a little kid on Christmas Eve lying in bed knowing that there was a brand new Hall of Fame GI Joe waiting for him under the Christmas tree. (Now I know what you are thinking, the Hall of Fame GI Joe has the same specs in size as a Barbie, but it’s not a doll, it’s a GI-Joe the American Hero and he has guns.)
Anyhow back to Bynum, so the progress was not what the Laker fans were expecting this year.
This was true until last night. Jan 21 2009 Andrew Bynum had a career night. He pulled down 15 boards, 4 blocks, and 42 ohh so sweet points. Do those numbers look familiar? Can you say Shaq? After the game Bynum was interviewed a
nd he did a very Shaq Esq. thing. He gave Kobe Bryant a new nick name – Kobe Nash, *quick side note Kobe received his second triple double in three games finishing off with 18 points 12 rebounds and 10 assists. So has Andrew Bynum overcome the injury, is he ready to step up and play like this consistently? Some think no, it was a fluke; it happened against Los Angeles’s JV team the Clippers. I think he has arrived, a game that will change a career forever. Ladies and Gentle Men, I give you Andrew the Stilt Bynum…      


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