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10 ways to pass time if your unemployed

If you are one of the 9.5 % of Americans unemployed I bet you have a fair amount of free time on your hands.  After getting the boot, once you overcame the shock life seemed nice.  Suddenly, you realized that you do not need that company and your career was going no where.  Look on the bright side, you get to start over and until you get a job, well life is an endless weekend.

I bet it was nice to sleep in those first couple of days possibly weeks.  You would wake up around noon eat some breakfast or leftover pizza from the night before then hop online.  By this time you know all of the job sites and listings by heart.  Your resume is beefed up and you might have gotten one or two interviews.  Yet after making it to that final round you recieved the phone call “I am sorry but we went with another candidate who was more qualified and experienced than yourself”.

You find that the days are super long and boring, with only day time television to pass the time mixed in with the very unmotivated trip to the gym.  I have compiled a list of things you can do when you find yourself watching that third loop of Sports Center and want to pull your hair out.

  1. Start a blog, who knows any one can read these things.  If you are a good writer or have some interesting things to write about, it is a great way to make some money on the side.
  2. Go to sign up for an account, create your interest list and let the stumble bar take you on a trip around the world wide web, keeping you entertained for hours.  You may just discover the next “David After the Dentist”.
  3. Check out the best of craigslist.  I recently came across this part of craigslist.  Man there are some weird ass people in this world.  Check out what they post and how they post it.
  4. Buy a ton of Gatoraid and water.  Get a portable ice chest and stand outside of a local bar or club.  When people come out completely hammered, charge them triple what the drinks ran you in the supermarket.  Everyone wants to avoid a hang over.  This has been proven to work.
  5. Go through your I.Tunes account and make sure every song has a title, artist, album, and album art work.  Get rid of those annoying track 1, track 1-1, track 1-1-1, unknown album.
  6. Rummage through all of the stuff you have lying around you abode.  See what you use and do not use.  Go ahead and sell it on craigslist to put off moving back home for another month.  Would you rather live with Mom and Dad or have a 46 inch flat screen and PS3?
  7. Send a video of yourself to the celeb you would most like to meet every day at the same time.  Maybe you just might meet him or her.  (It worked on the Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek)
  8. Try and predict who the best player in the most recent draft will be.  Then go to and buy their domain name.  Once they get big and famous you sell it to them for much dinero.
  9. For the adventurous, you can travel “Into the Wild” style.  Me, well I could never do this, but could you imagine the blog and following one would have if he traveled the world with only the clothes on his back and a lap top.  That would be baller, kinda like that 17 year old kid who sailed around the world by himself.  Check that out.
  10. Finally, you can sit around making lame ass lists trying to pass the time similar to this one.  No I am not unemployed, yes I do have a fair amount of free time.  Does anyone want to hire me?

You think it is hot where you live?

I thought I was hot, then I went on and looked up death valley, and this is what came up.Picture 3Picture 4
Picture 1


Girls and their legs

Chances are there is at least one picture of you with some friends on the Internet.  Whether it be facebook, myspace, or the more popular twitpick, you can be found online.  Yesterday night I was looking at some pictures of my friends who I have not seen in some time.  This was when I came across the most random discovery ever on facebook.

Pick out a female friend on facebook and look through their pictures. I would say that every picture where there you can see their whole body, there is at least one girl standing with one leg locked tight and the other slightly bent.  Now choose a guys profile and look at all of his full body shots.  Both legs straight up looking very normal.

Why do girls have the need to bend their legs when they are taking a picture?  Nine pictures out of ten there is at least one if not all girls bending their leg.  I have never noticed this before but until I get a reason why they do this, it will annoy me.  There really is no logical reason to bend one leg and lock the other.

On top of bending the leg I love how girls always turn sideways for a picture.  If it is a picture of just dudes, they are all facing forward.  Yet with girls you have both side facing the middle where the center piece is the only one facing the camera.  Why do they do this as well?

Maybe I have to much time on my hands to notice this stuff, but ladies can you please inform me.  Hopefully you all have a great Friday and when that camera comes out tonight, be aware of how you are standing, I bet you do not even realize you do it.

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

Boy and Girl boy=stright leg girl=?

Boy and Girl boy=stright leg girl=?

Once again look at the guys and then the girls

Once again look at the guys and then the girls


Between the Curves

Los Angeles local band Fight From Above has officially released their very first music video “Between the Curves.”  Last weekend was the video release party and I have heard nothing but good things from the band and fans alike.  With the release of LA Kids it is now their third album to drop and it only has gotten better over time.

Whether you are driving down the 405 or throwing back Whiskey with a bunch of friends, their music is a perfect compliment to a good time.  I have had the luxury to meet the band and these guys are exactly like their music.  Very chill yet different.  Something even cooler that I bet you did not know about the band is the fact that they filmed, edited, and produced the whole music video.  You need to check these guys out HERE and make sure to go out and get their music.
If you a fan of the pop rock/ indie rock you will not be disappointed. Check out the music video below.


Cheese rolling contest

Why dont we have this contest over here in the states?


My cell phone was a party in my pocket….

Do you remember your first cell phone?  I sure do.  As a young teenager I attended high school about an hour away from where I lived.  Needless to say it was a very long commute for my parents to take me to school before I was able to drive.  My freshman year of high school, I was playing in a tight tennis match against a cross town rival.  To make a long story it was a long battle that came down to the last match.  We ended up winning it and left the school.  My Mom was going to meet me at the high school I attended at six.  I did not get dropped off back at the school by my coach until 8:00.

My mother had no clue where I was and all she could do was wait.  Not many people had a cell phone back then.  The very next weekend we went down to the ATT store and I got my first phone.  It was the Nokia and it was awesome.  You could change the faceplate and pick from several preset ring tones.  It looked a lot like this.

This phone was sick and snake was a great way to pass time in class.  I loved this thing, until everyone started getting smaller ones, that could vibrate, and get custom ring tones.  After my two year contract was done with the original Nokia 5110, I upgraded to the Nokia 3310.  This thing was awesome.  I must have spent twice the cost of the phone modifying it out the best I knew how.

It started out looking like the above picture.  When I was done with this thing, it had a clear front and back face plate along with clear buttons.  I had the custom blue LCD light up battery and the lights that went under buttons in the front.  I also had the antenna that light up.  This phone was truly a party in my pocket…..Ohh yeah the ring tone was Alice DJ better off alone.  This was back in the days of the ring tones that did not sound like songs though.  These ring tones sounded like computerized beeps to form and resemble the song you wanted to play when your mom called.  This phone was truly a party in my pants well my pocket.


Your a Jerk, New Boyz doing it right

I am sure you have all heard the New Boyz song Your a Jerk, I am even sure you have seen the New Boyz video your a jerk.  Did you know though, that the you tube phenomenon New Boyz asked people to go ahead and use their music to make their own “Your a Jerk” video.  As a guy that loves new ways to advertise and get media across, this is brilliant.

You are allowing people to take your hit, and use the technology available, then drop a video on you tube which is part of the Your a Jerk community.  This advertising ploy is just great.  You have to give these guys props for the way they marketed themselves.

If you have not seen this video then “your a jerk” and you need to learn the dance.  Think soldier boy with less moves and much more simple.  Ohhh yeah mixed in with Buddy the Elf’s table dance.  It is so easy that the awkward white guy in club with no rhythm can even do the dance.  This whole weekend I will be jerkin it, possibly making a video as well joining the jerk nation.

Big props New Boyz way to be creative with a catchy song.  Time to get my “Your a Jerk” dance on and record that video.

New Boyz

New Boyz

These are some homemade videos…

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