Weekend Warrior

Friday night, was a big night. Had some good people over Zack and Emily and discussed almost anything and everything. Had some bomb cooking possibly the most American Meal you could have. It was prepared by my lovely girlfriend Whats Gaby Cooking and Zack Lost Angeles did the steaks to perfection. It was a magical meal topped off with some Chocolate Molten Lava cake. Lots of Whiskey was thrown back that night and it led to some good times with great people.
The next day was very relaxed and ended up going to my girlfriends Uncle’s house and had dinner with the family. Her uncle wants to move to South Africa. He is a very smart dude and used to teach at USC. Needless to say any conversation with him you get an interesting twist on things and is never dull.
After dinner we stormed from Woodland hills to Santa Monica and met up with my cousin and his lady friend. Once again the Whiskey flowed until late in the night and we eneded up searchign the thrid stree promenade for food after the bars closed. Saddly nothing was open and so we ventured to Swingers.
Swingers might have been the most bizzare thing I have ever seen. This place was all organic or at least I am told and reminded me of a Dennys. I have passed by it thousands upon thousands of times and never saw any interest to it. Once you make it inside at two in the morning it is a whole sub culture of people who are craving food after a long night of drinking. Everyone was coming off of their buzz and wanted a nice meal before journeying into bed.
Got some chili cheese fries, none that I would write home about, drove everyone home and passed out at three am.
I have not gone to bed at three AM in a long long time. I was worthless all day Sunday. Woke up just in time to catch the end of the Spurs beating the Celtics, which is always a good thing, then watched the Lakeshow beat the Bronbreezys Cavs with a very sick Kobe Bryant.
Lurched around the apt the rest of the day and am gearing up for another week of work ahead.
Needless to say it was nice to go and act like I was in college again, but done in a more sophisticated way.
Big things to happen this week.


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