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Adventures of a Brentwoodian Round I

What is up all?  Last night was a good one.  Had some friends over and drank some Whiskey.  Once the cocktails were flowing the crew decided to go to a restraunt/bar called the Vicente.  We hopped in a cab and made our way to the bar.  The cab fee came out to $7.15.  The cabby gave me two dollars back out of my ten.  I pondered how much to tip him when I realized he short changed me 85 cents.  If he gave me three bucks back I would have told him to keep two of the three dollars.  He didnt thou so he got an 85 cent tip, which is fair for a two min cab ride.  Why do we tip cabby’s, this is one practice we should adopt from Europe, no tips?    

So once inside Vicente we got seats right away at the bar.  It was not crowded for a friday night which is yet another boistorious reflection of the current economy.  Do you think the DJI will drop to the 6,000 mark on Monday?  Anyhow at the bar I felt like something different than a Jack and Coke.  My cousin had been there before so I got what he ordered.



 It was similar to a greyhound, grapefruit juice minus the vodka plus the gin.  I have never really been a big gin guy but I was a fan of this drink.  At Vincente they pride themselves on their cocktails because the fruit juice in coctails is all freshly squeezed.  The grapefruit and gin went perfect together.  Vicente also serves homemade potatoe chips that were out of this world.  
After some great conversations the bar was getting ready to close.  The owner was conversing with the few remaining people at the bar and hanging out with the waiters.  My crew was shooting the shit with several waiters and being friendly.  You never know when it will come in handy knowing a bar tender.  Without thinking I brought my empty drink and plate up to the bar trying to make the bartenders night a little easier.  


The owner an older swanky woman saw me do this and called me out.  “Why are you brining your dishes up to the bar?  The bartender will get those.”  I replied “I just wanted to make it easier on them, trying to help out.  It’s my mothers fault.”  She got a huge smile on her face and told the bar tender to make my cousin and I another drink .  They poured us the last of the grapefruit juice which was about half the glass then filled the other half of the glass with gin.  Stiff yet satifying.  It does pay off to be nice and help other people once in awhile.  The owner went ahead and called us a cab.  After a couple minutes the cab showed up and we went off to the Brentwood.

 The Brentwood for those of you who have not had  the expirence yet is my bar in the backyard.  It is a very dark lit room that is eighty percent tables and 20 percent bar.  If you live in the area then you have found yourself swaggering in there one time or another.  The food is good and the drinks are stiff (if you know the bar tenders).  

The Brentwood

The Brentwood

Normally we sit at the bar but last night we decided to get a table.  I have heard so often of the dougnut holes  so I went ahead and ordered them along with another grapefruit and gin.  The holes came with a very rich chocolate sauce, custard sauce, and strawberry sauce.  Each were good and it was the perfect food to top the night off.


During our excursion to the Brentwood we had a new waitress that I had never seen.  You could tell she wanted to get the hell out of there and was in no mood to be a great host.  She was shooting us glances left and right along with being a stright bitch.  Needless to say when we had an issue with one of the drinks she walked right away from the table and got the manager.  The manger was chill and the drink was comped.  We got done there and made our way back to home base, said our goodbyes and it was off to bed.  

A good night with great people leading into an excellent weekend

More adventures to come-


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