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Wonder Bitch and the pushover

Have you ever been put on blast, got ripped apart, or plain old chewed out?  I am sure this happens to the best of us during some point in our lives.  This past Friday, I witnessed this first hand.  Let me describe the scene before I go into the story.  For those of you who are not familiar or to scared to venture down towards the Santa Monica area, there is a slew of great restaurants.  Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to get together with some long time friends and have a couple of cocktails.

We decided to post up at Ma Kai’s.  Ma Kai’s is a very nice, laid back restaurant with a great bar.   Ma Kai’s signature has been their Mojitos.  In the past, they would fill your glass to the brim with crushed ice accompanied by a stick of sugar cane, and then pour in that luscious minty concoction.  These things are strong and deadly.

MaKai lounge

Ma'Kai lounge

Upon ordering several cocktails and appetizers, my attention was drawn to the table next to us.  There was a couple there who looked around their mid twenties.  The girl looked like your typical blond from southern Kaliphornya.  Dressed to impress, with a bag and outfit that probably cost more than her car.  The guy, well my friends and I had a good time ripping into him.  This is what we do, we belittle people when they can not hear us.  Aren’t we nice.  Anyhow the guy had pushover dork written all over him.  He had shorter hair that was parted to the side similar to the hair cut my father has.  You know that one your mom used to make you wear on picture day in first grade?  He was wearing an undershirt below a pink lacoste shirt, both tucked into his khakis.  This all went along perfectly with his Topsiders.

So, what grabbed my attention?  I head this girl yelling as though she were telling a story.  I then listened even closer and realized she was chewing this dude out.  I do not know why, but full on yelling at this guy in a nice restaurant for everyone to wittiness.  She was saying stuff to him that blew my mind.  This whole time Peter preppy, was siting there like a gentle man, eating his fries and taking this lashing.  Not an ounce of emotion from him.  This bitch session must have gone on for a good thirty minutes.

To make the story even better this couple probably ordered three or four different appetizers.  After polishing off their sweet potato fries, calamari, and two of the three sliders, Betty the bitch made a scene.  She brought the manager of the restaurant over and started in on him.  To quote her she said “I want my money back, your sliders did not have lettuce on them!”  The manager told her that these sliders were award winners for the area, and that they do not put lettuce on them.  She blew up at this dude for another ten minutes.  Eventually she got the whole bill comped and stormed out of the restaurant.

I was in utter shock how rude and bitchy this chick was.  What was even worse was how her boyfriend just took it.  Anyhow I guess some people just don’t have manners, or a backbone.  On that note, the next time you are out, keep it classy.


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