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For Laker fans all year long, we have been waiting for a night like this. Kobe finally dropped big points and it could have not come at a better time. He dropped 61 pts in the Mecca of basketball Madison Square Garden including a perfect twenty for twenty performance from the free throw line. He scored the most points ever in this gym passing Jordan who dropped a double nickel and Bernard King who had 60.
As a Laker fan this is awesome but as we saw tonight the true basketball fans in New York also appreciated the performance. When Phil pulled Kobe out with under a minute to go the crowd started chanting MVP and truly meant it. Spike Lee, Mr. New York Knick, gave Kobe a standing ovation, and even the zen master gave Kobe a humble slap on the ass. It truly was a great night for the NBA and basketball fans world wide.
I know that Bron Breezy has been leading the leauge in the MVP race but tonight this performance will hopefully close ground between Lebron and Kobe. No more is Kobe the guy that hoists up fifty shots a night and averages thirty seven points per game. On most nights he leads the team in points and assists averagins 27 and 6 per game. His defence is stellar, he gets his teamates the ball, and similar to Air Jordan himself, Kobe is now making the players around him better.
He if finally playing the game the way it should be played and efficiently. Tonight Kobe knew that his team needed something positive to look towards with the news of Andrew Bynum going down for possibly three months. They needed this momentum to carry them through Toronto and Boston. Now as Kobe so many times has led by example, it is time for his team to step up. Time for Lamar and Pau to play some interior Defense, time for Luke and Vlad, to hit those open threes, time for Trevor to keep doing what Trevor does, time for Fish and Farm to get the ball where it needs to go, and finally time for the Lakers to put all doubts aside that they can win and win big with out Bynum.
This I feel is only a start to a brilliant performance that we are about to wittness from Kobe Bryant. Lakers fans, NBA fans, basketball fans, get ready to wittness basketball the way it should be played, the way the greatest player in the world plays. It is time for Kobe to reclaim his MVP.


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