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Cats too can give Dutch Ovens


What is up? As you may or may not know I am currently residing in the Los Angeles area more specifically Brentwood. I have been living with my wonderful girlfriend Gaby for the past six months. Ever since she moved in she has been pushing to get a kitten. I myself am not much a cat kind of guy. Growing up I was always a dog person. Due to my current living situation, an apartment, ever wonder why they are called apartments if all the rooms are right next to each other? So against my judgement of the kitty litter, poops, scratched up furniture, and possible vet bills we scoped out a couple animal shelters and found a kitten. 
It was love at first sight with Gaby and this tiny little black cat. As soon as the cat was avilable to be adopted she was ours. We brought the cat home and named her Stella after the beer. I figured she might as well have a cool name. Still hesitant and second guessing bringing this little critter home I went along with it and started trying to teach her dog tricks such as fetch and sitting. Still working on it. To my surprise Stella has been great. I even bought a spray bottle and was able to have target practice on her every time one of her claws hit the furniture. I am contemplating on trying out for the SWAT team being a marksman. I am also training her for that day she encounters another cat on her turf. They best not mess with her, she can wreck shop.
Stella the culprit

Stella the culprit

On a warm weekend afternoon about two weeks ago I was in the living room playing Fifa 09. I had just fniished my celebratory dance after an unreal bicycle kick by Luca Toni from Christiano Ronaldo. Yeah thats right they are on the same team. Anyhow I hear a scream from the bathroom. Gaby was taking a shower and stormed quickly out of the bathroom soaking wet several moments later. I gave her a puzzled look and asked whats going on?

Stella’s kitty litter box is placed in the bathroom next to the shower door. She had proceeded to drop a huge smelly Doogan (poopie) while Gaby was in the shower with soap all over her body and shampoo in hair. I thought to myself “Man my cat just gave my girlfirend a Dutch Oven” Stella gave my girlfriend a Dutch Oven!!! At that very moment I knew that we had made the right decision to get a cat and we chose the perfect cat. More antics to come.   

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