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More East Coast love for sports

Ridiculous, I just finished reading that FOX and the MLB plan to hold and start World Series games 45 min earlier.  The sole reason for this is so the East Coast does not have to watch these games until one and two in the morning.
My question to FOX and the MLB is, does everyone live on the East Coast?  Do you realize that moving a 5:10 game ahead 45 minutes earlier will mean that anyone living on the West Coast misses the first three innings due to the fact that we have work.  It is already a struggle to make it home by the end of the first inning with a 5:10 game.  Now you are making it

The last time I checked the average work day ended at five.  The average bed time?  Well I think that is a little more flexible.  This is a huge fail for the MLB, FOX, and the East Coast.  Sack up and go to bed that fourty-five minutes later.  I did not realize that the whole east coast was a huge elderly home?  Whats next, are you going to complain that the pre game show cuts into Bingo and dinner time?

The MLB is trying to increase their ratings by making these games earlier.  According to ESPN “Philadelphia’s five-game victory averaged an 8.4 rating, down 17 percent from the previous low, a 10.1 for the five-game St. Louis-Detroit series in 2006.

Are the people with the MLB serious?  Come on.  The reason the ratings were down 17 percent from the previous low was not because of the start and end time of the game.  It was the teams.  Who gives a shit about the Rays or Phillies other than Tampa Bay and Philidelphia.  I love watching Rain Delays, dont you?  You had no major market teams in the series, and what made it even worse was it was the most losing team in baseball history, and a team that celebrated its 20th birthday last year.  Woo Hoo drinking age this year…

I guarantee if the Dodgers and the Red Sox or Yanks made it to the series you could start a game at 7:00 PST and it would set a record for ratings.

MLB, FOX, East Coast……FAIL


Southwestern Law School…….FAIL

Last night my cousin and I went to Banderas.  Banderas is a fairly swanky restaurant that has a bar in the center of it all.  They also have a killer beef dip.  Anyhow my cousin and I were glancing around the circular bar people watching.  It seemed as though there were plenty of very old men with fairly young and attractive women with them.
I did not realize that Banderas was a show case to display your trophy wife.  Anyhow there was a group of three people sitting to the left of me.  There were two mid twenties a guy and girl having a drink with their father.  This mid twenties guy was hammered a super annoying.  Halfway through my dinner they were met by a friend closer to the age of the father.  This friend was carrying a stack of blue books.

Later on overhearing them talk I found out that this guy was a law professor at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.  He was holding his law classes final exams.  The drunk annoying dude was also a law graduate and asked to take a look at the exams.  He drunkenly started passing them around to people at the bar and belittleling the students.  Everything from degrading there handwriting to taking a pen and writing crude remarks in the blue books.

This got me curious if any of my college professors ever took my blue books to a bar and passed them around for Joe Schmoe to mock and belittle?  If so, hopefully it helped me get a better grade.  I was just amazed that a law professor would do such a thing.  I like to think that if these students are attending law school, then they were very serious about getting a good grade.  Should a teacher have the ability to take these out in public and let people mock the students?  I don’t know about you, but that just seems irresponsible and unprofessional. Way to live up to that tier 3 ranking Southwestern Law School….

Southwestern Law, FAIL…….

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