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Southwestern Law School…….FAIL

Last night my cousin and I went to Banderas.  Banderas is a fairly swanky restaurant that has a bar in the center of it all.  They also have a killer beef dip.  Anyhow my cousin and I were glancing around the circular bar people watching.  It seemed as though there were plenty of very old men with fairly young and attractive women with them.
I did not realize that Banderas was a show case to display your trophy wife.  Anyhow there was a group of three people sitting to the left of me.  There were two mid twenties a guy and girl having a drink with their father.  This mid twenties guy was hammered a super annoying.  Halfway through my dinner they were met by a friend closer to the age of the father.  This friend was carrying a stack of blue books.

Later on overhearing them talk I found out that this guy was a law professor at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles.  He was holding his law classes final exams.  The drunk annoying dude was also a law graduate and asked to take a look at the exams.  He drunkenly started passing them around to people at the bar and belittleling the students.  Everything from degrading there handwriting to taking a pen and writing crude remarks in the blue books.

This got me curious if any of my college professors ever took my blue books to a bar and passed them around for Joe Schmoe to mock and belittle?  If so, hopefully it helped me get a better grade.  I was just amazed that a law professor would do such a thing.  I like to think that if these students are attending law school, then they were very serious about getting a good grade.  Should a teacher have the ability to take these out in public and let people mock the students?  I don’t know about you, but that just seems irresponsible and unprofessional. Way to live up to that tier 3 ranking Southwestern Law School….

Southwestern Law, FAIL…….


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