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Yet another hopeless Boston fan

Boston sucks

Boston sucks

Kaliphorya readers, I do not want to make a habit of doing this but, like that kid at school, I can not back down from a fight when I am called out.  Here we got, yet another rebuttal and yet another smack down to a misinformed Boston fan.  My reply in red.  Enjoy….

Hey you clown, the Bruins are currently cruising in the playoffs as the top contender in 2009 NHL playoffs and Boston University just won the 2009 National Championship in hockey, a year after Boston College won it.  Like I said to Locsey, we do not care about Hockey out here, its like water polo to you guys?  What is that sport?  You win there.  Although I will enjoy writing about the Sharks I mean Ducks, when they beat your Bruins in the finals….

Making up a curse to make yourself feel better is sad.  I don’t need to feel better, my team is 2-0 in the playoffs and we are healty.  Like I have said you guys played better than the Lakers last year.  You are old now and the Finals are a figment of your imagination.  That right there is enough to make me feel better.  The curse, well I am only reporting what I am seeing.  There have been a lot of injuries in Boston this past year. Pierce has flopped before I’ll give you that, but he’s earned everything spending his career in Boston and deserves nothing but respect.  I give him respect, he is from Inglewood and a fellow native.  Yet he did fake a knee injury and an elbow injury before that.  Thus bringing the curse to all Boston teams (except hockey because we don’t care about that in California).

Oh yeah, Sox are now 7-6…funny how April is too early in the baseball season to assume anything, idiot.  Once again I was just reporting what I was seeing.  You got me again.  Do you feel better?  Are you in first?  Ok.  That is all.

From 2001-2009 Boston has been the center of the sports universe, with 3 NFL Championships, 2 World Series and 1 NBA Championships, in case you forgot, with the possibility of a Stanley Cup.  That is nice and fairly impressive.  How about Southern California?  Well for starters in 2003 and 2004 USC won the Natl championship for College Football (2nd most popular sport in the US), 2000, 2001, 2002 the Lakeshow won the NBA finals.  IN 2002 the Angels won the world series and to top it off for you hockey fans the Ducks won the Stanley cup in 2007.  So from 2000-2007 The Southern California area has won 6 titles.  If we throw in final four appearances from UCLA (3) then that will add the total up to, 9, but hey lets not count that.  To say you were the center of the sports nation is comical.  And in case you forgot the Ducks have the possibility of yet another Stanley Cup.  I think the Lakers have a good chance of winning it all again this year as well.  How many playoff apperances do the Celtics have in your 2001-2009 span?  The Lakers have 9 in the past ten years.  How bout those C’s?

Yeah and still all you anti-Pats people still believe everything ESPN and Matt Walsh (where is he now?) spoon-fed you on “Spygate” which has since been reduced to background noise. So are you saying it is OK to cheat?  What is the matter, can you not win a super bowl without cheating? No one ever knows how long that practice was going on in the NFL, how often it was used and (depending on the plays) how much of an advantage it even gave a team.  Lets look at the Rams, the greatest show on turf, how did you guys an offensive team shut down the best offense we have seen in the past 100 years.  Ohh yeah, lets steal their plays and set up our D around that. Ever heard of stealing signs in baseball?Yeah, so what? Heard much of baseball teams in the past winning big games due to cheating from stealing signals? Nope, but I did hear of this one team that traded Babe Ruth.  What a bunch of morons. Hey, lets compare apples to oranges….I didn’t think so.

No matter what. What Boston has done with its sports dominance is up there with Pittsburgh’s multi-championship years and New York’s.  Didn’t the Angels and the Lakers win the title in the same year?  Know your sports history bro. Something West Coast cities have yet to achieve.  I think we did achieve this? Have fun with your small markets!  You do know that Boston has a population of 599,351 ranking number 23 in the United States.  Los Angeles has 3,834,340 and ranks second. Check it out How does this make us a small market and you a major market?  Just because ESPN HQ is closer to Boston does not make you a major market. You’ve got nothing to say to just bow because the sun rises in the east mother fucker!  I don’t get why I have to bow down.  You should bow down, because the sun sets in the west.  True the sun does rise in the east, so does that mean you bow down to the Brits?  After all your town was named after one of theirs.  Silly Boston fan, get your information together before you embarrass the rest of your sports nation next time.  On one final note, have I really pissed you off so much that you feel the need to use profanity?  Way to keep it classy.

Buck Foston

Buck Foston


JonTookEm my response to an angry commenter….

Jon Took Em is a very passionate reader of  Last night he disagreed with one of the articles I wrote in which I put a curse on Boston and its sports nation.  I love hearing from my fans and try to respond to as many of them as possible.  Below are the three, yes three comments that Jon left for me.  Lets check it out.

picture-21Lets dissect jontookem arguments to the blog.  He says that I make no coherent or logical argument.  The basis of my thesis for this article was the fact that last year and in previous years Paul Pierce has faked injuries.  Lets now look at who is injured in Boston this past year.  Starting with Baseball, do you remember that series where the BoSox played the Rays?  Big Papi was injured during the series and did not produce jack shit.  That was probably the sole difference in the series.  This year Dice K is injured as well as Smoltz.  I listed some more baseball injuries but we will stick with the “big names”.  Does anyone remember what happened to the Patriots star player last year?  Tom Brady went down for the whole season and had several complications on his knee surgery.  Ok Lets now look at the C’s this year.  Scalibrini, Powe, Allan, Rondo have all been injured this year.  Now the big name is the Big Ticket and he is not available to play in the play offs.  That seems like a lot of injuries.  I think that should explain quite a bit.

Jon wants me to explain how they won a title, won 62 games without their top player, and have a legitimate chance of getting to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Yes, you guys did win the title last year.  I did not create the curse until after the finals.  This is probably my weakest argument of the blog.  You win here.  You guys did win 62 games this year, and that is an exceptional record.  Where you are wrong is saying you did it without your best player.  As far as I am concerned KG only missed at most the last month of the NBA regular season.  So you guys did not play the whole season without your best player.  Finally, in regards to having a good shot at getting to the ECF, well hey that phrase explains a a lot.  I know in Los Angeles we as fans and the players consider the season a failure if we get anything less than an NBA title.  It sounds like you are already admitting defeat.  I don’t think the Lakeshow did that when Bynum and Ariza were not available for the playoffs last year.  Its all good though.  The ECF is good, no really it is.

He then tells me that “You might forget about the fact that not every good team can win everywhere”.   As a reader I am kind of lost on this phrase, please write back and further expand on this.  Jon writes “I think getting to the ECF finals and being a couple wins away from winning a title is a pretty good accomplishment”.  Yeah that is a really good accomplishment if you are the Sacramento Kings or the Los Angeles Clippers but you are the Celtics, nice attitude and way to give up.  Where is your guys fight?  I now see what Boston nation is truly made of.  Like I said above, when we didn’t have Bynum we still thought we could win the Finals.  I guess that is the difference between aspiring for greatness and settling for mediocrity.

Jon asked me what I accomplished.  Well I received a BA in Communication, played four years of Division 1 tennis, in the fourth grade I was student of the month, in high school I won four section championships and was on the Honor Roll, ohh yeah and I created the post it, well not the last but everything else is legit.   What have you accomplished jontokem?

Jon asked me how many titles I have won.  I am curious if you are asking me or how many titles my teams have won?  I am going to presume that you are asking how many titles my teams have won.  There is a really good blog that broke down sports between Boston and Los Angeles.  As the author clearly shows LA is the dominate sports town.  Feel free to check it out.

Dodgers have 18 baseball titles

Red Sox have 7

The Rams, Raiders, Trojans, and Bruins have 14 football titles

The Patriots, BC, Harvard, Tufts, and Northeastern have 14 (10 of those were from Harvard when there were about 3 football teams in college football)

Lakers and Bruins combine for 20 (that is not counting the ones we won in Minneapolis)

The Celtics, BC, Harvard, Tufts, and Northeastern have 17

LA is titletown, boston sucks Click on this link to see specifics.

Jon Took Em, please feel free to write back if you have any more problems, arguments, or questions in regards to this post.  Thanks a lot….


I like this well minus the Padres



A-Rod could use a lesson from Manny

Two of the most talked about people in this pre season and spring training have no doubt been Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez.  Both of these media hogs are represented by Scott Boras and have been bombarding the air waves for entirely different things.

As we all know A-Rod admitted to taking steroids this summer, hung out with Madonna, got injured, and had a tremendously lame photo shoot with Details magazine.  Every interview after the steroid allegations came out made A-Rod looked more and more like a Douche bag.

Manny Ramirez was in talks all off season with the Dodgers.  Due to the economy he did not get the contract he  wanted, and it was apparent no other team was willing to take on his long term requests courtesy of the Boston actions.  He held out for the longest time and finally came to an agreement with the Dodgers.  Many people said he was greedy for trying to get all of that money when ten percent of Kaliphornyians are without a job.

Looking at the two it has been a ridiculous off season fueled by none other than the devil of baseball Scott Boras. This is where I feel A-Rod could take some lessons from Manny and his PR staff.  The only media Manny has gotten other than holding out was a bad hamstring and the ever famous line, “I’m back.”  He then had a hamstring injury and showed up on the ESPN pages riding a sick tricycle and taking some bp on the wicket.  Ohh yeah, he hit his first preseason jack last night.

A-Rod is a whole different story.  Lets check out his off season time line.  Sports Illustrated contacts A-Rod saying that there was evidence he used steroids and they were going to release the story.   A week later he did that lame Details photo shoot knowing he was going to headline the media with the steroid allegations.  He took many shots of Patron during the photos to take the edge off of the vulgarity of the photos.  The allegations hit the air waves and A-Rod had various interviews releasing new information with every new interview.   He hits his first spring training home run.   He was then seen getting picked up by the ever famous cousin Yuri the Roid dealer.

A-Rod was spotted with Madonna, he is struggling through a broken marriage, claims to have hip problems that could possibly be linked with steroids, get surgery and misses the WBC and the first part of the regular season, says he would rather have Jose Reyes leadoff instead of Johnny Damon.  Reyes is on the Met’s and plays the same position as Jeter.  The Details shoot comes out and the whole nation realizes how much of a tool A-Rod is and wonders if he got an STD from laying in a very porno like setup for the photoshoot.  Finally, now for the first week he has been out of the press.  Hopefully laying low and hoping that everyone has forgotten about this off season and his antics.

Two players who were in the eye of the media and two very different routes taken.  On this upcoming issue of ESPN magazine Manny will be on the cover just like A-Rod was on the cover of Detials.  Will we see Manny in a warehouse in Tarzana wearing his slider shorts making out with himself in a mirror while taking shots of Patron? No, Manny did not pose for ESPN because he was to busy getting ready and focusing for the upcoming season.

I leave you with one question.

Who would you like to be up in the bottom of the ninth, game seven, down one run, with a man on first, facing a full count, with two outs?

I bet I could guess who Boston fans would pick-



This will be the unreleased ESPN cover

This will be the newest ESPN cover


Is it really G?

Who here has had that 32 oz Gatorade while working out?  I know I have many many times.  Did you know that there are actually 200 calories in that bottle?  That means on top of the workout that you are doing add another 667 sit ups when you finish your work out to burn off the liquid used to hydrate you.

Many people have the misconception that Gatorade is good for you.  Gatorade was made to keep the athlete hydrated during long sporting events and games.  If you go to the gym for an hour in the evening Gatorade will keep you from cramping but also add pointless calories to your workout.  Instead go with water.  I know it does not taste as good but you will see much more results in the gym a whole lot faster if you stick to the H2O.  If you are working out or playing a sporting event longer than thirty minutes and need to stay hydrated for performance then that’s G.

Is it in you?

Is it in you?



Pedro Martinez should come home to the Dodgers…..

Pedro Martinez signed with the Dodgers in 1988.  To say he has had a great career in the MLB would be an under statement.  Over the past couple of years Pedro has not performed up to par and he would be the last one to disagree.  As a Kaliphornyan knowing that Pedro is unsingned and has the desire to still play in the MLB for another year I want to urge the Dodgers to sign him.  He would go great with the club.  I think he would be a great middle reliver or even an awesome setup guy.  

Bring him to LA

Bring him to LA



He has said he still wants to play and would like to win a World Series in the NL.  If we got Pedro it would not only add leadership but some depth to our pitching staff which is something you could never have to much of.  Look at his numbers and it is only right to try and go after him and get him a contract in LA.  It would be a great thing for the city as well as the ability to start and end your career in the same town.  

I know past history has said to not sign big name old pitchers but hey lets pull a move out of the Giants play book.  On that note lets try and get Jesus and Ramon as well so we could have all three brothers like we did back in the 80’s.  Not really but LA should go after Pedro.   Pedro and Manny could offer that Dominican Republic connection.


Los Angeles Top Five Professional Sporting Moments

As we all know, Los Angeles is a mecca for sports.  All the teams from down here have adopted the Southern Kaliphornya style and it is always apparent in the way our teams play.  Look at the clean and flashy Showtime Laker or just tune into Sports Center who is giving the West Coast some love and see how Manny is happy.  Look at Joe Torre any interview or show he goes on he seems happy and relaxed, not stressed out from the crazyness that the east coast has to offer.  

Enough of the style and attiude of the west side its time to get into my top five plays for Los Angeles.  

#5 The Angels win the World Series.  As a Dodger fan it is difficult for me to even consider the Angels as a Los Angeles team but I feel that I have to and have a valid reason why.  Reason one the Giants and reason two Mike Socisa.  In game five the Angeles were down three games to one against the Giants.  Manager Mike Socisa (retired Dodger great) was eight outs away from getting eliminated and having the dreaded Giants win their first World Series in the bay area.  The Angeles were able to overcome a five run deficit to beat the Giants and Barry Bonds, as well as rip the hearts out of Giants fans everywhere.  Was it the team or the rally monkey?   We will never know 

#4 The Dodgers resign Manny.  I may be premature on this one but look for big numbers this year.  If last season was any indication to the powers of Manny then we are in for a treat this year.  The morale of the city has been glowing ever since Manny was resigned.   Has anyone ever seen Manny look so happy before?  No one.  Manny is happy, his teamates like him, his manager likes him, and the city is renmed Manny Wood.  He does so much more for this city then just play baseball it gives us hope and determination.  If gives us pride and is making us all anxious for opening day.  

#3 The number three moment for this city would have to be Derek Fisher’s turn around jumper at the buzzer.  I can still picture it today.  There was .4 seconds left on the clock.  The all mighty Lakers who had Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Fisher, and Payton on the floor were looking to go down in the Western Confrence Championship series.  Timmy Duncan had just hit a shot which Shaq could have not defended any better and left .4 seconds on the clock.  Payton dropped the perfect inbound pass to a streaking Derek Fisher.  The big fish caught shot and sprinted stright to the locker room in one of the most spectauclar plays a sports fan could ever whittness.  I could not beleive what I had just saw, even after they played the shot on slow mo to make sure he did get it off.  I still have goose bumps to this day.    Is that Doc Rivers as one of the announcers?

#2 I am going to stick with the Lakers for number two.  In the late 90’s and early 2000’s there was not a bigger rivalry than the Sacramento Kings and Los Angeles Lakers.  Ever since I was born I have been a Laker fan.  During this period of time I lived up in Sacramento and boy was it hard.  Being the only Laker fan in high school was tough.  I rocked the yellow and purple day in and day out.  I pissed everyone off and they knew that all they could do to shut me up was if the Kings won a series over the Lakeshow. The Lakers were in the Western Congrence Finals and they were about to go down three games to one and on their way back to Sacramento.  They were down by two when Kobe drove…You know what just watch the video and it will tell you the rest. assist Divac.

#1 I think that it is very easy to say the best sporting moment for this town is when Gibson went yard against Eckersley.  Forget the fact that the Dodgers were down to their last out.  What about Gibson not playing the whole game due to jacked up legs.  The Dodgers got down 4-0 after Canseco hit a slam.  Slowly they chipped away at the lead and was down three four in the bottom of the ninth.  It was the bottom of the line up and the Dodgers needed to do something spectacular.  Gibby went into the locker room hitting balls off the tee grimanceing in pain.  When he came into the game he was facing the unstoppable Dennis Eckersly possibly one of the best closers ever.  It is fair to say if the Dodgers lost this game they would not have won the World Series.  Gibby battled so many pitches off.  He finally got one to hit and well the rest is history.  Feel free to watch. 

If you still think my number four moment is whack just wait.  Manny brings energy to Dodger Stadium the same way Kirk did.  Just wait and see.  The funk is back….. 

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