Girls and their legs

Chances are there is at least one picture of you with some friends on the Internet.  Whether it be facebook, myspace, or the more popular twitpick, you can be found online.  Yesterday night I was looking at some pictures of my friends who I have not seen in some time.  This was when I came across the most random discovery ever on facebook.

Pick out a female friend on facebook and look through their pictures. I would say that every picture where there you can see their whole body, there is at least one girl standing with one leg locked tight and the other slightly bent.  Now choose a guys profile and look at all of his full body shots.  Both legs straight up looking very normal.

Why do girls have the need to bend their legs when they are taking a picture?  Nine pictures out of ten there is at least one if not all girls bending their leg.  I have never noticed this before but until I get a reason why they do this, it will annoy me.  There really is no logical reason to bend one leg and lock the other.

On top of bending the leg I love how girls always turn sideways for a picture.  If it is a picture of just dudes, they are all facing forward.  Yet with girls you have both side facing the middle where the center piece is the only one facing the camera.  Why do they do this as well?

Maybe I have to much time on my hands to notice this stuff, but ladies can you please inform me.  Hopefully you all have a great Friday and when that camera comes out tonight, be aware of how you are standing, I bet you do not even realize you do it.

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2

Boy and Girl boy=stright leg girl=?

Boy and Girl boy=stright leg girl=?

Once again look at the guys and then the girls

Once again look at the guys and then the girls


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