French tennis and their kissing

Richard Gasquet, just got some great news that he will no longer be suspended from the tour for two years.  The amount of coke found in this French players system was very minimal.  Yet he still tested positive for coke.  Upon further talks with the governing body of the ITF his suspension was revoked and he is cleared to play.

When asked the reason for the positive drug test, Gasquet said it must have been from kissing a female named Pamela at a night club in Miami.  There was a French DJ spinning the club that night which was notoriously known for the usages of coke among other drugs.

My question to the federation is how stupid are you?  The last time I checked you snort cocaine.  Was Gasquet making out with this chicks nose?  Did she have a booger and he offered to help her remove it with his tongue?  I know the nasal path way does connect with our throat.  Maybe Richard was taking french kissing to a whole new level by trying to lick Pamela’s stomach by sticking his tongue down her throat.

Needless to say we will never know the truth, but doesn’t this excuse sound like that classic situation you faced in high school?  You come home past curfew a couple of drinks deep.  You have to give your parents a kiss good night, which is their way of smelling your breath.  You go in for quick peck and your mom stops you.  What is on your breath junior?  Ughhhh I was making out with a girl who was drinking quite a bit.  Then you father sits up and says, “that’s my boy”.  You go off to your room, enjoy your buzz, and get off clean.  Way to go Gasquet.  Original lie.

So French

So French


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