Break Dancing vs Gun Slinging

The other night my girlfriend and I were pre gaming and Tombstone was on television.  I had not seen this movie in quite some time and decided to kick back, relax, and enjoy my adult beverage.  As my buzz started to increase my mind started getting creative during the movie.

I had come to the conclusion that cowboys were eth originators of the hip hop dancing battles we see in those lame ass movies such as “You got served”, “You got served again”, and “You got served a third time, what now bitch”.  You are probably wondering how I am making a correlation to one of the best movies ever and one of the worst movies ever.  Here is where the booze comes in.

Think back to the scene where Wyatt Erp was dealing cards to Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo.  Johnny Ringo pulls out his pistol and quickly captivates the crowd. He bust some sick gun moves and makes drunk Doc Holiday look silly.  Doc cleverly pulls out his goblet he had been drinking from and bust some similar gun tricks with his cup, winning the crowd back over with his humor.  All the scene was missing was Nick Cannon in the background yelling “Ohhhh”  with one hand in the air waving back and forth.  These were the original break dance battles.  Check it out below and let me know what you think.


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