The big 3 turns into the big 4, possibly 5?

Ronald Artest, apparently signed a three year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers today for 18 million.  Several things jump instantly to my mind.  Will the Lakers start Lamar or Ron?  Is the c’est la vie to Trevor?  Will this help our defense?  Will this help our offense?

Only time and the season next year can answer these questions.  One thing I know for sure is the Lakers got a steal.  Yes Ron has had a reputation for the NBA bad boy.  Previously it belonged to Dennis Rodman.  Who coached Rodman and two other super stars?  Phil Jackson.

Under the guidance of Phil and Kobe, I feel that the Lakers improved their roster for next season.  They are getting better defensively and stay the same on the offensive end.  Ron has proven himself time and time again to be a lock down defender and he prides himself on this.  When he does get hot he can be as dangerous as a Kobe.  Well maybe not Kobe but you get what I am saying.

As far as who is coming off the bench, I don’t know on this one.  I think Lamar will step into the starting roll, which will put a lock down defender on the floor when one of the bigs gets into foul trouble and or Kobe needs a rest.  Ron will play more minutes while Kobe is resting which will limit Vuj’s time.  Lets hope the Lakers get rid of Vuj.

What this deal does for the Lakers is weaken a conference rival.  Chances are Ariza will end up in Cleveland and I will be sad to see him go, thank goodness to another confrence none the less.  Ariza did show some potential last year, but Ron is a for sure thing.  The youth of Trevor is what I am going to miss the most.  As Shaq said, he had a very Pippen esq look in the post season.  Trevor was a huge part why we won our championship.  Who knows maybe we will run three small forwards.  Ideally if we got rid of Sasha, and had Ariza or Artest come in for a tired Kobe, that could work.  Both do well defending smaller guys.  Who knows, maybe this could happen.

Needless to say it is nice to know that we took one of Houstons big three and added another guy to our big three turning us into the fab four.  If Bynum comes around maybe we can become the ferocious five.  Only time will tell, but next to the Shaq trade this has been the biggest move thus far in the off season.


2 Responses to “The big 3 turns into the big 4, possibly 5?”

  1. 1 Peter
    July 2, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    I was calling Ariza “Baby Pippen” from the first day he arrived in LA. I love Artest, but numbers arent everything. Ariza had a definite chemistry with Kobe, Phil, and understood what the Lakers wanted to accomplish as a team. If he leaves its a huge loss, and Im not sure, however good Artest may be, if that void will be able to be filled. Gonna be interesting to see what happens.

  2. July 3, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Nice but not much is being said about the magic !

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