A Cinderella Story in June USA upsets Spain

If you are an avid football fan and follow the sport you think one of two things.  American football or everywhere else football better known as soccer in the neck of the woods that I am from.  For years and years the US national team and the MLS have been the laughing stock of the football world.  We have been the butt of all the jokes. There have been pushes time and time again to turn this sport into something which resembles European Football.  Time and time again we have failed. Yet every blind squirrel does find an acorn once in awhile.

This acorn, happened to be the grand daddy of them all painted in red and yellow.  Today the United States of America beat Spain at its own game.  As for me and probably the majority of the country, I did not get to watch the game, but did follow all the updates via the I Phone.  After the first goal, I was just waiting for the equalizer.  Then Spain go desperate playing at times with only one back while throwing everyone forward.  We broke their wall and went up two.  This was when I stated to think we really have a chance of upsetting the best football team in the world.

The sad part to all of this is the majority of Americans getting home from work right now, still do not know about the greatest win in American Soccer history.  Hopefully this will spark some sort of movement and create some sort of interest in soccer over here.  No not the thousands of rec leagues we have across the country, but something greater.  Possibly turning our MLS into something more than just a JV league.  Possibly being able to see great players stay over here and have great players from Europe and South America come over to play.  I know this is a long shot and will not happen over night, but a win like this could really push the movement.

All in all this tournament has been a tournament of upsets.  To say the story of the USA is a Cinderella story would be an understatement.  If I told you going into this tournament that Egypt would beat Brazil, and then the only way the USA could advance is if Italy lost 3 nill and Egypt lost 3 nill, well I probably would have been laughed at.  Yet all of this happened.  When was the last time Italy lost 3-0?  On top of this, could you imagine the betting line for the people who did throw down some money on the red white and blue (not France)?  I bet they made bank.  Will this Cinderella story continue or will the clock strike midnight?  Brazil showed some vulnerability against Egypt, maybe lighting can strike in the same place twice.   Needless to say this is a monumental day for American soccer.  Lets enjoy this one while it lasts.

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1 Response to “A Cinderella Story in June USA upsets Spain”

  1. 1 dynamofan
    June 24, 2009 at 5:50 pm

    Is this the catalyst that turns us into a great soccer nation? By itself no. But it’ll help by giving the sport more credibility among the hardcore soccer fans that usually follow other leagues and other countries. Overnight, probably not, but in a decade the impact of wins like this one against Spain will be felt.

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