The Urt Shirt, more than a piece of clothing

Urt Urt is a brand new company built by watermen for watermen.  Gone are the days where a company limits itself to what they know best.  Urt Urt is the exception.  The company is comprised of four cousins who have grown up in the waters of San Diego.  Upon traveling world wide to some of the most remote locations, an idea dawned that there is no company which completely dedicates itself strictly for the water man, thus the beginning of URT URT.

According to URT URT, A Waterman is someone who knows the beaches are means for more than tanning beds. He understands our product; simple in appearance, complex with utility, details that make these shirts a necessity, not a commodity, for the true water user. URT was created as a company for someone who doesn´t have to hide solely behind a brand name for validation.

URT´s goal is to mirror the higher state of oceanic consciousness, as observed in Watermen, as they gravitate towards the ocean´s pulse.

When the wave comes they´re all going under and URT will be right there with them.

As of right now Urt Urt is still in its infancy stages but is growing strong with their first product, the Urt shirt.  This shirt is simple yet comes with a hidden treasure.   It is not littered with graphics or logos to make you look like a walking billboard but instead simple and comfortable. They come in charcoal or royal blue.   Flip the shirt inside out or just lift it up and there is your tide chart.

Charcoal Urt Shirt

Charcoal Urt Shirt

Tide Chart

Tide Chart

Talking with co-founder Ian Urtnowski, this shirt only scratces the surface of what the company wants to accomplish.  URT URT has envisions of becoming the go to company for the true water man.  He envisions anything and everything from Body Surfing fins, snorkels, to boardshorts and Urt Shirts.  All products are geared to help the waterman function at maximum efficiency. Clothes do not have to just be something you put on in the morning, let them also be a tool, a means of making life for the waterman that much better.

If you are interested in getting a shirt click here.

If you are curious what these watermen are up to, check out their blog and website for new products and more updates at URT URT.

I have not taken my Urt shirt off, simple yet efficient-


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