Excuses why the Lakers are the World Champs

It has been several days since the Larry O’Obrien trophy made its way back to Los Angeles.  Once again the Lakers are back on top of the NBA world and once again everyone is bitching, complaining, moaning, and groaning if they are not from LA.  Let me first start by saying, shut the hell up.  Second let me say yes our city did get help from deep pockets for the parade and yes we did riot.  Criticize us there but know that when it comes to the hardwood, well we own you.

I have heard every single excuse in the book and I have heard the non stop banter of people trying to put our ball club down during its finest hour.  You know what, we don’t give a shit.  In fact, we are the only ones who can really talk shit right now.  Frankly your team did not have what it took to make it to the big dance and for the 15th time, Phil Jacksons 10th, and Kobes 4th, we owned you.

Excuse #1-

“If the Celtics were healthy they would have dismantled the Lakers in the Finals.”  The last time I checked we beat them both times this season, once with Bynum and once without.  I believe their whole team was healthy.  Yes Rondo was a better player this year and Big Cry Baby Davis did make some big shots.  You do realize though that Bynum was in the middle this year and Trevor Ariza was not coming off of a broken foot.  Pau Gasol spent the summer in the weight room and learned how to play physical.  As far as I am concerned the X factor is KG getting old.  Boston you are one and done.  I bet you are also saying if Brady did not get injured you would have won the Super Bowl last year.

Excuse #2-

“You played a team of overachievers in the NBA finals with a big man who is confused.”  This is the excuse that I enjoy the best.  Did this team of overachievers beat your team?  If so then what does that make your team?  Damn you guys were really reaching on this one.  Here is why the Magic made the finals.  In the first round they played Philidelphia, a team that squeaked into the playoffs missing their best player.  The series did go the distance but Howard faced Dalembert down low.  That dude sucks.  The second round the Magic played a beat up old Boston team.  Who did Howard go against here?  Kendrik Perkins, sorry but that dude is a weak center as well.  How about against the Cavs, Illgauskus and Varejo are slow and frankly suck as well.  Pretty much it was one on five every game and LeBron just could not do it.  So the Easts lack of good big men down low paved the way for Howard and the Magic to walk into the finals.

Hate us all you want, as Magic said best we are some of the most spoiled fans in the NBA.  We have seen the finals 30 times and won it 15.  We do not know what it is like to have years and years of losses.  Our franchises care about us as fans and will do anything to keep a winning tradition in the city.  Say what you want, but in the end it comes down to who is wearing the ring.  Once you beat the champs, then you can talk.  Until then keep coming up with lame ass excuses that help you sleep better at night and think what could have been.  Playing pretend and make believe is really a lot of fun.  Ohh yeah and on one final note, keep ripping Kobe Bryant about the Colorado incident, yet always remeber if the opportunity ever came up for you to have him on your team, you know you would not think twice.


1 Response to “Excuses why the Lakers are the World Champs”

  1. 1 dan
    June 17, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    In response to the Kendrick Perkins comment, I’d like to point out that Boston did not double Howard because they had the ability to check him down low with only Perkins. If you look at all of the plays that Howard went one on one with Perk, Howard had horrible percentages in those trips. He did score plenty, but those were off of pick and rolls and cleaning up the glass when Perkins was out of position, not on one on one plays. He’s become a very solid center, and exposed Howard’s inability to currently score on big bodies one on one, if he doesn’t catch it right under the basket. 8 feet out and he’s toast against a big body. Dalembert is long, but not strong, same with Cleveland’s front line, and that’s how they got through those two teams. They squeaked by Boston because of two key injuries( and poor shooting by Ray ), not because of lack of the ability to defend him down low.
    Also, Big Baby was not nearly the player at the beginning of the season, or even midway through, that he is now. He established himself as a decent scorer, and that would have changed a lot heading into another series with LA. Not to mention Rondo finally woke his ass up, so he most likely would have demolished the Lakers’ point guards. I’m not saying they definitely would have won, but it wouldn’t have been the joke of a series it was with Orlando. The only reason Orlando won games is this – LA’s tendency to get complacent. Plus, they DO live and die by the three, contrary to what others say. Just thank god they can play small and still rebound because they have a center with some athleticism.

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