Orlando fans need to learn a few things

Over the past months I have done this once or twice with several Boston fans.  This is the first fan I am guessing from Orlando that has left a passionate comment.  As Lost Angeles says, my comments in red.

The lakers are the biggest bunch of winer babies I have ever seen.  Curious what a winer baby is?  Did you mean winner baby?  Or I am guessing you meant to say whiner babies.  The Lakers are winners, and what NBA player does not complain about calls these days, if that makes you a baby then everyone in the NBA falls victim to this stereotype. Derek Fisher is a punk and Kobe is such a crybaby!  Derek Fisher is a class act.  How has he been a punk to Orlando.  With the exception in Houston, Derek has never been suspended and never been thrown out of a game.  There is not a more competent and elegant speaker in the NBA.  Kobe Bryant does argue calls all the time, but he is no cry baby.  There is not a more fierce competitor in the NBA than Kobe Bryant, you know you would take him on your team with no questions asked. Pao Gasol better think again before going after any one of the Orlando players because they would mess him up.  Are we playing basketball or in the octagon? Last I checked Pietrus was the dirty player and went after Gasol.  If someone pushes you in the back as you go up for a dunk, then you deserve to get an ear full.  Piertus has a clean record until that point, I will let it slide.  It must be frustrating not being able to close out games wether it be this series or all the way back to Nick Anderson missed free throws. Gasol is a big ugly lazy player who has no business being cocky.  Gasol is big and ugly, but by no means is he a lazy player.  Isn’t that just putting your own team down even more.  A big lazy guy is going to work and killing it down low.  You only wish Howard had the talent Gasol has to go along with his insane athletic ability.  How is Gasol cocky?  Kobe Bryant is cocky, not Pau Gasol.

Very creative response that had a lot of concrete evidence.  Don’t hate the Lakers because the Orlando Magic can’t close out a game.  Be pissed at all those free throws missed or Nelsons lack of D on Fisher.  Most of the time I am rebutting a Boston fans article.  One thing I miss is some creativity and a knowledge for sports.  Orlando as fans you have a lot to learn.  Boston I miss you.



3 Responses to “Orlando fans need to learn a few things”

  1. 1 bobbygee
    June 13, 2009 at 9:33 am

    A Laker hater….Cool. A Kobe hater too. I love it. Missed free throws and choke city are all part of the game. That’s the way it is. Desta minera. Bobby Gee Check out my blog http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  2. 2 Jesse
    June 13, 2009 at 9:38 am

    Nice responses. My favorite Magic fan response has been this one: “You KNOW we’re only a missed Courtney Lee-layup and an amazing Derek Fisher-three from being up 3-1 in this series, right?!” Haha, don’t they remember they’re a Kobe Bryant-not-getting-the-ball-stolen-from-him-in-Game-3 from having already lost this series?

  3. 3 coleracquel
    June 13, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Boston fans are different because they are just that–fans. Up until a week ago, most Orlando fans did not even know the Orlando Magic were going to the Finals. This is just how it is in Florida (I’ve lived here my whole life). I remember when the Miami Heat won a few years back, it was exciting but a totally different experience. I can’t explain why our fans aren’t like die-hard Bulls fan–there till the end, win or heartbreaking loss after another. http://talkingtrashandthensome.wordpress.com/

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