O-Town and the Magic?

First and foremost, Orlando, what a game you played on Tuesday.  75% in the first half from the field and 64% for the game.  You guys played lights out.  I just wanted to say congratulations on your first ever NBA Finals win.  It must be nice to get over that goat.  Good luck in these next couple games because Kobe and co are ready.

As a Laker fan, I could not be less worried about going into tonight’s game.  The Magic shot an NBA record in field goal percentages, got a couple home court whistles (Luke Waltons charge), and Kobe stunk the joint up in the fourth.  Yet the Lakeshow almost won.  Can you imagine how demoralizing that must be for the Orlando Magic.  They are probably thinking that in order to beat the Lakers they have to shoot lights out and break some sort of record.

The reason that was the first and last game Orlando will win in the finals for a long long time is several.  Dwight Howard has one move and one move only.  He always goes with the sweeping right hook.  He never likes to turn baseline when he has a guy post up.  Every time it is to the middle of the key and a right hook.  The Lakers bigs will pick up on this and force him into shots he does not feel comfortable with.

As a shooter you know if you had a good game previously there will be a little let down going into the next game.  The problem with the Magic is all of their guys got hot on the same night.  What would have kept this series closer is if you had a select few guys get hot in different games.  Not have your whole team either hot or cold on the same night.  Game one they shot 29% from the field, game three they shot 64% from the field.  It is a hit or miss with this team.  The Lakers will make their adjustments and no way will the Magic shoot at that level again.

Kobe Bryant, stellar first half, not so stellar second half.  He is going to have that fire in his eyes once again and not let this game get away.  I am guessing we will see the Kobe we saw in game 6 against the Nuggs.  Distribute and then take over at the end of halves.  He will be on lock tonight, do not expect him to miss free throws.

One last final note, was it me or did it seem like armature hour when the tinsel/confetti operator made it rain premature?  Talk about being anxious to get that first win.  Orlando enjoy this one because it will be your last finals win in a long long time.  Do you remember that band from the late 90’s O-Town.  They had a hit song All of Nothing, this title pretty much sums up the Magic, they either make all their shots or nothing.  Yet like O-Town the Magic will be gone and out of peoples minds very very quickly.

The Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic




1 Response to “O-Town and the Magic?”

  1. 1 Dustin Shepherd
    June 11, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    The lakers are the biggest bunch of winer babies I have ever seen. Derek Fisher is a punk and Kobe is such a crybaby! Pao Gasol better think again before going after any one of the Orlando players because they would mess him up. Gasol is a big ugly lazy player who has no business being cocky.

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