The Pressure is on Fed

Imagine what Roger Federer is thinking when he goes to bed tonight, and gets one last moment to himself before he steps onto the red clay of Philippe Chatrier in front of a packed house.  There is no Nadal, the one guy who has been Federers Kryptonite.  A win here will tie Federer with Pete Sampras for most grand slams of all time.  A win here will complete Federers quest for a title at all four grand-slams, something Sampras could never do.  A win here will seal the deal crowning him the best player to ever step foot on a tennis court.

As we all know this slam has been Federers black horse, the one that got away.  So many times he has made it to the finals, and so many times he has come up short.  Rafael Nadal has been the lone warrior defending history and Pete Sampras record of 14 grand slams.  Tomorrow that task falls into Robin Soderlings hands.  A Sweed who has swept Roland Garros and played virtually flawless tennis to make it this far.

For the first time in five years Federer does not have to go into the finals knowing that the raging bull will not be on the other side.  This will be a great match to watch because it is something new and it is something Federer truly has the upper hand with.  The one question on every-ones mind going into this match is can Federer do it?

The past two or three years ever since Federer got mono he has never looked like that unstoppable Swiss tallent.  He was on pace to absolutely crush the record books and rewrite them, yet he lost his mojo.  Other players around the tour saw his vulnerabilities.  He became human.

Will we see a dominant Federer tomorrow or will Soderling ride this wave of emotion and capture his first grand slam and in the end defend Pete and that French Open title?  I guess we will see tomorrow.

I am going out on a limb and saying Soderling in four.


1 Response to “The Pressure is on Fed”

  1. 1 Dad
    June 7, 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Fed looked strong…well done

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