No time to relax

Great game last night Lakers, truly it was a gem.  Yet I am still nervous.  Did you see how many shots Kobe took?  Granted he absolutely went off in that third quarter to put the nail in the coffin, yet he shot the ball a ton.  Every time this season the Lakers have gotten a huge lead, they blew it.

Yes, they did not blow it last night, but are we going to once again see that team from the Rockets series?  The team, that knows their good and only puts a half effort forward.  Or are we going to see that team from a year ago, that expects Kobe to do everything?  Or will we see that team, that has shown up for a record three games in a row now?  Game two will be a very interesting game (as if all the games will not be interesting) to watch.  If the Lakers come out the same way they did this last game, well sorry Orlando but you are just not deep enough.  If not, then we will have a long series.

Why did Kobe change the game plan from the previous series and shoot so many shots?  It is the same reason Luke Walton took more shots than normal as well.  Courtney Lee, is to small and can not defend Kobe or anyone else on the floor with the exception of our point guards.  There were huge miss matches left and right.

So in the end, yes Kobe can shoot the ball a ton because he has a huge miss match on the floor, then when “Air France” comes in that’s when the bigs go to work.  Last night was a great way to start of that series.  Lets just hope the Lakeshow does not turn into Hyde and dick around.  We all know the Magic will shoot the ball better, and Howard will raise it up another level.  If the Lakers match the intensity, the Magic can not run with them.  You live by the three you die by the three Orlando.  By the way did you see how many threes the Lakers shot?  Only nine, that has to be a record low for the Lakers.

The reason I know we will win is Kobe, the look in his eyes, the intensity on the floor, the post game comments.  The man is on a mission.  The way he looked on the floor last night reminded me of Kobe three years younger.  Unstoppable in every way.



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