Your a Jerk, New Boyz doing it right

I am sure you have all heard the New Boyz song Your a Jerk, I am even sure you have seen the New Boyz video your a jerk.  Did you know though, that the you tube phenomenon New Boyz asked people to go ahead and use their music to make their own “Your a Jerk” video.  As a guy that loves new ways to advertise and get media across, this is brilliant.

You are allowing people to take your hit, and use the technology available, then drop a video on you tube which is part of the Your a Jerk community.  This advertising ploy is just great.  You have to give these guys props for the way they marketed themselves.

If you have not seen this video then “your a jerk” and you need to learn the dance.  Think soldier boy with less moves and much more simple.  Ohhh yeah mixed in with Buddy the Elf’s table dance.  It is so easy that the awkward white guy in club with no rhythm can even do the dance.  This whole weekend I will be jerkin it, possibly making a video as well joining the jerk nation.

Big props New Boyz way to be creative with a catchy song.  Time to get my “Your a Jerk” dance on and record that video.

New Boyz

New Boyz

These are some homemade videos…


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  1. May 28, 2009 at 8:38 am

    Just put a post up regarding jerkin…come visit us and post a comment

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