Ron Artest bites his toungue once again

The Houston Rockets, what can I say about them?  The first thing that jumps to mind is the Dream shake and Clyde the Glide ripping it in H town.  Then there was the draft which brought Yao over to the states.  A dude who is seven eight and has a jumper, quite impressive.  Then there is the saga of T-Mac, a superstar brought in from Orlando to only fall in the first round of the playoffs time and time again.  Finally, we are brought to the present.

The Houston Rockets have finally won a playoffs round, the first since 1997.  It has been a tough road, and a straight out battle against Brando Roy and the Portland Trailblazers.  Next, they face my Los Angeles Lakers.  Coming into the opening game of the series the Lakers will have had three more days of rest than the Rockets.  This rest was a much needed break and gives our big man Bynum time to rest that knee, get into a good rhythm and match up with the Chinese giant down below.

Hey Yao, at least it isnt Nate Robinson

Hey Yao, at least it isn't Nate Robinson

Just yesterday reporters were allowed in the Rockets practice and none other than Ron Artest took an interview.  Among the typical questions being asked, Ron found a way to make a stir in the media once again.  No he did not rush into the crowd and throw hay makers similar to the instance in Detroit, but instead threw a different kind of punch.

Ron Artest has come out to say that Brandon Roy is the best player he has gone against all season.  When I first heard this as well as the reporters, they had to do a double take.  “Brandon Roy is the best player you have gone against this series, right?”  Artest replied, “hands down Roy is the best player I have had to defend this season, hands down the hardest player to guard in the NBA.”

Lets look at some of the players Artest has had to guard starting with the most obvious.  Kobe, LeBron, Pierce, Manu, Carmello, Hamilton, Wade, just to name a few.  The names that jump out the most are Kobe and LeBron.  Was Ron Artest really thinking that Kobe and LeBron were not listening?  If the Rockets did make it through game six which they did, does he realize Kobe is listening and taking note?  If the Rockets do get past the Lakers (which they wont) and meet the Cav’s in the finals does he think LeBron is not listening?

Ron Artest has just said to much for him to handle.  There is no player in the NBA that can turn something personal like this and make it rain like Kobe.  We have seen what happens time and time again when Kobe gets pissed in games.  The guy goes wild, crazy, takes over, and makes not only you but your team pay for this.

What happened when this occured? Yeah, Kobe went off

What happened when this occurred? Yeah, Kobe went off

All I have to say is thank you Ron Ron.  Thanks for sparking that camp fire the Lakers have going and turning it into an inferno.  All I can say is Kobe is waiting and ready.  Ron, once again you have turned yourself into public enemy one and once again you have acted without thinking (remember that night in motor city?).  Good luck in this next round, because you and Yao will be lucky to get a game.  On a side note, since the Rockets make it out of the first round and T-Mac is injured does that mean T-Mac made it out of the first round as well?

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