Andrew Bynum and Rihanna are under an Umbrella ella ella a a

Andrew Bynum at the rip old age of 21 years old is taking Los Angeles by storm.  Coming into the NBA at eighteen years old, he had some big shoes to fill.  When the Lakers kept him around after he showed some promise when Kobe was mad he had even bigger shoes to fill.  Now, in the playoffs and healthy it is his time to shine.

Over this past series Andrew Bynum has had more ups and downs than your typical ride at Magic Mountain.  Starting out in game two he made his first five shots, then missed his next six.  Game three, well he played maybe thirty seconds due to foul trouble.  If Bynum could just stay on the floor that would help the Lakers out a ton.  Possibly making the road to hanging another banner in Staples that much easier.

Basketball aside, Bynum has been killing it.  There were photographs of him at the Playboy mansion several months ago, while his team was on an extended road trip.  All of us in Los Angeles saw his rehab was going well when pictures of him holding a play boy bunny on his shoulders appeared on the Internet.

Things mellowed down after the mansion and Bynum got back to hoops.  Apparently basketball has not been consuming 100 percent of his time.  There are reports that Bynum has now been linked to Rihanna, you the umbrella girl.

This is great for Bynum, yet I only have one request.  Drew, focus on your sport right now, wait till you win an NBA title and then you can “run it” Chris Brown style with Rihanna, well without all the biting and beating.  That would not look good for you or the Lakers.

On a random side note, how much do Shannon Brown and Chris Brown look alike?


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