Yet another hopeless Boston fan

Boston sucks

Boston sucks

Kaliphorya readers, I do not want to make a habit of doing this but, like that kid at school, I can not back down from a fight when I am called out.  Here we got, yet another rebuttal and yet another smack down to a misinformed Boston fan.  My reply in red.  Enjoy….

Hey you clown, the Bruins are currently cruising in the playoffs as the top contender in 2009 NHL playoffs and Boston University just won the 2009 National Championship in hockey, a year after Boston College won it.  Like I said to Locsey, we do not care about Hockey out here, its like water polo to you guys?  What is that sport?  You win there.  Although I will enjoy writing about the Sharks I mean Ducks, when they beat your Bruins in the finals….

Making up a curse to make yourself feel better is sad.  I don’t need to feel better, my team is 2-0 in the playoffs and we are healty.  Like I have said you guys played better than the Lakers last year.  You are old now and the Finals are a figment of your imagination.  That right there is enough to make me feel better.  The curse, well I am only reporting what I am seeing.  There have been a lot of injuries in Boston this past year. Pierce has flopped before I’ll give you that, but he’s earned everything spending his career in Boston and deserves nothing but respect.  I give him respect, he is from Inglewood and a fellow native.  Yet he did fake a knee injury and an elbow injury before that.  Thus bringing the curse to all Boston teams (except hockey because we don’t care about that in California).

Oh yeah, Sox are now 7-6…funny how April is too early in the baseball season to assume anything, idiot.  Once again I was just reporting what I was seeing.  You got me again.  Do you feel better?  Are you in first?  Ok.  That is all.

From 2001-2009 Boston has been the center of the sports universe, with 3 NFL Championships, 2 World Series and 1 NBA Championships, in case you forgot, with the possibility of a Stanley Cup.  That is nice and fairly impressive.  How about Southern California?  Well for starters in 2003 and 2004 USC won the Natl championship for College Football (2nd most popular sport in the US), 2000, 2001, 2002 the Lakeshow won the NBA finals.  IN 2002 the Angels won the world series and to top it off for you hockey fans the Ducks won the Stanley cup in 2007.  So from 2000-2007 The Southern California area has won 6 titles.  If we throw in final four appearances from UCLA (3) then that will add the total up to, 9, but hey lets not count that.  To say you were the center of the sports nation is comical.  And in case you forgot the Ducks have the possibility of yet another Stanley Cup.  I think the Lakers have a good chance of winning it all again this year as well.  How many playoff apperances do the Celtics have in your 2001-2009 span?  The Lakers have 9 in the past ten years.  How bout those C’s?

Yeah and still all you anti-Pats people still believe everything ESPN and Matt Walsh (where is he now?) spoon-fed you on “Spygate” which has since been reduced to background noise. So are you saying it is OK to cheat?  What is the matter, can you not win a super bowl without cheating? No one ever knows how long that practice was going on in the NFL, how often it was used and (depending on the plays) how much of an advantage it even gave a team.  Lets look at the Rams, the greatest show on turf, how did you guys an offensive team shut down the best offense we have seen in the past 100 years.  Ohh yeah, lets steal their plays and set up our D around that. Ever heard of stealing signs in baseball?Yeah, so what? Heard much of baseball teams in the past winning big games due to cheating from stealing signals? Nope, but I did hear of this one team that traded Babe Ruth.  What a bunch of morons. Hey, lets compare apples to oranges….I didn’t think so.

No matter what. What Boston has done with its sports dominance is up there with Pittsburgh’s multi-championship years and New York’s.  Didn’t the Angels and the Lakers win the title in the same year?  Know your sports history bro. Something West Coast cities have yet to achieve.  I think we did achieve this? Have fun with your small markets!  You do know that Boston has a population of 599,351 ranking number 23 in the United States.  Los Angeles has 3,834,340 and ranks second. Check it out How does this make us a small market and you a major market?  Just because ESPN HQ is closer to Boston does not make you a major market. You’ve got nothing to say to just bow because the sun rises in the east mother fucker!  I don’t get why I have to bow down.  You should bow down, because the sun sets in the west.  True the sun does rise in the east, so does that mean you bow down to the Brits?  After all your town was named after one of theirs.  Silly Boston fan, get your information together before you embarrass the rest of your sports nation next time.  On one final note, have I really pissed you off so much that you feel the need to use profanity?  Way to keep it classy.

Buck Foston

Buck Foston


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